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Chunk 17-101
(Fostered in Lakeville, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
 6/22/17 Good with all ages   Another dog REQUIRED  Not tested Required - No invisible fence   Low
Chunk is a super sweet boy who gets along with all dogs and kids. He is a very easy dog to have around and fits in well in most situations. He appears to be hearing challenged so he needs another dog or two to follow and a fence to keep him safe. Chunky loves to play with other dogs, loves to snuggle with his people, loves riding in the car, loves to play fetch - he is a very happy boy! Please fill out an inquiry form and email if you are interested in giving this sweet boy a Furever Home! 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Please welcome Chunk to RAGOM! Chunk has many affectionate nicknames - Chunky, Chunkers, Chunky Monkey, Chunky Pants. The name Chunk was a little tough to get used to at first but it does grow on you! Although I do think Bear might be a good name for him too - he has a big blockhead like a bear, big bear paws, and he even rubs his back up against the couch like a bear rubs on a tree!
Chunk is a 4 year old purebred red male Golden Retriever with a white splotch on his chest. He has been neutered and is up to date on all his vaccinations so he's all good to go. He's a bit itchy but we don't really know the cause of that and may not know before he's adopted since that often involves a lot of trial and error that can take several months, even years, to figure out, if ever. We've switched him to a grain-free, chicken-free diet in the hopes that will help, along with regular baths and Benedryl. It could also be seasonal or environmental and may just take some experimenting and waiting to figure out what works for him. Also, true to his name, Chunk is a bit of a chunk and is now on a diet. He weighed in at 92 lbs but should probably be closer to 75, maybe 80. He was previously being free-fed but we've switched him to measured amounts and healthy treats like fruits and veggies. The reduced intake, along with some regular exercise, will probably help in no time.

Chunky is a sweetheart. He is friendly and well-adjusted, good with other dogs (gets along with all our dogs, big and small, male and female) and enjoys their company and playtime, good with kids (doesn't mind our 16 month old at all), and is just an all around lovable guy. He lets out a little "a-wooo" when he's excited and he takes treats so gently, he barely even touches your hand. He's dying to play with toys and bones but one of my dogs can be a bit of a jerk about sharing his toys so they've all been put away. He walks well on leash as long as he's in the front of the pack (pulls if he's in the back of the pack), but he does get excited if we come upon other dogs and then he pulls like a freight train to say hello. Chunk does not have any anxieties or fears that I've noticed and no guarding. He doesn't seem to know a lot of commands but he has pretty good manners overall, but still I think he would benefit from an obedience class. No major issues really and he has been a very easy guy to have here. He was a bit nervous for the first week or two but he has settled in well. He has not had a single accident in the house and does not mark so he is fully house trained. He is reasonably crate-trained - needs a little nudge to go in and doesn't love it, but doesn't fight it too much either. We crate our dogs while we are gone for safety reasons and to get them used to crates in case the adoptive family prefers that, but I am guessing that Chunky would do well with free roam if you prefer that. We aren't gone a whole lot so he's used to not being left alone for long periods. Chunky loves loves LOVES car rides, loves to snuggle on the couch or bed with you, and loves to run around in the fenced backyard.
The one "issue" we have noticed with Chunk is his hearing: we suspect he is either deaf or hard of hearing. Either that or he has a bad case of selective hearing! We initially suspected he was deaf because he does not respond well to his name, he cannot be woken from his sleep even if you say his name 47 times, and he won't come running if you call him from the other end of the house. And the kicker for me was that you can bang his food dish and he won't respond or one day I dropped a blueberry when he didn't see it and he didn't react to go looking for it when it hit the ground - what Golden Retriever doesn't come running when you mention food?! But then occasionally, he will respond so I thought maybe he can hear?! Or maybe it's a coincidence?! It's really hard to say and something I've really struggled trying to figure out because sometimes I'm convinced he can't hear, and other times I think maybe he can. The vet said the only way to truly determine if a dog is deaf is to do a brain wave test with a neurologist at the U of M and it is quite expensive and since it wouldn't really change anything and the only real reason to do the test is to be able to say definitively whether or not a dog is deaf, most people don't do the test and just rely on their own empirical tests. Regardless of whether Chunk is deaf, hard of hearing, or just doesn't give a hoot, he is so well adapted to whatever limitations he may (or may not) have, that it is rarely even an issue and you barely even need to make any modifications for him. He watches me and the other dogs so well and for the most part, just follows suit. So what if I sometimes have to give him a small nudge to wake him up if I'm moving rooms or if I have to move ten feet so I can get his attention and call him with hand signals - not a big deal. Honestly, not much is different and it is just a small adjustment and really not a big deal at all. I would not let this deter you if you are interested in him.
Because of his hearing issues, we are requiring that he go to a home with at least one other dog, if not a pack, since he watches them for how to respond and react. He likes to play so it would be great if the other dog(s) like to play, at least occasionally. I am also requiring that his home have a physical fence since he doesn't really seem to hear you calling him. If another dog or person were to walk by, I am 99.9% certain he would just go right to them despite you calling your heart out to him. That could be a danger if that passing dog is not friendly, or the person is afraid of dogs, or if they are across the street. He can go to a home with kids of any ages - I wouldn't go as far as saying he loves kids (he doesn't seek them out) but he doesn't mind them. Supervision is absolutely key though - I've seen a couple times where he didn't seem thrilled if my kid was too close, and as a parent, you have to always be right there to intervene to keep both your kid and dog safe. I do not know how Chunk is around cats so we'd have to test him if you have cats. His adopters will also need to be committed to helping him get to a healthy weight, as well as willing to deal with his hearing limitations of course. I'd also like his adoptive home to allow him on the furniture since he just loves to be next to you, but that isn't a dealbreaker.
Chunky was surrendered to us by a family that loved him very much but they were expecting their third child and felt he deserved more attention than they could give him. We've promised to love him up while he's with us and to find a wonderful family who will love him just as much as they did and we do. If you think you can fit that bill, please submit an Application Inquiry Form, or if you have already filled one out, send an email to noting your interest in Chunk and why you think you would be a good fit for him.

