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Gracie 17-098
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Children Other Dogs Cats Fence Energy Level
 6/12/17 Not tested
Can live with other dogs
Can live with cats
 Physical fence optional Medium
Gracie had to find a new home when her 80 year old owners entered assisted living and could not bring her along. She bounced from one home to another, then found her way to RAGOM. She is a sweet, smart, mellow, toy-obsessed girl who just wants to be loved (and kept away from thunderstorms)!
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Gracie is sweet, almost 7 year old blonde female who is being fostered in south Minneapolis.

When Gracie's original owners had to enter assisted living, their daughter found a home for Gracie. After several months, the woman surrendered Gracie to RAGOM, saying that Gracie had had accidents in the house. She was found to have a urinary tract infection, which was causing the accidents. She was in RAGOM foster care for a few weeks, was treated for the UTI and then was adopted. Within a short period of time, the adopters returned Gracie to RAGOM, saying that she did not meet other dogs well on leash. She came back into foster care on June 6. She's been doing great with two other resident dogs and a cat.

Gracie's original owners wrote a lovely letter about Gracie when they gave her up. Gracie was the alpha of her litter, she is confident, easy going, and good with kids. She can also be vocal when she needs to let you know something--like, "There's a tennis ball under the couch that I can't reach, gimme an assist, would you?" Or, "That other dog is in my way, and I want to get to you. Ask her to move, please." She knows a number of commands, walks well on a leash, is housebroken, eats well, is friendly and is a sweetheart.


In her first days here, there were a few snarky incidents when the resident dogs moved into her space. She snapped at them, but there was never any contact and she backed off as soon as she had her space back. And after a few days, they are all doing just fine. She's been very curious about the dog-savvy cat, barking at him occasionally, but for the most part, they have all managed to coexist fairly peacefully. She loves toys and will find them in places that you had no idea they were--and then she will let you know! Woof, woof! She is good at backing off when told to "leave it." She keeps an eye on things, and will woof when someone is approaching, or another dog is walking down the sidewalk. I have not yet tested her with meeting another dog while on leash. I plan to investigate that, but even if she is does have anxiety when meeting another dog, that can be worked with. She's very sweet, LOVES to be petted, will give you the Golden paw to get more pets, and is generally pretty mellow. She has had free roam in the house and there have been no accidents, and no problems with the other dogs or cat.


The monster storm yesterday showed that she does have storm anxiety. I gave her some Rescue Remedy, but I had to be gone when the big whopping thunder and lightning happened. A corner of the dog bed was chewed up and she tried to scurry underneath whatever she could, so she was clearly upset. The damage was not bad, but it is something to know about her--and often they say that as dogs get older, their storm anxiety can increase. But that can be dealt with.

Her previous owners said she was not a runner, but a fence is always a good idea. They also said she is good with kids, but I have not tested that yet. She is fine with the cat--she might bark at him, but it seems that she could live with cats. She's also fine with the other dogs. Last night, for the first time, she had a delightful wrestling match with one of the residents! It might take a few days for her to settle into things with other dogs, and a slow introduction would be good, but she has been doing just fine with them. She would also do just fine as an only dog, where she can absorb ALL of the attention!


If you are looking for a sweet, loving companion who will adore you and want to be adored in return, Gracie would be a great choice.

If you think Gracie would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


Original Bio:

I would like you to meet Gracie, our newest girl in RAGOMland.  Gracie is a beautiful, healthy 6 year old affectionate girl who will give you so much in exchange for a loving devoted home.  She weighs 87 pounds and has the most gorgeous blonde silky fur and block head.  Six months ago this sweetheart’s original owner relocated to a retirement community and was forced to find her a new home.  That home was unable to take her and now the family that was watching over her, has made the difficult decision to surrender her to RAGOM so we can find her the perfect forever home.   

Although she is healthy and beautiful, her personality is what shines the most.  She is extremely well mannered and loves her humans to pieces.  When Gracie greets you, she will lean against your legs and stand there accepting affection.  As she has always been an indoor dog, Gracie will cuddle next to you on the sofa and will start in bed with you at night to sleep.  Gracie loves her tennis balls, latex pigs, and Nylabones. 

