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Cal 17-105
(Fostered in White Bear Lake, MN)

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Happy Spring Happy Spring, Cal! Best of luck with the hips Cal. I've been through two hip surgeries (one replacement) and can run, swim, play and everything else! You'll be great. Good luck! Scout 14-406!

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
 Unavailable 12+ Optional with proper introductions  Can live with cats Physical fence optional  Medium 
Cal is approximately 1.5 years old and reminds me of a life sized teddy bear. His fur is thick and soft and he's a love bug who has the energy of a pup who is still growing and learning. Cal came to us from the Pine Ridge Reservation and we don't know much about his past. 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Cal is a male Golden mix.  The vet estimates him to be about 1.5 years old.  

Cal came to RAGOM from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and not much is known about his past.  We do know, however, that he is a VERY sweet boy!  Everyone he meets comments on how good-natured he is (not to mention his beautiful eyes)!
Here he is greeting people and enjoying the popcorn they offered him at a local baseball game.  He knows how to work a crowd!

Cal walks wonderfully on a leash and is completely housetrained.

He's still a bit of a pup and can be a little mouthy at times, but he's extremely gentle and it's very easy to redirect him to a more appropriate toy to chew on (as opposed to Foster Mom's hand!).

Cal doesn't put up too much of a fuss when I crate him to go to work, but I make sure to provide plenty of treats to lure him in.  Once in, he's been fine for a full work day and is super excited to see me when I get home!

Cal would really benefit from obedience training.  He's still learning what's acceptable behavior, but he is eager to please and loves his treats!

Currently Cal is unavailable.  At some point in his short life both of his hips were broken.  He gets around pretty well and has plenty of pep, but we're working with a RAGOM vet to determine if surgery is needed.  Cal will also need to be neutered before he can be adopted.

Stay tuned for more updates on this sweet, handsome boy!

Hello RAGOM fans, Cal here, writing a quick update on myself.. and making sure that my adoring fans have all the cute pictures of me that they can get!  
Here are some things that I love:
-Ice cubes... nom, nom, nom
-Chew toys... Oh man do I love my tennis ball!  Foster Mom says I need some work on my 'mouth-eye coordination' as I haven't quite mastered 'catching' the ball, but that's okay because I'm ADORABLE as I chase it around... Foster Mom loves it when I pounce on it and it gets away from me - then I just have to race after it and pounce again!
-I also love napping next to the balcony door... catching all the smells as I catch some zzzzzz's 
-Car rides!  Foster Mom says I ride beautifully in the car.  For the most part I just look at it as an opportunity to do some sniffing and then lay down and enjoy the ride.   
Even though I love a lot of things, there are some things that I'm not such a big fan of.. I think I'll let Foster Mom tell you about them:
-Big trucks that drive past on our walks .  Cal becomes noticeably scared when trucks with loud exhaust (or buses with air brakes) drive by and has tried to bolt when a garbage truck came up behind us.  It's important to really be aware of your surroundings when walking Cal so that when a big, scary truck comes by, you're prepared and can offer Cal reassurance.
-Other dogs barking.  He tends to bark back and get a little riled up. (Again, because he does get a little overly excited about other dogs, it's VERY important for Cal to be properly introduced to them!)  We've spent some time at outdoor music concerts and baseball games and he gets along great with people and kids - but definitely reacts to other dogs that are around.  Sometimes I'm able to redirect his attention to myself or a treat or toy, but other times I have to completely remove him from the situation before he'll calm down.  
-Being brushed.  Cal actually does very well for a pup who may not have been groomed very often!  I've found that as long as he has something to chew on, he'll tolerate me brushing him for a few minutes at a time. He does tend to want to make it into a game, however, and will definitely do a little nibbling on you or the brush if you let him!  
Other things to note about Cal:
-He gets along great with kids.  He'd probably be best with older kids since he does mouth a little bit and because they're less likely to crawl on him... But whenever we meet kids out on a walk or at the park, he happily soaks up the attention!
-Cal passed the cat test!  He met my sister's two cats and although he was curious at first, all it took was a hiss and a swipe from the more assertive one and he backed right off.  By the end of the afternoon both Cal and the cats were relaxed enough to take naps in the same room together.  
-Cal's getting neutered this week.  After that we'll take a little time to reevaluate his hips ... but we're hoping he'll be ready for his forever home soon!
-As Cal mentioned in the beginning, he is pretty cute (and he knows it!)!  Cal's antics with his toys are highly entertaining.  He is just a sweetie pie.  
Cal asked me to share one last picture as a special thank you to Scout (14-406) and his family. Cal LOVES his carrot!  (He'd eat it if he could!)  And both he and Foster Mom were really touched to know that you were rooting for him!  

Hi again RAGOMland!
Cal here, coming to you from beautiful St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin!  Have I mentioned how awesome it is to be in a home where there are treats, toys, hands to pet me and a lap to snuggle in??  I love it here!  
Last night as we were snuggling, Foster Mom told me that life is only going to get better from here - and that someday, I'll have my very own forever home where I'll be spoiled even more!  Can you believe it?!  Boy oh boy, did I hit the jackpot when I came into RAGOM.  
Like I said, life's been pretty good the last couple of weeks.  I spend most of my day in my crate.  Some days I make Foster Mom (FM) work extra hard to get me to go in, but once I'm in there, I'm fine.  No barking, no whining - I just relax until FM comes home from work.  When she gets home, though, watch out!  I'm a 42 lbs ball of fur, energy and happiness hurtling around the apartment!
Yesterday was a little different.  I got to go for a car ride in the morning (where I promptly laid down in the back seat and went to sleep) and then visited with my favorite RAGOM volunteers before going to a clinic.  After that things get a little foggy - FM says I was 'neutered'.. I don't know exactly what that means, but I do know I got lots of extra snuggles last night.  I think that was FM's way of apologizing for making me wear this stupid cone.
The good news is that once I'm healed up, I can be adopted!!!
So if you're looking for a young pup who has loads of love and snugs to share, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with Cal's name, his RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under, and a sentence or two on why you feel you'd be a good match! 


Cal wanted to be sure to wish everyone a happy 4th of July!  He's a little bummed that the forecast calls for rain, but enjoyed a lovely day by the river on Sunday - which makes up for the soggy forecast a little bit!

Cal made it through his neuter really well and is a very happy camper now that his activity no longer has to be restricted.  He can chase his tennis ball for hours again - and that's just how he likes it!
We'll write more soon!