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Carolyn 17-049A
(Fostered in Bloomington, MN)

Sponsor Carolyn

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
3/15/2017  Required  Age 8+  Required  Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.



Please welcome Carolyn to the RAGOM family!  Carolyn made the long journey by way of a Missouri commercial breeder auction where she and 7 of her puppies and ten Golden Retrievers began their new lives in the RAGOM family on March 2, 2017.  Her birthdate is 9/26/2013.

Carolyn is named in honor of one of RAGOM's generous donors that made it possible for Carolyn and her puppies (Jill 17-047A, Susan 17-048A, Sebastian 17-050A, Tim 17-051A, Dexter 17-052A, Jim 17-053A, Jerry 17-054A)  to be saved from the auction.  We are very grateful for the financial support that allows RAGOM to rescue and rehome these precious dogs.

Carolyn would like to tell you of her journey in the last 11 days.

Hi Everyone,

I am very quickly adjusting to life inside a home.  The first few days my crate was my safe place as I watched and listened to the new sights and sounds of my foster home. I have two golden doodle foster sisters to help guide me and show me that people are ok. I am very comfortable with other dogs and lean on them for support.

Here I am seeking comfort from my foster sister while at my first vet appointment.

I was poked and prodded, got some shots and they took some blood. Not sure what for, but they said all tests that came back were very good (no heartworms, or poopy worms), just some yucky stuff in my ears.  I have daily meds to clear that up but otherwise deemed healthy.  I will have another round of booster vaccines in another two weeks. I have to have some type of surgery on Friday March 24th  so my duties as mama are over! Time to get my girly-girly figure back! #NoMoreStretchMarks

By the middle of this week, I decided this foster home thing was a good thing and I busted a move and tore around the yard doing zoomies! That made FM REALLY HAPPY!  I watched one of my foster sisters doing that and she looked incredibly happy so I thought I'd give it a try.  Man, did that feel good!

Last Saturday, I got to go to my new friend Nicole's house and play with her, her foster brother John 17-045A that was rescued with me, and my foster sisters.  I haven't figured out why my foster sisters keep chasing tennis balls and bringing them back.   I prefer to run and chase John!

Playing with John 17-045A

More play with John 17-045A

And I can even be a tease too with John and lure him away from treat lineup.

For my first week in foster care, that was amazing. But FM wants to keep showing me new stuff, so now that I have started to feel more comfortable and do some bonding, we started going on walks. My first walk was 3 miles while the pretty snow was falling on Sunday  afternoon. I was a bit nervous and skittish at the cars that were moving and sounds coming from behind me.  But my foster sisters weren't bothered by that stuff, so I felt safe next to them.  We repeated the same route the next night when it was quiet out in the new snow and bright moonlight.  I did even better on my second 3 mile walk and didn't run into FM's legs nearly as much.  Then this morning before work, FM leashed up her dogs and I decided I didn't need to shy away from FM with the leash and went to her on my own.  I knew what was coming -- another walk!  Okay, okay, yes, I have found a new hobby that I love. Walking!  And I am pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself.  (FM note: Yes, remarkably good but does startle at sounds behind her.)

Now that I am adjusting to my new found feelings, I am more confident and showing off my doodle prance.

That's me looking all serious and stuff, you know, like a model on a runway.

My happiest times are when I am outside which is common for dogs used to living outside.  I am still skittish in the house and can dash from place to place but quickly learning the pleasures of comfy dogs beds, couches and even FM's bed!  I am sleeping in the crate at night as I am not housebroken yet (still figuring that stuff out) but FM is hoping very soon I will get it.  Tonight I ever so slowly crawled up on FM's bed since she invited me and I snuggled right in for some petting.  I have even developed the golden nudge when I want more attention and will use my paw too.  I figured if all that snuggling and hugging is good enough for my foster sisters, it is good enough for me. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it!  Though one of my sisters gives me a funny look when I am snuggling with FM on the couch. FM says that her feelings are a little hurt that I am getting so much attention.

Here I am asking for permission to sleep on the bed.
Sadly, the answer was "not yet."

