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Allie 17-065
(Fostered in Spicer, MN)

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Happy Spring!  Happy Spring, Allie, the beautiful chocolate girl! :-) In memory of Piper, our beautiful chocolate boy for 13 years. Julie P.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
4.23.17  Required   Not tested Required  Yes
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Miss Allie has come into the RAGOM fold and she is as sweet as they come.  She is a 6 year old PB Chocolate Lab.  Allie came from a breeder in Missouri with several other dogs to start a new life.  She made the long trip north last weekend and she would like to thank everyone who helped her get here to start this new life. 

This girl is not a typical mama I have seen from a breeding operation.  She is very friendly, loves attention and is very curious about the world around her.  If you don’t love kisses, butt wiggles and a happy dog tail then Allie is not the dog for you.  I have been wondering all week if she is part feline, as she likes to rub her face on my legs.

Allie was vetted on 3/27/17 and was found to be heartworm negative, and is getting caught up on all her vaccinations.  She does have ear infections that she has topical ointment for. She will need her booster shots in about two more weeks.  She will also need to be spayed which is scheduled for April 21st.  Unfortunately she weighed in at 102 lbs. so she needs to lose some weight for sure.  Her vet thinks she should be between 65-75 lbs.  Right now her exercise is our walks around the yard.  She will follow me and stops to rest and then we keep making our circuit around the yard. After a few days of our “yard walks” I have seen Allie starting to move a little faster.  She actually did a little trot to catch up to me when we were exercising in the yard.  One of her favorite things to do is roll around on her back and make some very cute snuffy noises.  Snuffy is like a grunt and an “ahhhh” combined.  I don’t know how to explain it any other way.

So far Allie has paid very little attention to the other two resident dogs.  Her goal in life seems to be getting human attention.  It is unknown how she reacts to cats.  She is not very interested in the rabbits and squirrels in the neighboring yards.

Allie is learning how to crate.  She will go in for a small treat and rests quietly through the night.  The only noise I hear is the thump thump thump of her tail when I get up to take everyone outside in the morning.  She sure is a happy girl!  The only thing that will make her happier is to find a forever home that will make her part of the family.

This weekend Allie will get to enjoy a first, her very own spa day.  She’ll got a bath, blow out and a nail trim. 

Since Allie is such a big girl and has not had any training she could knock over small children in her excitement.  She does not mean any harm but gets pretty happy and that could be an issue.

Once Allie is up to date on her shots and is spayed she will be available to move to her forever home.  If you think she would be a treasured family member please contact RAGOM and fill out the required form.  There is a tab on the Home page that will give you directions on how our adoption process works.


Allie has had a few more days to get comfortable with our routine.  So far no accidents in the house.  She has the unusual ability to hold her bladder for over 12 hours!  I have never seen a dog do this before.  She has many chances to do her business, but boy she can go a long time. She seems to be learning that she can go more often since we go outside multiple times a day.

Allie continues to stay in a crate when I go to work each day.  She still goes in without any fuss (just a little treat keeps her motivated) and I never hear a peep from her.

Allie is a little bit like a really big puppy in one way.  She is exploring everything!  She wanted to taste the gate I have up between the kitchen and the living room.  That was a big dud, no taste there.  Then she tried to taste the extension cord she found but foster mom put a quick stop to that.  She has smelled every bottle in the shower from face wash to shampoo, again she seemed to think it was boring.  She did find one special prize this past weekend.  Foster mom put her coffee cup down on an outside side table to go pick up dog poo and it seems that Allie has acquired a taste for coffee with French vanilla creamer.  That’s a foster mom fail! 

One thing Allie seems a bit too interested in is the garbage can.  Apparently there are some good smells there??  I keep the can tucked away so it is difficult for her to get at, but she has tried several times to get closer.  She also has pushed the dog food container around, I’m guessing she is not appreciative of her “diet” and is looking for some extra.  A simple “No” and Allie will stop what she’s doing. 

Allie was also out on a little walk this weekend.  Up and down the block.  She did get tired but overall she did pretty well.  She has also been learning that tennis balls are fun to defuzz.  Foster mom is happy she is retrieving when I toss the ball for her.  She is very motivated to get that ball, she even will trot over to pick it up, although she requires some coaxing to bring the ball back to me.  For this girl that is a big deal and it is giving her some great exercise, too.

