Kizzy #02-293

Kizzy (as in kissy) is a beautiful two-year-old female golden. She was raised with a two-year-old child, is potty-trained, knows sit, down, down/stay and come. She is a gorgeous girl!!


10/18/02:  Kizzy has found a wonderful new home with a great family and even has a golden sister that was adopted from RAGOM last year-lucky family, lucky Kizzy!.

With RAGOM's financial assistance, her new family will care for her and help her on the road to recovery during and after her eye surgery. Any donation would greatly help defray the surgery cost, so please consider giving Kizzy a few bucks for her new eye lens!!

10/8/02:  Well, things have changed a lot in the last two day for dearest Kizzy. We have been doing some checking into her cataract situation and she will be going to the U of M for tests next week and depending on that information, she'll probably have surgery (maybe both eyes) as she has very limited sight out of her right eye and apparently one forming on her left eye as well.

She is still the sweetest girl and is doing great here. She and our resident golden have gotten along marvelously and love to romp through the house after each other. She is interested in playing with the cats, but they aren't cooperating. As usual, Mocha has initiated yet another foster with a sticker-filled greeting to the nose--she's such a brat!!

Kizzy is also going to require at least a four-foot fence as she has been known to jump shorter ones. I am also looking for a family where someone is home on a pretty regular basis since Kizzy will have recovery time from her surgery and probably three to four follow up appointments within two weeks of the surgery.

Surgery is going to be extremely expensive, so Kizzy would really appreciate any financial assistance you could give to RAGOM to help her in regaining her sight so she can live a full, happy, golden life. Golden hugs and kisses to all who can and will help Kizzy!!!

10/5/02:  Kizzy and I arrived home this morning after meeting transport. She rode very well and never said a peep the whole ride home. She loves Colby, my other foster and she and my golden girl are doing ok--still checking each other out. She is curious about the cats and would chase if given the chance I think. We went for a walk around the lake which she enjoyed--she did pull on leash a bit so we'll work on that while she's here.

Kizzy is used to small children. She loved being brushed and trimmed and gave had no issues with her ears or feet. She will go to the vet this week for a checkup, her shots and fecal. She does have a juvenile cataracts that we'll have looked at (her former owner reported it didn't seem to bother her).

Her name fits her perfectly as I've gotten TONS of golden kisses from her today! More information to come once we've been to the vet.