Relaxing on the couch

Chunk's Happy Place: the car

Puppy Dog Eyes

"No, I did not get my turn to have some whipped cream, what makes you think that?!"

Chunk's best begging face

Smooshy Face!

Hello Chunky Fans!

It is ME, your favorite Chunky Pants checking in with an update! Foster Mom has to admit that the previous (initial) update was actually written several weeks ago but due to technical difficulties, she was not able to get it posted right away. She's very sorry about that (and very embarrassed)! Things have changed since then so I'm here to tell you what's new.

First, I'm MUCH less itchy! The grain-free chicken-free food must be making a difference and I've been weaned off the benedryl and I barely itch at all anymore - no more than the average dog. I'm so relieved! This means though that if you want to adopt me, you'll probably want to continue me on the same diet to keep me itch free. I've been eating a combo of Fromm's Four Star Grain Free food and Acana Grain Free food - various flavors but not the chicken ones (obvy!). They are about $65 and $85 a bag, but you could probably pick one or the other. They also make my coat nice and shiny, too :)

AND I've lost weight, too - 15 pounds to be exact! Foster Mom took me to the vet today to get weighed and I was down to 77.5 lbs! Foster Mom was not surprised I had lost weight - I look a lot trimmer - but she was surprised it was that much. I'm pretty close to goal weight now, maybe just a few more pounds to go.

I have a new love that I need to tell you about: FETCH! I LOVE TO FETCH THE BALL! I am not graceful at ALL, though! :) But that's okay, I still have fun and Foster Mom and Foster Dad get a good laugh at me! I love love LOVE the ball though, in fact I'm borderline obsessed! I love for you to throw it but if you don't feel like it, I also like to just carry it around. I look for it when the silly humans put it away and I know exactly where they put it, no matter how hard they try to hide it. But don't worry, I do give up and relax after a few minutes (I don't want you to think I'm THAT crazy!). Let's just say though, I am officially a ball dog!

I'm dying to have a dog or two to play with. The silly dogs in my foster home don't play quite as much as I'd like. One is just not much of a player and the other one, well I kind of turn him off sometimes because I'm a bit of an oaf and he said something about getting attacked by a previous foster dog so he's a bit leary of new dogs still. He's coming around a bit, though... I like to be the first one through the door and walk ahead of the pack so hopefully the dogs in my new home are okay with that. I'm also not real great at picking up other dogs' "leave me alone" signals so while I get along with all dogs, I'd probably be a better fit with ones that aren't super nervous or snappy about their stuff or personal space.

So just to recap, if you have another dog or two for me to play with, a fenced yard to keep me safe, and someone to throw the ball for me, ring me up and let's meet - we'll get along swell! Fill out an inquiry form and send an email to and they'll put us in touch! I can't wait to hear from you!

Chunky was brave and finally ventured into the kiddie pool!

Waiting intently for the ball to be thrown

Trying to decide if he wants to give the ball back!

Just hanging out with my favorite ball!

Ermagherd! Guess what?! The tiny human in the house got a present and guess what it is?! Guess! Just GUESS! Did you guess what it is?! It's a BALL! It's like, THE COOLEST THING EVER!!! I followed the tiny human around just hoping he would play with me and throw it for me, but he hoarded it all to himself. He even figured out that I wanted it and started giggling and goading me to chase him! He threw it a couple times but Foster Mom said "No Chunky, that's the baby's ball". I'm a very good boy though and even though I REALLY wanted it, I left it for the tiny human to play with. I know the difference between a dog toy and a baby toy. Like I said, I'm a good boy. A really good boy. You know how people ask the silly question "Who's a good boy?" Well it's me. I'm the good boy.