Well, that brings me up to date on my first 11 days in fostercare.  FM says I am incredibly sweet and will be a great addition to a family soon.  I need another confident playful dog that will help me continue to grow in confidence in new surroundings, experiences and especially around people.  I might be slow to trust, but once I do, I will love my people.  Since I am a PM dog, if I have any kids in my home, they will need to be older than 8 years old.  I would do better in a quieter home over one that has a lot of noise and commotion.

My new family will have to be committed to obedience classes and have the patience and time required to work with me to build confidence and bring out my inner joy.

Have a great week!



Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy week and a half for me.  I have been learning a lot and growing in confidence with people.  I have discovered the joys of cuddling so I do it at every opportunity -- when watching TV or climbing up in the big bed. I even get to sleep in the big bed now. That rocks!

Now THIS is living large!

I am still skittish if I am reached for and can dart from place to place, especially inside the house.  I have gotten much better and coming in the house when FM is standing by the door.  I really enjoy being wherever FM and my foster sisters are.  When outside, I love to be standing by the other dogs.  I feel much safer with them by my side.

Me and my foster sisters - strength in numbers.


Here I am doing neighborhood watch with my foster sister.

FM gave me a BIG haircut a week ago!  I feel a little naked.  She said I needed a good cut before my "no more puppies" surgery.  After my surgery, she wrapped me up in a blanket to keep me warm and help me feel better.  My fur is a little thin right now but once all those mama hormones settle back it, I bet I will have a nice thick coat.

I am one week post-op now and feeling great! I went to the doctor this week for my booster shot so am all done with medical stuff.  Now I need to work on my entry and exit to the car.  FM has been lifting me in and out, though that scares me so it is a process for the both of us. 

I am leaning about toys -- but very slowly.  I am so unsure when FM is throwing toys for my foster sisters to fetch or anytime she is moving her arms and hands.  But I did manage to retrieve one toys and take it to my fun spot in the yard. 

Ooooh, look!  A Retriever!

And then FM gave my one of my foster sisters toys and I had to check it out. I tasted it but was unsure of it.  My foster sister is so patient to just stand there and wait for me to leave before claiming it back.  

This is a funny ball

Teasing my foster sister. Check out my paw placement.

After all that activity, I decided to take a snooze in the sunshine on the beautiful day, just listening to the birds. 

I am still a work in progress with potty training.  FM tried hanging the bells on the door knob but those really scare me.  I don't really have a signal yet, so just follow my foster sisters out and FM keeps me on a good schedule.  

Well, that's it for now.  I hope you all have a great week. Remember to take time to relax and just enjoy the things around you.

Carolyn "CJ"


A note from FM:  CJ is making great progress, but is still skittish around home and even more so in public.  It takes time for her to trust new people and will need a lot of time, patience and understanding in her forever home to help her build confidence.  She could be a work in progress for a very long time. 



Hi Everyone,

So sorry for the long delay in getting an update out. Our foster home has been really busy the last couple of weeks.

We have had 2 legged and 4 legged guests in and out and of the house and I love the activity.  We had a temp foster brother here for a couple of days recovering from surgery and then my three foster cousins for a week and a half.  I really love hanging out with all of the dogs and being part of a six pack. I follow everything thing they do.

Here I am hanging out towards the back. Not sure about FM taking my picture yet. It doesn't seem to bother the rest of the group. I am told they are used to it.  My foster cousins are the three on the right.

I have made a lot of progress the last few weeks.  Potty training is going well and I am kept on a good schedule during the work week and have a lunch buddy that comes and plays with us for a while.  I still do not have any signals to tell FM I have to go out. She tried putting bells on the door but those scare me. So I just wait for my foster sisters to tell her and I follow them out.

I am still crated when FM is not home.  In the last two days, I sometimes do not want to go into the crate when FM has to leave so a lot of bribery is going on.  I can dart from room to room to tell FM to stay and play but she is not taking the hint. She says some nonsense about having to work to buy dog food for all of us.  I think that is some big excuse.

I am sleeping on the big bed every night now and doing great. Family snuggle time is the BEST!  I love to have my head on FM or one of my foster sisters or cousins. I sure hope in my forever home I will have a sibling that likes to cuddle.  It makes me feel safe and secure. I watch FM's hands to make sure I am getting my share of petting.  When she pets someone else, I nose her to make sure she does not forget about me. She is trying to teach me that I don't need to be touched at every moment. I say I am just making up for lost time my first 3.5 years.

