Remy #01-067

Remy 01-067 is reddish, golden in color with a blond "bib" on her chest.  She is a petite pretty Golden, about 18 months old, and 55 pounds.  Although not too experienced in the art of playing with other dogs, she interacts with them comfortably (maybe playing is on the horizon!).  


4/26/01:  From RAGOM's Follow-Up Team:  Scott said Remy is fitting in "pretty well" and then he rephrased it and said that they were "terribly delighted" to have her.  She is buddies with their other dog.  They play together.  Scott thinks she may be younger than the estimate they were given - by at least a year.  That was because she didn't seem to know what thunderstorms were.  She also needs some training so that she will always come, rather than just come occasionally.  Remy had been spayed prior to the adoption and they believe she had an allergic reaction as they found some bumps close to the incision.  The vet also found another bump on her leg not associated with the operation.  They worked with Penny concerning the allergic reaction.  They said all of the Ragom volunteers courteous and helpful.  They also thought they were very well organized.  Scott made a comment about the home visit - he felt they probably didn't need one as they have dogs and are very aware of their needs.  However, he realized as an organization we needed to take precautions and that if he were running this type of organization he would also insist on a home visit. 

4/20/01:  An Update from Remy's new family...

I checked on "my" Remy girl tonight to make sure everything was going smoothly in her new home.  Scott and Danielle said things are going very well with Remy and their Great Dane, Mikahla.  They said Remy has adjusted nicely and is beginning to follow Mikahla's lead in terms of obedience.  Scott said within the first day in their home Remy had found
all of the toys and had distributed all over their home.  He said they knew they had a puppy on their hands (Mikahla is 6 and doesn't play as much as Remy does).  One thing concerned Scott.  He found two lumps on Remy. Neither I nor the vet found them (by the time Remy went to her new home, she had had three baths; I am surprised I did not feel them during her bath time).  Scott said he and Danielle will take Remy to the vet to get the lumps checked out and will let me know if there are any problems.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that all is ok.

3/25/01:  We took her to our vet right away.  The vet said she is about 1 to 1 1/2 years of age and weighs 55 pounds (she weighs the right amount for her build).  She allowed him to check her all over without a fuss (no aggression shown at all).  Remy received all of her shots.  Per the vet, Remy is in great health, except for her ears.  She has a yeast infection in her ears.  The vet said they had not been taken care of for a long time.  Remy is scheduled to be spayed in ten days.  At the vets she met other dogs, children and two cats (the cats are the vets and are not in crates).  She ignored the other dogs and children.  She was curious about the cats, but she was not aggressive.  Remy met Max, our seven year old male Golden, without a problem.  While you could tell she wasn't used to playing with other dogs, she was comfortable with him.  She also went into her crate without much fuss, although you could tell she wasn't used to being crated.  The only command Remy seems to know is sit.