RAGOM Database

RAGOM volunteers with access to view applications or enter notes in the Database (Home Visit volunteers, Fosters...) may log in or request a new Database password at the left.

Looking for the Foster Roster, Calendar, and many more volunteer resources?  >>  volunteers.ragom.org

The RAGOM Volunteer site -- and email -- have moved* to Google sites!

  • If you received sign-in information for the new Volunteer site and your new RAGOM email account (sent to the personal email address we had on record for you), sign in here: http://volunteers.ragom.org
  • RAGOM email is the same as Google Mail (Gmail). Some instructions on connecting with your phone or other devices, specially written for RAGOM, can be found here.  Most phones/devices or computer email programs can connect to more than one account at a time, and these instructions can help you add your new RAGOM address to your familiar program.
  • If you received the sign-in information but have problems signing in, try the trouble-shooting tips below. If you still have problems, email helpdesk@ragom.org.
  • If you are an approved volunteer and have not received sign-in information for the new site, please check your spam or junk folder for an email from RAGOM. If you don't find the information, email accounts@ragom.org.

*Until we move the RAGOM Database to the new Google area, log in to the database from the menu to the left. (There is also a link on the new Volunteer site's home page.)  The Foster Roster is now available only on the new Volunteer site.

As of December 1, 2012, all RAGOM list emails -- including the daily plea for fosters, transportation pleas, RAGOM announcements, and event promotions -- will be sent to your RAGOM email address. RAGOM will no longer send to personal email addresses.

Having trouble signing in to the new Volunteer site?

Many other people have had similar issues, so read through these trouble-shooting tips and feel free to post additional questions on the RAGOM Volunteers Facebook page for helpful input.

First thing to check: You might be using a different Google sign-in page, and not our Volunteer site sign-in page. On sign-in screens with a RAGOM logo and name, you need only enter your user name and password, like this:


  • If the sign-in box includes "Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota," you are signing into RAGOM’s Volunteer site, and the “@ragom.org” is provided automatically (you don't need to type it).
  • If the sign-in box is generic (no mention of RAGOM), you need to add “@ragom.org” to your user name, like this:

Have you been using another Gmail account?

If you are signed in under an existing Gmail account, you may see the screen below. 
If so, click Choose a different account

You will then be asked to Select an account:

  • If your ragom.org account is listed, click on it to access the new Volunteer site and your ragom.org email.
  • If it is not listed, then click Add account.

  • Enter your user name, including "@ragom.org"
  • Enter your password and click "Sign In."
  • From there, you can get to the volunteer site by copying this address into your browser window or clicking this link: http://volunteers.ragom.org
  • PLEASE NOTE:  If you sign out of your Google/Gmail accounts, you will need to go through this "Add Account" step each time you sign into the Volunteer site (i.e., if you want to have more than one Google/Gmail account open).

Still having trouble?

Google recognizes that some of their services do not work while you are logged in to different accounts. If you are certain you are using the correct username and password combination on one of the new Google pages, first try logging OUT of all other Google accounts (not just closing the window) listed for you.

You may have an easier time adding those previous accounts back in to your multiple sign-in choices after successful access to the new RAGOM account.

As a last resort, some people find that they need to sign in using a different browser than the one they normally use: a browser that is unlikely to have other current Google cookies stored from previous sign-ins to your account(s).