On Sunday, our Fitbit registered 12,622 steps and Gracie probably walked at least 11,500, as she was sound asleep at 7.  She walks perfectly on a flat collar and Flexi leash, but walks best using an Easywalk harness.  Gracie can sit for hours enjoying the outside, as she loves to watch the birds and smell the Spring flowers and grass.  Gracie rides and waits well in the car.

Although Gracie’s foster home doesn’t have children, she did well and slept with the older child in her previous home. 

It has been reported that Gracie exhibits some storm anxiety (panting, pacing, digging at the floor), but we have not had a storm so we will report what we see once we have one.  She had an accident in her most recent home, but we have not had any accidents while in foster care, but she does want to go outside every couple of hours.  I have an appointment at the vet to see if she could possibly be suffering from an UTI.  Gracie has exhibited some snarkiness with other dogs that don’t respect her space, but is co-existing with the three resident dogs better and better each day.   Although she didn't know exactly what to think of the cats at first, she no longer pays any attention to them.

If Gracie sounds like your kind of girl, please contact your placement advisor or submit an application.

Gracie had a spa treatment, thanks to the generosity of Bark Avenue Pet Salon, and she looks even more gorgeous! (Full disclosure: the lovely groomer at Bark Avenue said that Gracie had to be muzzled while being groomed because the blow dryer freaked her out. And she doesn't like having her nails trimmed.) This sweet alpha girl let's you know when she likes something and when she doesn't! On the drive home in the van, I scratched her chest and when I stopped, she used her front paw to ask for more.


More storm anxiety yesterday but a little Rescue Remedy helped take the edge off and she did just fine. Slept next to the bed for most of the night, waking up to give a few barks and a little digging after some strong wind and a little thunder, but settled right back down.

She's doing pretty well with the other dogs. She's actually had a few wrestling matches with Dodger, but if Roxie gets involved, the tone changes. Other than a few little snarks (usually due to her personal space violations), everyone has been getting along fine. She's still interested in the cat, not chasing him but barking her fascination.

She loves her pets and does the "Golden lean" when she gets them. She's been giving some kisses and she's being a lovely houseguest!

/pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098d2.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098d3.jpg

Gracie has continued to settle in here. Tonight she totally surprised me by jumping up on the bed! She's tried a couple of times earlier, but tonight she just hopped up there! She's still fascinated by the cat but, other than occasional barking at him, she pretty much leaves him alone. She's been doing good with the other two dogs as well. Tonight she had another wrestling match with Dodger but it started to get a little intense so I called a time out. She will occasionally be the "fun police" if the two residents start wrestling. But generally, she's doing great as a member of the pack.


We've strolled through the neighborhood and she does well on leash. She can pull--and she's strong!--but for the most part, she's a pretty good walking partner. We haven't met any dogs on a walk yet, so haven't been able to test out any leash aggression. She's very alert to people walking by or strange noises, and she will alert you if someone walks by. And she's very vocal when she wants something but does respond when told to "leave it."

She's not on any of the meds she came with. She doesn't seem to need the Rimadyl; if she had a long walk or an active day, she might need it. She has been getting some fish oil and Cosequin but she seems to be doing fine.

This sweet girl LOVES her pets! She can't get enough of them! She's even been giving up some kisses. She's taken over the new raised bed, especially during the heat. She's just hanging around, waiting for a new home!


Well, I spoke too soon in the last update about Gracie's hips! She had a big day yesterday. Went on a play date with an adopted RAGOM boy and all four dogs had a big romp! Then we came home and had four Bichons show up for a visit for a few days. I was wondering how three 85-90 lb Goldens, four Bichons and a cat would do, but they did great! When it was time to head upstairs for bed, it was the first time I noticed Gracie having trouble with her hips--she had trouble getting up the stairs. But once she got going, she was fine. Gave her a Rimadyl to help her out.
She did great meeting 5 new dogs today. She wrestled with her new friend and they did fine until things got a little intense, so I called a time out and they were fine. She also got in a good match with Roxie, the resident, for the first time, and they did fine. She seems to be getting comfortable here. She'll still take on the role of the "fun police" when the residents are having a good match but the snark level has dropped. I was sad to see her having trouble with her hips but she can probably lose some weight and with some Rimadyl, she'll be fine. She's hoping to meet a potential adopter soon, so maybe she'll find her home soon!
/pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098f1.jpg        /pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098f2.jpg


