October 29, 2003:  Sidney lost his battle with a neurological disorder, probably brought on by chronic deep ear infections, this week.  His health had been improving steadily since being adopted, but lately he had not been himself.  Sid's new mom took wonderful care of him for these last six months of his life and was there for him at the end when he needed help crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  We love you, Sidney, and we miss you!

Sidney #03-107

(Fostered in Twin Cities Metro Area)

Sidney must be the mellowest dog I have met.  He is confident, gentle, and sweet.  He has no bad habits and has been a wonderful house guest.  In fact, he is the epitome of a senior golden.  Sidney turned 10 on Valentine's Day.  He is a pretty red boy with a dignified lighter face.

Sidney does have some trouble with chronic ear infections and this seems to affect his hearing some.  He also takes thyroid meds - quite nicely actually.  So far Sidney has been a perfect gentlemen.  He sat nicely for a bath and didn't complain when I cut his toenails and trimmed the fur on his paws.  We have a vet appointment on Monday, then Sidney should be able to start looking for a forever home.


5/22/03:  From Sidney's new family...

I just had to share this with you. Sid's hotspot is healed - no more scab, his ears are getting less awful, and he came running to me FULL OUT this morning when I called him. This is amazing because a) he heard me, b) he ran as fast as Chase did to come to me! He had a huge grin on his face too. He is definitely perking up - he and Chase are constantly wrestling and Sidney had taken Chase down a couple of times. He is absolutely mortified at night though - I have been slathering his ouchy paws with bag balm, putting infant socks on them, cling bandaging them, and taping the cling down, then spraying bitter apple spray on the socks so he doesn't gnaw them off. I had to take a picture - he was so woebegone and sad - but his paws look 100% better - even though two of them still have red fur between the pads. I gave him a bath with oatmeal shampoo and he has been slightly less itchy on his skin, but was very unhappy the whole bath time. He adores his "girls." He checks in on everyone, flops down and starts chewing on his bone. We are going for something other than a chicken neck this evening - I just will chop up the wing in small pieces so he doesn't hurt himself. I spoke with his former vet last night - he gave me a list of all the stuff done with Sid's ears- he has had tubes in a number of times, poor baby. The vet is sure it's food related. Also, they had Sidney's birth date as 2/14/1994 - so he may be a year younger than we thought!

Hope Sally and Aubbe are happy - I know Sidney misses them - he looks around sadly from time to time, trying to figure out where they are. We are going to start Obedience 1 at TCOTC in June - the evaluators there thought he doesn't have any obedience training. He was really disoriented when they were trying to assess his learning - he sits perfectly for me every time, now that he knows my hand signal - even when I am treating his ears or wrapping his paws. Have a good day!

5/16/03:  Great news for Sidney!  He is going to have a new forever home where he will be smothered with love and attention and they will even make his itching go away.  He is going to start a second life at age 10 with a handful of special ladies in a group home.  They already have a RAGOM dog, Hudson 02-105 , who is now named Chase.  Chase is on a natural raw diet for his grain allergies.  The diet has done wonderful things for him and now Sidney is going to become a "raw" senior!  His new mom and i are optimistic that a change in Sid's diet will clear up his ears, paws, and general itching.

While staying here, Sidney has continued to blossom.  He is even more generous with nice puppy kisses.  Sally could learn a few things from him on that subject.  He also has a new buddy here, another 10 year old boy who likes giving kisses - big sloppy ones when you least expect it!  Aubbe will be staying with Sidney and Sally until his mom is feeling better.  All three dogs are currently enjoying some beef bones - lots of crunching and tail wagging all around!

Sally, Aubbe and I will sure miss Sidney when he goes to his new home, but we know that his life will be happy and healthy!

5/12/03:  Today was Sidney's turn at the vet's.  He did very well - I heard a dog barking and whining while he was having his nails trimmed, a microchip implanted, and blood being drawn.  I had never heard Sid bark so I went to see if it was him.  Of course not!  He came through the poking and prodding like a champ.  He is so mellow and tolerant!

His fecal was negative and now I am waiting on his HW and blood-work.  His vet thinks that his paw licking, ears, and itching is related to a food allergy.  To help diagnose this I got Sidney some non-allergenic food - potato and chicken based.  We will change his diet over slowly and see how he responds.  I hope this will lead to an answer as his ears are just a mess and he is quite itchy.  If he were my own boy, I would put him on a raw diet, but that diet will have to wait.

Sid did surprise me tonight.  We were sitting on the deck, Sid enjoying some nice pets, and he started to growl.  He then let out a soft bark!  Sally got excited and noticed the neighbor across the alley bringing out his Sheltie rescue.  Both of my goldens started barking - Sidney CAN bark!  It was pretty adorable.

Sidney is really coming out of his shell.  He is seeking out attention more and more - not in an annoying way, but in a way that lets me know that he is comfortable here.  Pending his blood-work, I will start looking for a forever home for Sid tomorrow.  Of course he is welcome to stay here as long as he likes!

5/10/03:  Sidney is a good boy!  He is getting along very well with Sally.  She hasn't even growled at him once!  He is so easy-going.  He doesn't even follow me from room to room - a first for any of my fosters.

I took Sidney and Sally for a ride today - shopping for Mother's Day gifts - and he enjoyed driving all over town.  He did have a bit of trouble getting into the cab of the truck the first time, but hopped right up when he tried again.

Sidney is having a little trouble walking in the back yard.  His nails are really long and he seems to have an injury or two to his front left paw.  (The sore in the picture is probably just an aggravated hot spot.)  I will have his vet check him out on Monday.

Barring any medical issues, Sidney will be ready for a new home soon.  He is settling in very well here, but it would be nice for him to find a home soon so he won't have to make any further adjustments.  If you are interested in Sidney, or any of RAGOM's other seniors, let us know at placement@ragom.org.