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Golden Nugget/Leo
Golden Nugget/Leo 17-044A
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)


Sponsored by:

Friends of Flicka
"In memory of Yogi Bear, a perfect friend,
sharing his unconditional love forever."

Yogi Bear

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Children Other Dogs Cats Fence Energy Level
Good with all ages
Confident dog required
Not tested
Physical fence required - no invisible fence
Leo is such a lover and wants to be with his people. He is a very smart boy, catching onto things quickly, but in order to thrive in his adoptive home, Leo must have another dog living in his household that he can play with and learn from, as well as a fenced-in yard to stop his desire to chase any bunnies and squirrels!
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


I am pleased to introduce Golden Nugget. He is a 9-month-old male purebred Golden Retriever. Golden Nugget is one of 18 dogs who arrived in MN on March 4, 2017 from the Missouri commercial breeding auction. I know he’d want to thank and give puppy kisses to everyone who donated. He’s on his way to a Golden Life!

Golden Nugget was seen by the vet on March 6th. He was brought up to date on all of his immunizations. (He’ll need a booster in a couple of weeks.) He was negative for heartworm and brucellosis. He is being treated for intestinal parasites, a common problem for puppies and breeder dogs. He will be rechecked next week. He took his medicine easily. He has started on heartworm and tick/flea preventatives. He is microchipped. Golden Nugget will be neutered on March 13th. He is a beautiful, healthy, active dog.

Golden Nugget is eating well and weighs just over 62 pounds. He has had two baths, and we have clipped his nails. He was relaxed for both. He's very trusting and wants to be friends with all the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties. He is 90+% house trained (although we expect accidents at this point). He had a few accidents when he first arrived, but nothing the past a couple of days. We have him on a good schedule and he is a smart boy. He sleeps well in a kennel by the end of our bed with his Golden foster brothers nearby. He waits to go outside until we are ready in the morning.

Golden Nugget loves to play! He enjoys rope toys, Kongs, and tennis balls. Golden Nugget gives tennis balls back to be thrown again, although I think it might be a coincidence he knows the command. He picks up on things very quickly. He has not chewed anything he shouldn’t. He has made attempts, but is easily redirected by our attention. He does pull on walks, but not as much as a week ago. He wants to please so much.

Golden Nugget did not have a typical puppy experience because of his background. Although he is only 9 months old and appears very resilient, he is startled by some new noises and objects. When this happens, he usually pauses and assesses the situation. When he knows everything is OK, he goes on with whatever he was doing. We’ve nicknamed him Leo (meaning brave). He is BRAVE and SWEET and SMART.

His forever family must be committed to take him to obedience training. He is learning to sit, but has so much more to learn to grow into his potential. He may enjoy agility training. He’d be a great hiking or running partner. With training, patience, and love, he’ll be an amazing member of his forever family.

Golden Nugget loves to play, cuddle, and explore all that this new world has to offer. He gives the Golden paw handshake. If you are interested in learning more about Golden Nugget, please fill out an inquiry form on the Adoption page.


Golden Nugget is learning all about this new Golden Life! He’s a pro at stairs now. No more belly crawling up and down. In fact, sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with him. He has the "sit" command mastered (Golden Nugget is in the middle).

Often, dogs that come from commercial breeding are anxious when it comes to doorways. The first week, Golden Nugget didn’t want to come in the door from outside. On about day ten, he started dashing through it, and now he saunters. These seemingly small details make me smile. They are a big deal for him. I love that he feels more comfortable and confident. Obedience training will be very important for Golden Nugget to continue to grow and become more confident. He continues to rely on his four-legged friends and is usually near one of our resident dogs. He likes to nap near his pal Hankie (10-240).

Golden Nugget is in good health. He was neutered on March 13th and has healed nicely. On March 20th, the vet declared he had no more parasites. On March 27th, he had his booster shots. Every time we go to the vet, he greets everyone with a wagging tail. He loves the attention. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning his ears or petting him; he loves his people.

Thank you to all who support RAGOM through donations, volunteering, and adopting! We are so grateful to Friends of Flicka who donated in memory of Yogi Bear. Through their donation, Golden Nugget, his beautiful brothers Copper Nugget 17-043A and John 17-045A, and others are on their way to finding their forever families.


Golden Nugget, now called Leo, found a family that loved him very much. However, his fur–brother was a little too much for him. The family made the difficult decision to have RAGOM find Leo another home. They couldn’t tell me enough what a sweet, smart boy he is. It just wasn’t a good match with their resident dog. We were happy to welcome Leo back to his foster family.

Leo has been back in our home for a couple of days now. He transitioned easily. Over the past month, Leo has continued to grow and learn. He has good recall, and his "sit" is 100%. He takes treats nicely. He is learning "down" and "stay." He wears a Gentle Leader and is easy to walk. His ideal forever family would need to provide lots of opportunities for Leo to move. He cleared a 4-foot gate in a house to get closer to his family. We have a shorter fence in our backyard, but haven’t experienced that. He loves walks, as well as zooming around the back yard with his Kong Wubba. Agility training might be in his future.

