The "American Spirit" Pups

In September of this year, RAGOM rescued several goldens from a puppy mill in Iowa.  These dogs were named in honor of America and in memory of those lost on the 11th.  One of the dogs, a two year old girl, was called Spirit.  She was brought into RAGOM small and afraid of the world.  After several weeks of tender loving care, it was determined that Spirit was pregnant with her third litter in two short years of life.  Her puppies were due in November, making them ready for sale during the Christmas season - a huge money making time for the breeders who jeopardize the lives of their "livestock" through over-breeding and neglect.  RAGOM volunteers helped keep Spirit well fed and comfortable through her pregnancy.  Spirit finally gave birth to eight healthy golden pups who were named in honor of the dogs working tirelessly at Ground Zero in New York City.  These little ones are now looking for homes to call their own so they can enjoy the puppy-hood that their mother never had.

Annie 01-351- Adoption Pending - female, born 6:46 p.m. -- Annie brings smiles to tear-streaked faces, comfort to stressed-out workers, and companionship to distressed children at a center where victims of the World Trade Center attacks come for help.

Sailor 01-352 - Adoption Pending - male, born 7:29 p.m. -- Sailor works in other areas near the family center -- the desks where death certificates are issued, a day care center, the lines for rent and food money, and the rooms where chaplains and psychologists offer counseling.

Roselle 01-353 - Adoption Pending - female, born 7:36 p.m. -- Roselle was on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center when the plane hit.  She guided her owner through the smoke and smell of burning jet fuel to the emergency exit and down the stairs.

Kinsey 01-354- Adoption Pending - female, born 8:05 p.m. -- Kinsey is a member of the Texas Task Force Search and Rescue Team working at ground zero.

Logan 01-355 - Adoption Pending - male, born 9:43 p.m. -- Logan, led Trooper James Foley up slabs of concrete and mangled steel and began digging furiously.  Hours later a survivor of the terrorist attacks was pulled from the rubble, in the exact spot where Logan had led his trainer.

Cara 01-356- Adoption Pending - female, born 10:30 p.m. -- Cara tunneled through a 40-foot space with a camera strapped to her to aid the workers at ground zero.

Scooter 01-357- Adoption Pending - male, born 11:45 p.m. -- Scooter is a bomb dog.  He works at airports sniffing for bombs. 

Marley 01-358- Adoption Pending - female, born 4:36 a.m. -- Marley is a member of the Tampa Fire Rescue Team working in New York City.

12/25/01:  These adorable pups were the highlight of our Christmas weekend.  They keep growing and getting more and more playful.  They are very well-adjusted, friendly pups waiting for their new adoptive families.  A wonderful family has donated eight colorful puppy collars for the puppies.

12/15/01:  Spirit's pups are five weeks old now and I don't think it is possible for them to get any cuter.  I can't imagine how anyone can pick one over the other since they are all the sweetest little love bugs.  The puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes the weekend after New Year's Eve.  We are now ready to start talking with approved adoptive families.

12/08/01:   The puppies are 4 weeks old now and the most adorable little bundles of fun.  They are starting to eat puppy food which is a riot to watch, they stick their feet in the dish and smear it all over.  They are starting to do the little play bow, they climb all over and mouth each other, run up to see you when you walk in and ten minutes later they are all crashed together exhausted.  We have had lots of volunteer help this week which has been wonderful, I can come home from work and all I have to do is throw in a load of laundry and play with the puppies.  (Tough job.)  We will be needing donated puppy collars eventually, if anyone sees a sale...

1/7/02:  With tears in my eyes and pride in my heart, I have sent the American Spirit pups to their wonderful new adoptive families.  All 8 of these beautiful puppies are happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies.  We owe this wonderful success story to so many volunteers that helped over the past two months.  I feel so fortunate to have gotten to meet so many of our volunteers during this time and, as always, am very impressed with the dedication and love of our RAGOM volunteers.  If I forget anyone's name, I apologize.

The first thank you has to go to Michelle for rescuing Spirit from the Iowa puppy mill.  Without her help, the puppies would have been born in that flea-infested rat-hole.

Second thank you to Jane Nygaard, Bonnie and Kelli for helping me and Spirit through the whelping process.  Sue and Cindy for taking care of Jane's dogs so Jane could be with me and Spirit.

Thank you to the volunteers that donated supplies:

            Nancy M.
            Joan B.
            Maria H.
            Jane Nygaard for all the puppy equipment

A big thank you to the volunteers that gave up their mornings and afternoons to come over and take care of the puppies (cleaning up lots of stinky poop and pee) so I could go to work:

            Kandi E.
            Judi H.
            Kathy S.
            Mauri S.
            Louise D. -- stopped by every morning for five weeks!!

To all of you who got the home visits done to help us place the puppies, to Dan for updating the web page, to Sue and Kandi for helping with placement and to so many more volunteers that offered their help that we simply had so many volunteers we couldn't take advantage of everyone's offer, I thank you.

It is hard to believe that this experience is over and for the puppies, a new beginning has begun.  I will look forward to receiving updates from the new adoptive families and will pass them on so you can follow their successes in their new lives.

From the bottom of my heart.  Thank you everyone.

With golden hugs and puppy kisses.

Konnie, Spirit and the "American Spirit" puppies.