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Dexter 17-052A
(Fostered in Cedar Rapids, IA)

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Who doesn't LOVE puppies? Meet Dexter, a 11 week old Golden Doodle puppy who likes to run around your feet, nip you with his little baby needle teeth, get into things he's not supposed to and challenge you with the tedious task of potty training. But if he is monitored, trained and taught right from wrong, he will make a wonderful, faithful companion for many years to come!

Dexter was rescued along with many siblings in a Missouri auction and is looking for his forever home. He is an adorable, curly black boy with brown feet, brown eyebrows and a light brown spot under his tail. He has a wonderful puppy disposition but still plays a little rough for young toddlers. Like all puppies he would benefit from puppy classes to put him on the right path. A puppy requires a family that is dedicated to spending time training their new best friend to make him or her a well mannered, happy dog! Puppies can be a challenge!
Dexter likes to eat, drink, take many, many, many potty breaks, snuggle a LOT, and most of all, play. He is doing well in his crate and for only being here a week, is sleeping most of the night. He likes to make me get up before 6am to let him outside to do his business, but he has only once soiled his bedding. We are working on potty training, and he seems to be getting it, he just forgets when he is preoccupied playing.
If you think you would like to meet Dexter and give him the 'Golden' life he deserves, and are up for a rewarding challenge, please take the first step and fill out the RAGOM inquiry form. Dexter would love the chance to show you what a sweet, sweet boy he is. I am sure in his next update there will be much more to tell!
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Well, it's been over four weeks since Dexter came to live with us. He has a big personality to go with his big feet and big heart. He likes to crawl under my bed at night and sleeps there, through the night unless I get up. Sometimes he gets up to see what I am doing, sometimes not.

He plays hard and sleeps hard, and we are still working on potty training. He is coming along, but he is a typical puppy and will need a family that will continue to work with him. When he finds his forever home, he will have to get used to the 'outside' routine there as well! We are working on using a bell and he seems to be catching on (had to figure out what the heck it was!).

He does fine in his crate, he doesn't really like it, but will settle down once he realizes it is time to sleep or FM is going where she can't take him. He rides really good in the car, sits in the back seat like he belongs, or lays down to nap.

He takes treats nicely and is learning 'no bite' so his puppy nips turn into very gentle knaws....and he has already learned to sit, shake (learning other paw), and we are working on come and stay. We are working on short walks with the leash, he does good for short periods of time.

Dexter is at the vet today, having his neuter procedure so he will be ready for his forever home in no time!

Here are a couple of pictures of Dex - loves car rides, especially if he has a comfortable place to sit.....and isn't a fan of balls bigger than he is!



Dexter has finally found his forever home! He has a large yard to run in, a mama that works from home and a 6yr old Golden brother who was adopted through RAGOM, too! So, they can chat about their experiences….

Dexter is now Mick, and he wants to thank RAGOM for all they do and for taking him out of a bad situation and showing him the Golden life.