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Spencer 17-077TD
(Fostered in Sandstone, MN)

Sponsor Spencer

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Children Other Dogs Cats Fence Energy Level
Ages 12+
Can live with other dogs
 Not tested
Physical fence required - no invisible fence
Spencer is a 2-year-old, handsome Golden rescued from the streets of Turkey. He weighs 64 pounds, is current on all his immunizations, and is very friendly to everybody he meets.
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600



Spencer arrived in Minnesota a little over a week ago after being rescued from the streets of Turkey. This is what we know so far about this sweet boy: He is 2 years old, weighs 64 pounds, is in good health and your typical, happy Golden. He is very friendly with everybody he meets, gets along great with our two resident dogs, and is a fast learner. He learned to walk nicely on a Gentle Leader, and we're working on some basic commands. Spencer loves his food, treats, toys, and going on walks. He crates nicely during the workday and at night. Spencer loves attention, is very affectionate, and will make somebody very happy.

If you think Spencer would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form on the Adoption page. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under, and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.​


Spencer is a gentile and affectionate Turkish dog. I'd like to give kudos to all involved in this noble endeavor. He had been previously adopted and came back to RAGOM through no fault of his own. He has been with me for a week now. Spencer had an ear infection and was being treated. He was seen by a vet on 6/19, and the ears looked good. Unfortunately, he tested positive for tapeworm and is now on Interceptor medication for that. Spencer is awesome. The biggest issue at my house has been the adjustment with my two resident dogs. He is respectful of their space and will yield appropriately when signaled to. I have always free-fed my dogs. I was advised to feed a new foster separately from my dogs so they are having to get used to having their food picked up and not available all the time. Spencer is young and energetic. At times, he will race around the yard, leaping over flower beds and the edge of the deck. He walks well on a leash. He doesn't often pull, but he does walk in front of my feet. He does bark in reaction to many things, i.e., other dogs barking, some street noise, dogs barking on TV. He is easily calmed down and this is happening less frequently. His excitement over anticipation of being fed is beginning to lessen as we are working on patience and taking turns for treats. Spencer is a Twins fan! On 6/19, Spencer was laying on his side in the living room with the Twins game on. Vargas hits a monster 485-foot homer. At that moment, Spencer started wagging his tail quite vigorously. This is my first foster, and I have given thought to the bittersweet day when I turn him over to a lucky family for his forever home. He is so deserving of a great life.


There is a saying that after a few days, fish and company begin to smell. Not so with this welcome houseguest. He greets you with a Golden smile and a wag of his tail. If there is space next to where you are sitting, he will quickly end up in your lap, craving attention. Spencer has been with me for more than two weeks now and is adjusting to living in Sandstone. He has now been on a quality dog food and looks like he has put on a pound or two, as well as solidifying his stools. We had a violent thunderstorm on 6/30. Spencer's reaction was to take a stroll in the yard. I wish he would teach my dogs to do that. Spencer had a cat meeting recently and showed no aggressive prey drive. Most days he puts it into overdrive and races around the yard a few times, then heads for the water dish and quickly calms down. He continues to receive compliments from all he meets.


Spencer has been catching up on his sleep the past few days. He's going to need it because he was adopted by an active, young couple from St. Paul. Congratulations, Britta and Dustin! I'll miss you, Spencer!