Leo is a pro at walks.

Leo is full of love. He can’t get enough human attention. Although there are no gates up in our home and he could wander anywhere, he’s usually at our feet with his head in our lap searching for our hand. His ideal forever family would offer lots of cuddle time.

Leo loves attention.

Leo can play by himself for long periods of time. Equally, he likes to spend time with our boys, 12 and 14 years old. Whether it’s catching a tennis ball, watching a movie, or "supervising" them when they do their homework… he’s nearby. We have not seen an ounce of aggressive behavior from Leo since we met him in March.

Leo loves his toys.

Our two resident dogs don’t play a lot. They are 6 (and blind) and 10 years old. Leo reads their signals well and knows when it is play time and when it is rest time.

Leo resting with his foster brother.

Leo is very healthy, eating well, sleeping through the night in a crate, and letting us know when he needs to go outside to potty. He is going to make a wonderful member for a lucky family. Leo is still a puppy and will need obedience training, patience, and love. If you are interested in learning more about Leo, please let RAGOM know.


Leo had a fun time last weekend! He immediately made friends with a Beagle that was visiting us for the weekend. They chased each other for hours… well, actually, our Beagle Friend kept enticing Leo to chase him. Leo is at least three times his size, but never played too rough with him. He does have a strong prey drive when it comes to rabbits and squirrels, though.

As I’ve said before, Leo is a lover. He wants to please and wants all the attention you can give him. He does fine when left in his crate when we are out, but if we’re home, he’d rather be at our side. He can jump baby gates and, I’m guessing, a lot higher. We work from home, and he sleeps nearby. He takes cues very well and relies on a predictable routine.

Spring has brought even more time outside! Leo loves to run. He started to dig a hole in the yard, but stopped when I expressed displeasure and threw a tennis ball. I haven’t seen him try since. He’s a smart boy and learns quickly. He does like to find and chew sticks. He plays hard and rests well.

Leo still sleeps well through the night, eats well, and loves walks. He brought me his leash the other day. He loves to chew (as most pups do). He hasn’t chewed anything he shouldn’t, but we also provide lots of appropriate, safe items. Leo loves his toys. He hasn’t destuffed one yet, but I’m not saying he won’t… he’s a pup.

Leo is looking for a family that has time to spend with him and give him lots of love and attention. He travels well. He is still learning to be a good doggy citizen, so formal training is a must for you and him.

If you think Leo would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the Leo's name, his RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


Sorry for the long wait between updates. Leo has had a busy summer so far! We have had lots of company and he has loved every person... or should I say he sought love from every person. They willingly obliged. We’ve also visited friends and family. Leo travels well in his crate and adapts to new environments. His routine keeps him grounded, and he seems so pleased with himself. His confidence is growing.

Leo (right) likes guests of all sizes.

Leo turned 1 year old on June 18th!!! He celebrated with his pals Sunny 10-285 and Hank 10-240, enjoyed a doggy cake, and ran zoomies in the backyard. Although he is one now (or maybe because he is one), he is still learning lots about being a good citizen. He will need obedience training and lots of practice, but he will love every minute and will work so hard to please his forever family. He is beautiful inside and out.

From left to right: Sunny, Hank, Leo

"Let me eat cake!"

Leo is easy-going and likes to chew his Nylabone, play with his stuffed animals, and chases tennis balls. He’s about 65 pounds, so a slightly smaller golden. He loves to run in the backyard and take long walks. He has improved on walks and only uses the Gentle Leader occasionally. We have learned that Leo is not afraid of storms or fireworks. He sleeps in a crate and has no issues. He is crated when we are gone (up to 5 hours), but has run of the house when we are home. He’s usually at our feet anyway. We work from home, and he is near our desks during “work time.” He loves being part of the pack.

Helping me cook

Helping me work

Leo is such a lover and wants to be with his people. He is a very smart boy, catching on to things quickly, but in order to thrive in his adoptive home, Leo must have another dog living in his household that he can play with and learn from and a fenced-in yard to stop his desire to chase any bunnies and squirrels!


Leo found his forever family last weekend, and what a wonderful week it has been for all! Leo is now called Liam and has a wonderful Mom, Dad, and fursister. They are all in love with him and have spent countless hours playing and cuddling. On the first night, Liam went to his kennel, pulled out the dog bed, and dragged it up on his Mom and Dad's bed. He's slept there ever since! He has fallen in the routine of the household and is one proud pup to have his very own family. He loves his walks. His Mom said he walks so nicely and has met all the neighbors and dogs with a wag. Below are a few pictures of Liam that make me smile. It makes us all so happy that Liam is home! Thank you, S. family, for loving him so much!