We had a little bit of a storm here a week ago.  We were in the backyard when some lightning struck far in the distance.  FM called us in the house before any thunder started.  When I heard it, I looked at my foster sisters and they thought nothing of it so neither did I.  We went downstairs to watch TV so I didn't hear much else.  FM said that was not much of a storm test to know if those will bother me or not.  Tonight I went out in the rain with the others and I do just fine.  I love to sniff around. With all the rain I think I smelled the worms starting to come out.

One of my very favorite things is going for our walks early in the morning before work and again at night. FM says I am a fantastic walker and have the loose leash walking thing down.  I still will duck behind my foster sisters if people approach so I have some work to do there to get comfortable with that. My forever family will have to be committed to daily walks to burn off some energy and expose me to new situations -- though new situations should be done slowly so I don't get overwhelmed.

My appetite is really good and I don't have any food guarding issues.  I have tried to put my nose into my foster sisters bowl and she gave a low growl and I respected that. FM says I am pretty good at reading signals.  I did get into one verbal exchange with one of my foster cousins who was obsessed with an empty treat package.  That lasted all of two seconds before FM told us both to settle down.  No feelings were hurt and we were back to hanging out with each other immediately with no issues.

On the training front, FM has yet to successfully get me to sit on command for a treat.  Hands over my head make me fearful so I back away.  I don't like to be cornered so FM can't use that to help teach me to sit.  I see my foster sisters do it and it looks easy.  FM just has not figured out a strategy for me yet.

Coming in an out of the house is going really well too.  FM can be in the doorway and I will scoot right past her.  I still zip through doors instead of walking.  When FM goes out to take out trash, I am right there at the door hoping to go with her so she has to watch me to make sure I do not dart out.  It's not that I want to run away, I just want to be with FM and go somewhere.  I went to the vet with my foster sisters for their annual checkup and did well, especially since nothing had to be done to me and I got a treat just for showing up!

I still rarely play with toys, but watch my foster sisters go crazy for fetch.  Sometimes I try (and succeed) at stealing a toy or FM will toss it to me in the hopes that I pick it up and run. I am better at not being scared with FM throwing toys (because she moves her hands and arms) but will still startling if she is moving her arms in the house or approaching me with things in her arms or hands. The only exceptions are treats and a leash.  Now, that, is a happy thing for me.

The weather forecast is for rain (and maybe a little snow) the next few days so FM is not looking forward to wiping 24 muddy paws each time we go in and out.  I heard a rumor that next weekend everyone is getting a much needed bath, most likely outdoors in the booster bath.  We will just have to see about that.  She put me in it last weekend (no water involved) and I jumped right out -- even after watching my foster sisters jump in and just sit there. They are crazy. 

Well, that is about it for now. I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying springtime!

Thanks for reading.  



Hi Everyone,

I sure have been enjoying the super duper spring weather lately! It has been so nice in the early mornings we get out for a night 3.25 mile walk and get to watch the sunrise.  What a great way to start the day!  

Last weekend my foster sisters and I went to Nicole and Charlie 17-097 house to have a playdate.  Here are a few pictures from our fun time.

Mama Nicole is an expert hunter of the rabbit poop, Here she is showing me the proper technique.

FM kept telling me not to eat it though as she didn't want me to get a tummy ache.

Charlie and I were comparing noses and getting reacquainted.  I had not seen him since he got the cone off. Now he is all healed up and ready to play.  I got the zoomies and it was Game On!

I was running so fast I starting FLYING! FM now calls me the Flying Squirrel!  I was just having so much fun running with Charlie and my foster sisters I didn't even realize I had taken off. It was so effortless.

After all of that running around, I decided I needed a little breather. Here's me mugging for the camera.

I am still just hanging out waiting for my forever family to find me.  I love being a part of a pack and am making great progress.  Last night we stopped at the park close to sunset so my foster sisters could show me the climbing equipment.  I was a bit too afraid to do anything, but did manage to sit on a platform with my foster sisters and just observe the activity around me.  I call that progress.

Well, short and sweet post for this week. Have a great weekend!



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