Gracie continues to settle in here quite nicely, as the pics show. She did well with an invasion of 4 Bichons and she's relaxed quite a bit. (In fact, she's snoring away at the foot of the bed right now, totally relaxed.) Tonight she decided it would be fun to pull treasures from the bathroom trash and came into the bedroom, chewing on a wad of paper towels! She's a real toy hound and will pull nearly every one out of the bin as she searches for just the right toy. She's doing well with the resident dogs and is still interested in and will occasionally chase the cat. She spent the afternoon hanging out on the deck with the other dogs and was as happy as could be. She has someone interested in meeting her this week, so cross your fingers that she'll soon have a forever home!


One of the notes on the papers that came with Gracie said "Does not like to be hot!" She has found the solution to 90 degree days by secluding herself in front of the AC vent on the cool tile floor in the bathroom. She keeps settling in here and she's doing really well. Some things are the same: she's interested in the cat, but not dangerously so, she gets along well with the residents until a wrestling match breaks out and she feels like she has to police it. She's a very sweet girl, very laid back. Loves to hang out outside and just watch the birds. Is a good watchdog and makes she to let me know if someone is at the fence. She loves her toys and loves to have her butt scratched. And cannot get enough pets! She uses the paw to remind you that you COULD scratch her chest with that extra hand you have....She's a very sweet companion. She co-exists just fine with the other dogs and they make a nice little pack, but Gracie wants her OWN family! She hasn't met anybody yet, but she'll be at the Edina meet and greet this weekend, so come and see her!

/pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098h1.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098h2.jpg


Gracie has had a big week. She attended two meet-and-greets last weekend and got lots of treats and lots of pets. Although the RAGOM volunteers that brought her to the events said she was a good girl, it was also noticed that she was fairly reactive to the other dogs at the event. It might have been the stress of not being with her regular foster, it might have been all of the activity, or might just be that Princess Gracie does, in fact, have a little snark issue with other dogs. She demonstrated that when she first arrived here, and there are occasional incidents when she is just a little crabby with the dogs here when they got in her space. We're going to investigate further but meanwhile, she has been just fine here at home--occasional snarks, but nothing that doesn't stop when she gets called on it.

She's a toy hound. Loves to dig in the bin and find exactly what she is looking for. The other day, she fell asleep--sound asleep--with a tennis ball in her mouth! And here's a pic of her helping to clean every little bit out of the peanut butter jar.


And she loved it when everything had to come out of the room to replace the drywall ceiling and she could curl up in the middle of the empty room, princess that she is.


She has another family interested in her, so we're hoping that a forever home is on its way! Meanwhile, she's been a lovely houseguest. She jumped on the bed last night and curled up next to me. Such a sweetheart!

Princess Gracie is doing well! She had a little doggie vacation while I escaped to a friend's cabin last weekend. She came back with a good report! Here's what Terry had to say: "Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful weekend we had with Gracie. She was a perfect guest. She loved her walks, passing many dogs, people walking and bikes and couldn't have cared less. She is great at walking, no pulling. Loved the swimming pool and exploring and chasing the Jack Russell along the fence but not aggressively - it was a game. She is an alpha and the only thing I saw with my two dogs (one is an alpha) was that they could have had an argument over playing with a toy - but as soon as it started - all I had to do was say "Hey, knock it off" and it was over.  She doesn't know how to play as well with others, I think she's been the only dog - but definitely wants to learn. She loved my husband - so no issues with men. She was a delight to have. I hope someone snatches her up quickly, as she is a sweetie."
So glad she did well, especially in a house with two other dogs. Here are a couple of pics of her "on vacation". She's doing great and we hope she finds a forever home soon!

/pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098j1.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2017/Gracie17098j2.jpg