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29 Puppy Mill Golden Retrievers Rescued

May 14, 2012

Poppy from the puppy mill dog intake
Poppy rolling in the grass

They did not know there was a different world beyond their unchanging four-foot-by-five-foot kennel runs. Existing only to produce puppies, they saw no possibility of reprieve. This confinement was their life, and it would have stayed that way had RAGOM not intervened.

Leia from the puppy mill dog intake
Leia at the event

During their first days in their RAGOM foster homes, these physically and emotionally neglected Golden Retriever mommas felt so out of place that they spent most of their time hiding, too frightened to even look in the direction of their loving, well-intentioned fosters. Everything that most of us take for granted seemed new to them: doorways, stairs, televisions, fans, and even grass. But one thing these apprehensive souls could still manage was to instinctively look to the resident dogs for comfort and leadership, and so the amazing process of learning and healing began.

Today, after taking many, many courageous baby steps, our dogs rescued on March 24 from a Missouri breeder auction have made tremendous strides in their journey toward their newfound Golden lives. Betty has changed from a terrified little girl to a playful one who is always wearing a big smile on her face. Cleo loves romping in the grass and lounging on the bed. Emerald is passionate about chasing tennis balls. Heidi is going up to new people for treats and belly rubs. Khloe—a.k.a. Happy Feet—bounces happily on her front feet at meal times. Leia has become so brave that she attended a meet-and-greet event recently.

These are just some examples of how each one of the 21 adult rescues is transforming from a petrified breeding dog into a happy pup, eager to explore the world outside its depressing cage. With love, patience, and a safe environment, they have learned to trust people and to enjoy being companion dogs.

As the dogs discover that the human world is not such a scary place, some of them have also found their own private safe corners, along with kind people who are committed to guiding them through the rest of their journey. Of all the dogs rescued, the eight Goldendoodle puppies were the least traumatized and have all moved on to their forever homes. Three of the adults — Pearl, Roxie, and Spirit — have been adopted as well.

Whether they are already in their adoptive homes or still in foster care, these precious dogs are now breathing the air of freedom and will never know anything but the Golden life. All this would not have been possible without the people who made it happen. To all our supporters, volunteers, and donors: thank you for bringing them to the life they deserve.

Editor's Note:
We have raised nearly 80% of the funds needed to ransom these pups out of breeding bondage. We greatly appreciate donations to help us fully cover these costs. Donate Now

Willow snuggling on the couch with a baby

Cleo all healed up

Spirit running happily

The Beginning — 29 Dogs Liberated From a Life of Breeding Bondage
March 24, 2012

Puppy mill dog intake

On March 24, RAGOM acquired 29 dogs from a Missouri commercial breeder who was going out of business. Because he was liquidating his entire pack of breeding dogs at auction, we made the decision to purchase them, rather than see them sold to other breeders.

"Normally we don't buy dogs from breeders because we don't want to financially support them," says Louise Dobbe, RAGOM's Board Chair. "But this breeder was closing down, and we could not pass up the opportunity to save these dogs from a continued life of misery in another puppy mill. It's breeding bondage to be required to produce litter after litter for their entire lives."

Despite fiercely competitive bidding, RAGOM was able to save 21 adult females, all purebred Golden Retrievers, and 8 puppies. As with most dogs whose habits and perceptions were formed while living in a puppy mill, these special dogs are likely to need 30-60 days of love, care and rehabilitation in volunteer foster homes until they are available for adoption.

This extraordinary rescue was supported by donations from sister Golden Retriever rescue organizations (listed below), who provided about half of the funds needed to purchase the dogs. RAGOM provided the other half. Costs will continue to mount as the dogs receive veterinary care, including spay/neuter surgery.

We're gratified to be able to change the lives of so many Golden Retrievers, but this rescue will have a significant impact on our budget. Please help these dogs—and the rest of the dogs that will come into RAGOM this year—by making a tax-deductible donation. You can donate now online, or send a check to Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota, Suite 120, 5800 Baker Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345. As always, we thank you for your help!

RAGOM would also like to thank the following organizations for their donations of financial and moral support:

  • Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue (SCGRR)
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada (GRRSN)
  • Adopt A Golden of Atlanta
  • Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever, Inc. (WAAGR)
  • Golden Rescue of Southern Maryland
  • Forever Friends GR Rescue (FHGRR)
  • Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. – New Jersey (GRRI- NJ)
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Central Pennsylvania (GRRCP)
  • Neusse River &nash; Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Love a Golden Rescue
  • Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue (LIGRR)
  • Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon
  • Triad Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Charlotte
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois
  • Golden Retriever Rescue of Central New York Inc
  • Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue

And a SPECIAL thank you to our fellow MnPAW member, Animal Humane Society for the use of their trailer, which saved us a great deal of money by not having to rent one.

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