Allie also does not seem to be skittish around men or men wearing baseball caps which is a typical behavior from a puppy breeder mama.  She did however not like the blow dryer at the doggie spa.  She had her bath and nail trim done without too much of a fuss, so I hear from the groomer George at Bark & Bathe who really did a great job and took good care of Miss Allie.

I cannot say enough just how sweet this girl is.  She loves getting attention.  She will nudge me for petting and loves belly rubs and very much responds to my voice.  We are working on learning to sit but so far she has not tried to jump up on me or show inappropriate behavior.  She is a mellow, loving, sweet dog.  Show her some love and she will be your best friend forever.


Allie is trying to learn about dog beds. Here is her progress...





Ahhh....Easter afternoon success!



Allie continues to be a sweet and loving dog.  She was spayed on 4/21/17 and the surgery took quite a bit longer that a normal spay.  The typical spay is about 20 minutes or so and she was under for 1 ½ hours.  While at the vet's on Friday Allie had her ears flushed and we need to continue with her ear meds for another 10 days.  In a couple of weeks Allie will get her stitches out from her spay.

Great news for Allie, she has lost 12 lbs. and is now, as of the day of her surgery, 90 lbs.!  Yeah Allie!  I can tell she is moving around so much better.

She has been such a good sport about all of it too.  Special love to this sweet pup as she continues on her new adventure of being a loved member of a new foster family with a new fur foster sister to run and play with.

Please let your Placement person know if you are interested in making this wonderful girl your permanent family member.


Allie has been with us for a couple of weeks now. She is a very friendly girl who likes to visit with everyone she meets. Her spay sutures were removed last week so now she can be more active. We have been tossing a tennis ball for her out in the yard. Allie loves to go get the ball but isn't sure about giving it back so we have been working on that. It is very clear that she is having fun with the tennis ball as her tail never stops wagging. She is a Velcro dog and loves to follow her people around and lay close by.
Allie weighs about 90 pounds right now. She really needs to lose some more weight. We have been taking her on two walks a day plus playing a little bit of fetch in the yard in hopes of getting her weight down. I know it will be a slow process but now with the spay surgery done she is becoming more energetic and wants to play.
We do have 2 cats at our house and Allie gets along with them fine. Allie is the kind of girl that is just happy-go-lucky and I think she would get along with pretty much anybody, 2 legged or 4 legged.
Allie has a couple of stuffed toys she loves to carry around. When she takes her naps she usually has one or both of them close by. Chew toys are another favorite. We have antlers and nylabones in our dog basket and she likes to take them out and chew on them throughout the day.
/pictures/Pictures2017/Allie17065d1.jpg     /pictures/Pictures2017/Allie17065d2.jpg 

Allie would love to have a forever home with another large dog to give her confidence. Allie does not like to be outside by herself for long. She gets some treats when she goes outside and she is learning it's OK to be out in the yard wandering around or laying in the sun on the deck. Our dog loves to do that and Allie is more content to have another dog with her. Allie is very food motivated so that is an easy way to get her attention for training. She is a very sweet girl!

If you think Allie would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


Allie is doing great. She very much enjoys being with her people and loves to wander out in the yard. It is easier to get her to go outside now. Once in a while we still have to use a treat but she is doing much better with going out with the other dogs. With the nicer days finally here, she will lay out in the sun for a while but then she wants to be inside to see what's going on. 

She has had a couple of baths and the old hair is coming out much easier. Her coat is coming in nice and shiny and a darker chocolate color. As the weather got warmer we noticed Allie was becoming quite itchy. She was biting at her back legs and belly. We had started Allie on some Benadryl but it wasn't doing enough for her so we took her to the vet last week. The vet rechecked her ears and also give us some Prednisone in order to get things more under control. The Prednisone seems to be helping quite a bit. Her ears look better but not totally cleared up yet so we will use the ear ointment for a while longer.

The good news is that while at the vet we got a new weight for Allie. She is down to 86 pounds. Even though it's only 4 pounds since her last weigh in, we are happy that we are making progress. From 102 pounds to 86 has made a big difference in how she feels. Allie seems to have more energy and will fetch a tennis ball for a little bit. We only throw it a short distance since she is still getting used to more exercise. She is so happy when she gets to play!

I will send in some new photos of Allie this weekend. You couldn't ask for a more friendly, laid back dog.



Our Beautiful Allie!