Dudley #03-121

(Fostered in Twin Cities Metro Area)

Dudley is, obviously, not a purebred golden.  In fact, he isn't really a golden at all.  But RAGOM recently helped a couple of goldens gain their freedom from a puppy mill and there was a golden lab there with two black puppies.  Dudley and his brother Kelby 03-118 are now honorary goldens.  Dudley's fur may look and feel different than most of the dogs we are used to having, but, like his fellow rescues, Dudley is all gold inside!


6/5/03:  HURRAY for Dudley! He has found his forever home. Dudley will be well loved by Mauri and Andy of New Brighton. First step is Puppy School and because he has such a good sniffer this boy just may be a good candidate for Search & Rescue. More to come on Dudley - in addition to more pics.

5/26/03:  Dudley has been a member of our family for two weeks now and the changes in him have been dramatic. He has become an outgoing and very affectionate friend. He and our 18 month old golden have become good playmates and love to hang out in the backyard wrestling over balls and sticks.

Dudley with his new best pal, Scooter 01-357 - one of Spirit's pups!

Dudley has been going on two walks a day and been sleeping hard at night after full days of exercise.  We took Dudley to the vet recently for his shots and he came back with a clean bill of health. He weighed 43 pounds on that visit.

We believe Dudley is now ready for his forever home :)

5/13/03:  Dudley, a four month old puppy mill dog, arrived at our home during the rain storm and has loved playing outside in the puddles. He has enjoyed playing with our children and our 1 1/2 year old golden retriever. He is house broken and let's you know when he has to go outside. Dudley is still adjusting to life in the our home however. He does not like going up or down stairs, is still a bit clumsy when going for walks and gets spooked by loud noises. He spent the night in a crate last night and slept soundly. Next on our list... a vet check up! More on Dudley to come....