Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.
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Bobby Bones 15-193
"Honorary Golden"

RAGOM serves Golden Retrievers and Golden mixes, but on occassion an "Honorary Golden" will come into our care. Bobby is one of our current "Honorary Goldens".  He is believed to be a Redbone Coonhound/Springer Spaniel mix.

Unfortunately these "Honorary Goldens" are waiting longer to find their forever homes because most people who look to adopt from RAGOM are looking for a Golden or Goldendoodle.

Please consider opening your mnd, your heart, and your home to any of our 'Honorary Goldens".  In return, they will provide you companionship, love, joy, adventure and entertainment.

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Are you looking to add one of our dogs to your patient and loving home? Please consider our Featured Dog or any of our dogs listed below that are specified with 'Adopt me!'.

Right now we have a large number of applicants for the dogs we have. It is common to have 10-15 applicants for each dog, especially for our younger, purebred goldens. It's wonderful to have so many options for one dog, but please understand that when you apply to adopt, we have many interested applicants for the same dog. Thank you!

If you are ready to adopt now, please click here to learn more about and to start the adoption process.

Check out our calendar for 'Meet & Greet' events where you can meet some of the dogs we have available for adoption.  

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