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Phin 17-094
(Fostered in Grimes, IA)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence required
Ages 8+
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


We've been getting to know Phin (Phineas) for the last week, and it's been a lot of fun. Phin is approximately 4 years old and is a Goldendoodle. He is a PHIN-tastic guy and a ton of fun to have around. He is a complete gentleman who will offer you his paw to shake (for about 5 minutes).

Phin weighs in at 65 pounds and is up to date on his vaccinations, is microchipped, and has been neutered. Phin is in excellent health. He is potty and crate trained. Phin is treat-motivated. Phin digs getting out of the house and going for rides in the car.

Phin has been getting along well with our older resident dog. Phin has a lot of energy. The surrendering owner had two small children, a cat, and another dog, and reports that he did well with them. It may be best if family has school-age children that can interact with him and participate with his care. He loves attention and will plop his head right in your lap when he wants to be petted.

Phin is hesitant around new people. He will bark at strange dogs and people, so needs slow introductions. The surrendering owner reported if a door is left open, he will run towards whomever is on the street. He had an incident since moving to his foster home. While walking with his foster, a jogger came up right behind Phin and his foster. This was unexpected, and the foster, the dog, and the jogger were all startled. Phin's reaction was to turn and jump towards the jogger. The jogger put a hand out touching Phin, and he nipped hard enough to draw blood. We have no report that the jogger required more than a Band-Aid.

Phin is a good dog who will make a wonderful addition to the right family. He does have some fear reactiveness. His new family will work to manage Phin's environment by having a physical privacy fence and a large enough yard for Phin to burn energy playing with either another dog, kids, or both. No invisible fences. In order to keep everybody safe, no dog parks and no neighborhoods or cabins where dogs are roaming around off-leash. Phin loves his people and his animals in his house. When he feels safe, he is a safe, loving dog. He does need time, direction, and training in order to feel confident about the world outside his door.


Finney “Finn-TASTIC” is how my husband refers to Phin. So it is hard to believe that he is still waiting for his furever home. He is a great dog. I feel like I have a shadow; this four-legged guy follows me everywhere! Phin has been trained well in his past life. He lays away from the table at supper time; he does not beg for “handouts.” While he has jumped onto our bed a time or two, he generally stays off of furniture, preferring to lay on the floor. Phin is crate trained and does very well. We have tested leaving him out of the crate during the evenings/weekends for 6-7 hours, and he has been perfectly behaved.

Phin likes to travel and LOVES his car rides. In May, we went on a road trip up to NE Iowa for a weekend at the farm. Phin enjoyed the peace and quiet of the country. While he did not interact much with them, he did well meeting the “country dogs.”

Phin has now been cat-tested and he showed no signs of aggression. He actually did not seem to show much interest at all in the cat. The one area that we continue to work on is his fear reaction when he hears/sees another dog. He is not aggressive, but does become excited.

Phin has been working with a trainer in order to teach him and his people how to help him feel safe, secure around strangers and dogs he encounters outside his home. Phin has made a lot of progress with training. We are looking for an adoptive family who is interested in and committed to his continued training. Phin needs continued help learning how to be his best self. A home with physical fence is a requirement.

Phin is a loving and loyal dog who will make a great addition to your home!