Foster Mom got a couple pictures of me stalking the tiny human (though I prefer the term "babysitting" - it's much less threatening sounding) with his new ball. Notice how intent my gaze is on the ball. I don't miss a beat. Enjoy!

/pictures/Pictures2017/Chunk17101e1.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2017/Chunk17101e2.jpg


/pictures/Pictures2017/Chunk17101e4.jpg     /pictures/Pictures2017/Chunk17101e5.jpg

This past weekend, I took Chunk to meet a wonderful family. They have a handsome 2 year old Golden Retriever who happily welcomed Chunk to his house, a fenced yard, a pool, a cabin, and balls to fetch! Chunky loved them and had a great time fetching and playing with Gus. He was a little unsure of swimming but I'm sure that with time and a ball to motivate him, he'll be swimming in no time and it'll be hard to get him out! He was so tired that he fell asleep in the car on the way home and had a long nap when we got home! The family told me the next day that they wanted to adopt him, which I was super happy to hear because I think they will be a perfect fit for our Chunky Monkey! They have a vacation planned for this week so I will be holding onto him for another week (oh darn!) and he will go to his new home with them next week.

On the way to meet his potential new family

Taking a break from a game of fetch (photo credit Katie C)

He wanted the ball so bad but wasn't sure about jumping in

Taking a rest after falling into the pool

Please, oh please, throw the ball! (photo credit Katie C)

Chunky and his new brother, Gus

So tired on the car ride home!

Still snoozing hours later after his big day

Our Chunky Pants (who is no longer chunky!) was adopted today and got a new last name! It was a bittersweet day for me because I loved this boy and I will miss him something fierce, but I am so excited for him to have his very own Forever Home with such a wonderful family! They were so excited to come back to get him and they promised to love him to the moon and back and to spoil him rotten and I have no doubt they will!

To Chunk's surrendering owner: I know it was a hard decision for you to let him go, but rest assured that he found his Happily Ever After!

In my excitement of getting the adoption paperwork complete, I forgot to get a photo of Chunk being adopted (he left with his new mom and didn't even look back at me!), so instead I wanted to share this adorable photo of him taken yesterday on the eve of his adoption:
Resting up for Adoption Day!

Well our Chunky Pants is back in foster care, through no fault of his own. His adopters were absolutely wonderful and they were a perfect fit for Chunk, but unfortunately his new doggie brother Gus was just having too difficult a time adjusting to having Chunk live there. Chunk can be a bit of a bull in a china shop, meaning he just kinda goes where he wants like he owns the place and has this attitude of "I love everyone and everything so everyone must love me too". He's not being a bully, he just doesn't have a clue that not everyone loves that oafish personality and doesn't quite get that some dogs need some space. Unfortunately, this was just a little too much for sweet sensitive Gus. We tried working with them to help give Gus some space and time to adjust, but he just grew increasingly stressed and anxious and it became obvious that this just wasn't quite the perfect match we had hoped for, and no one could have known this ahead of time. His adopters were heartbroken because they had fallen in love with him, but they knew they had to watch out for their boy, and they tearfully brought him back to me.

So because of this, I think Chunk will do best in a home where the other dog(s) are fairly "chill". He is a little too much for a very sensitive submissive dog and a dominant dog might view him as challenging him, when in reality he just doesn't understand when to back away. Chunk is just not terribly well versed in dog speak, so he needs dogs that get that and aren't easily bothered by a friendly happy-go-lucky oaf.

Other than that, Chunk is still the same sweet boy. He is a super easy dog to have around - no accidents, no medical problems, and no challenging behaviors to deal with. He needs a fenced yard to keep him safe and another dog to watch and follow and play with. He needs love and affection and wants to be near his people, and he'd love to snuggle next to you on the couch or bed. If you are interested in Chunk and think you would be a good fit, please fill out an inquiry form or email telling us why you think it is a good match.

Hi everyone, Chunky here!

I've been hanging out in my foster home having a great time and I do love it here, but I would love to have a family of my own. I'm not too picky - I'd like to live with other dogs and have a fenced yard, but other than that, I'm flexible. Not a lot new around here so I don't have a lot to say but I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me! I'll share a couple photos of me looking all handsome and stuff - for your viewing pleasure!


I might be one of the most handsome boys you'll ever meet!

I have a pretty amazing smooshy face!

I was not a fan of the Gentle Leader so I tried to scrape it off but I only succeeded in scraping my nose :(

Practicing our manners