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Spot 17-095
(Fostered in Waverly, IA)

Sponsor Spot

Happy Spring! Happy Spring! For Spot 17-095 and with deep gratitude to Nicole, Laurie, Karen, her foster family and all of the volunteers who make it possible for her to continue to live the golden life! From Ellie Z.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
Unavailable   Not tested Can live with other dogs  Can live with cats   Physical fence optional Low 
I would like to introduce to you Spot! She is a 7 year old spayed PB Golden Retriever. Spot was surrendered to RAGOM because her owner moved and the new residence didn’t allow pets.  
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Spot visited the vet last week and is UTD on all vaccines and was microchipped at this visit. Spot is a healthy girl except she is working on getting her body in shape for summer. She weighs 95 lbs and the veterinarian suggested she weigh between 80-85 lbs. 

When Spot first arrived in our home, she was pretty anxious which was understandable since she left the comfort of her loving home. Given that, it only took her about three days to start settling in. She has had free roam since day 3 without any issues.

Few things about Spot:

  • Does not counter surf but does like to be in the kitchen when you are cooking to see what good things you are making.
  • Housetrained! Right now, we are working on using bells for her to signal when she wants to go out.  We are accident free!
  • Loves to go for walks! For being 7 years old, she has a lot of energy and fast stride in the beginning! At first, she will pull some but eases up as we go. I noticed on our walks that birds really get her attention! Haven’t seen any squirrels yet but I’m guessing she will be fond of those also!
  • Wants to be with you when you are home. She will lay on my feet when we are watching TV to help keep them warm!
  • Likes to sleep in the same room as you. Loves her people!
  • Likes going for car rides. Previous owner did indicate on longer distances it is best to give her some Benadryl as she will get car sick. I haven’t had to do this yet since our trips have been close to home!
  • Likes to carry around a few stuffed items that she brought from her previous home. 
  • Very laid back – go with the flow type girl.
  • Has only barked a few times. Sometimes when we go outside to walk or for potty breaks she will look up at me and bark a few times as if she is saying let’s go! 
  • Loves to be groomed/brushed and doesn’t mind having her paws rubbed! Loves for you to scratch under her chin!
  • No guarding of food, toys or space.

At this point, I can honestly say there isn’t a negative thing to say about this sweet loving girl. If you want a family member who wants to be by your side and give you those Golden nudges, Spot is the girl for you. If you are gone most of the day, it would be nice if Spot would have another dog at home to keep her company. I feel she would be ok being the only dog but having another buddy would make her very happy.

If you think Spot would be a fit with you and your family, please fill out an application. She is such a sweetheart, she won’t be available long.

Spot with her favorite toy

Helping in the kitchen

Going to the vet



Spot and I would like to thank Ellie Z for sponsoring her!

Last weekend Spot met our grand -dog who is 11 months old.  Let’s just say, she loves everyone she meets.  She didn’t have much interest in playing with him but with flying colors tolerated his in-your-face puppy nature.

Spot with foster grand-dog, Carl


  • Continuing our daily walks which she absolutely loves
  • Definitely 100% housebroken!
  • Does not like green beans or carrots!
  • Such a gentle loving Goldenyou can’t but help give her hugs/kisses throughout the day

Spot getting some loves!



Spot has had some issues with getting around since coming into RAGOM's care.  I was hoping that as she lost weight it would improve, but after not getting better we saw a new vet who diagnosed it as a torn ACL.  Spot will need surgery to correct this.  Even with a blown ACL she still wants to go for a walk and is disappointed that it is only to go outside to go potty!


Please keep checking out her bio so you can keep up-to-date on her progress.  She is the sweetest Golden!



Spot had her ACL surgery on July 5th  and needs to abstain from any activity for 2 weeks as this is a critical time for her to heal.     She has not been in a kennel since she arrived in my home but I have used one on occasion since bringing her home from surgery to control her activity along with a portable play yard attached tthe kennel so she has more room.   Her spirits have been great and she is an excellent patient! 

Spot is down to 89.5 lbs so we are getting there regarding her weight and will restart her exercise in a couple of weeks as we rehabilitate her leg. 

Spot goes back to the vet on July 22nd for a follow-up and I will get instructions on what our next steps are for her rehabilitation.  Please keep watch on her bio as I will update it again after our appointment on the 22nd. Spot is such a wonderful girl and everyone that meets her falls in love with her…she is very special!


Yesterday Spot went for her 2 week check-up for her ACL repair.    Dr. Schaul said she was doing very well.  We can now start slowly on her rehabilitation schedule which will be three 5 minute walks per day.  Gradually leading up to three 10 minute walks per day. 

 We will go back on September 20th and if all is going well – she will be released from veterinarian care to resume her normal activities! 

I will post again in a couple weeks to let everyone know how well she is getting along!

Spot waiting to go for a ride!