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Ryan 17-079TD
(Fostered in Eden Prairie, MN)

Sponsor Ryan

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
 5/24/2017 Children ages 12+  Can live with other dogs  No cats

Required – No invisible fence

Ryan is a beautiful two year old rescue from Turkey. He is happy and energetic, loves people, and is eager to play with other dogs.
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Ryan is a dog from Turkey who just arrived in the United States at the end of April. For a dog who doesn’t know English, Ryan is learning quickly. At least he has the ‘sit’ command down. Ryan is a lovely young dog (approximately two years old) who loves every person he meets and gets along well with other dogs. He is always eager to play with other dogs. Because he is a young dog, he is active and energetic, but he can still mellow out in the house after having spent some time romping around outside. I have not seen him guard his toys or food, and he didn’t seem concerned when we had a thunderstorm. He is ok being crated when I’m at work, but once in a while I have let him free-roam in the house while I am gone. We’ll see how that goes.

Ryan did great at his vet appointment. He tested negative for HW, so that’s good. His ears were very dirty and they gave us some ear cleaning solution to use on him, but everything else was good.

Ryan's tail is always wagging when he sees anyone coming toward him. He does tend to get a little too excited, and we need more work more on his learning to keep "four on the floor" instead of trying to jump on people.  One word of caution, if you are a neat freak, Ryan may not be the right dog for you. He is very messy at the water bowl, and he dribbles a lot of water over a wide area. He makes up for that by being very neat while eating his kibble. He eats slowly, often stopping to check and clean up any spillage. 

Ryan would love to go to a new home with another dog young enough to play chase and keep-away with him. A dog from the neighborhood comes over to play with Ryan in my fenced yard, and they have a blast racing around chasing after each other until they both have to stop because they are too pooped out to run anymore.

One of Ryan's favorite hobbies is keeping a sentinel's watch out the front window. He enjoys watching what is going on in the neighborhood. His tail starts wagging when someone walks past the house.

Ryan pulls on walks, so I have been using a gentle leader with him. It has helped, but he doesn’t like that thing on his nose. He is used to a 30 - 40 minute walk in the morning and then some play time in the yard.  In the evening, he goes for another walk for an hour or more. He likes to follow up his walks with more playtime in the yard, and he will often zoom around the yard just because he likes to run!

 Ryan has not been cat-tested. He is interested in chasing rabbits and squirrels. Today, he saw a deer while we were walking in Miller Park. I don’t know if he’s ever encountered deer before, because he seemed quite cautious about the deer.

Ryan is a very fun dog, and he will be a wonderful companion for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. Ryan has poor re-call, and is likely to take off after a rabbit or squirrel, so it’s recommended that he go to a home with a physical fence to keep him safe.

If you think Ryan would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.



Rye here. I am still here chilling out in Eden Prairie, MN, while I wait for my new forever home.

I like this nice summer weather. I have had some fun adventures lately. I was THIS CLOSE to catching a bunny in my yard the other night, but it seems that those sneaky bunnies have secret ways to escape under the fence.

I have been going out for long walks in nearby parks. I have gone to Carver Park Reserve, Lake Ann and Lake Susan in Chanhassen, and I have walked around Starring Lake in Eden Prairie a few times.

One day, I even went through the Dairy Queen drive-through and got my very own Pup Cup with soft-serve ice cream all for myself. Ah, that was a good day!

Most days I walk out to Miller Park in Eden Prairie with my foster mom. Yesterday I got to meet with three Chocolate Labs in the park. That was fun. The other thing that I really love is playing in my backyard with a neighbor dog. We run and wrestle so much that it really tires me out.

When I'm in the house, I like to roll around and wiggle a lot. I also really enjoy tummy rubs. You can also see in one photo that I also really enjoy the shut-eye I get sleeping on my big dog bed. It is so relaxing after a hard day.

I'll catch you later,



Rye has been adopted!

Rye has chosen his new family, and I'm sure he is busy exploring his new house, yard, and neighborhood. Rye will surely enjoy getting out to walk and run on the many trails near his new home. His exuberant and sometimes goofy personality should brighten their days for many years to come.