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Rosie Posie
Rosie Posie 17-041A
(Fostered in Sioux Falls, SD)

Sponsored by:

Friends of Flicka
"In memory of Yogi Bear, a perfect friend,
sharing his unconditional love forever."

Yogi Bear & Boo

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Happy Spring! "Happy Spring, Rosie Posie! In memory of Annie (#12-425), a sweet, gentle and very special golden girl. From Anonymous"


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Quick facts: Rosie is an almost 7 year-old purebred Golden Retriever (DOB: 5/2/2010).  She is a very large female (98#).   She is gold in color.  As shown, she is one beautiful dog who was a breeding female. Gentle soul.


Sharing a story.

Please meet Miss Rosie.  She is a purebred Golden Retriever who came into RAGOM rescue with major efforts by great teams which make up this organization. She, as well as several other dogs, came from an auction process in the state of Missouri. A new Chapter begins. Only moving forward in life for Rosie, leaving the past behind her. Her past consisted of breeding purposes only; to have a litter of puppies, care and love them, and then to only have the pups sold off, over and over again.  Unfortunately, this occurred several times in her young life of just 6+ years. I can imagine she was an outstanding mama. 

In this new Chapter, which will be one of her biggest ones, she came from somewhere else and then transported, along with other Goldens, to an auction in a town in Missouri.  To leave a place she was bred, however set up, then driven to a large facility for auction. Probably never been in a vehicle nor outside the place she came from (being bred). Lots of noise, people, dogs and everything unfamiliar to Rosie.  To be inside a place/building where this noisy hubbub auction takes place, to be judged and looked at.  Then only to thankfully leave this building and move again to yet another state, where the RAGOM miracles happen.  Her Chapter continues…..  Rosie and others were to be gently petted by RAGOM staff, hear softer sounds and voices, and yes, even a bath and combing.  Many, many firsts in the lives of these breeder dogs.  However, for our girl, Rosie needed to travel to yet another state to us, here in SD, for foster care. This required yet another transport. This ALL happened in a matter of a day and a half.  Truly amazing journey for any dog.

We cannot begin to that all of the RAGOM volunteers who made this possible.  Not only for her, but for many others. Incredible and so many RAGOM volunteers to thank.  We personally want to thank Esther M. for safely bringing her part way to us on that sunny Sunday, for her new beginning with us here and to help guide and love her in foster care.

/pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ac1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ac2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ac2.jpg
The above 3 photos are before foster care and just hours after being rescued at auction in Missouri


Let me first say a BIG THANK YOU to Friends of Flicka for sponsoring our Rosie girl.  Thank you so very much.  She is one special breeder mama and this is such a generous gift!  Thank you again very much.

To add now to her new chapter, here are some progress notes on this big, wonderful girl.

She has made some pretty large steps forward emotionally and I am so impressed and thrilled.  She came into RAGOM so very shy and scared and so uncertain. Rosie is now going in and out of her crate on her own, even walks around a small area of our home.  Not only that, she is going inside and outside, through the back door, down a step to the deck and off the deck, by herself!  Just amazing!  She is slowly getting that trusting thing going on we so much want these dogs to try to acquire.  Following the lead of the other 2 dogs and also she is such a brave girl.  She goes potty by herself (under very watchful and close eyes); and even sometimes will explore a small area and sniff and just be a dog.  With a clicking sound (like you would for a horse) and a low call to her, she and the others come right inside. So important to have resident dog(s) to follow and learn from.  She will hurry through the door to get inside so she feels safe.  This has all happened just since she came to us for foster care on March 5th.

/pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ad1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ad2.jpg
Rosie and Maggie

There are other times when we all walk outside together and just show her things are not all scary and it is ok to explore.  People who are familiar with breeding dogs will really understand just how huge these things truly are.  We are taking our time, being consistent; keeping the routine the same as best we can and lots and lots of loves and kisses (that bear face!).  Her chapter is growing and growing.

On the physical aspect, Rosie is a tanker, to say the least.  A big girl, strong but oh, so gentle.  She tops out at 99#. She is a true golden colored retriever. 

Such a beauty...making much progress

After her initial visit with the vet right away, the vet did a blood panel and everything was great except for Hypothyroidism (low) so she is on meds 2X a day.  You could certainly guess that with her thin coat and coarse skin.

She has such an incredibly soft, Golden mouth.  Her appetite is good, however, it was a matter of finding just what type of bowl Rosie would eat out of.  These dogs are probably not familiar with a dog dish per se. But we did have one she liked.  She eats moist food along with dry kibble – also in that mix is a fair amount of water, and perhaps white rice or green beans.  Rosie is very stubborn on the drinking end of things--just does not drink out of a water bowl or anything.  It is frustrating and somewhat worrisome but checking with the vet again on the 15th, she got some more IV fluids, as we did the first time at the clinic.  Therefore, we are increasing the amount of water in the bowl and will slowly add more dry kibble in hopes that will make her more thirsty and really encourage her to drink water!  These are things which are trial and error with some these older breeder dogs.  Rosie will take softer treats, only on the floor basically - very rare if she takes one out of my hand.  Again, these are big steps for Rosie in such a short time and we are very pleased.  Assuming she has never had those before either.

In addition to rechecking her hydration, Rosie has managed to lick off one of her pads on her right rear paw.  This happened very subtly and in a matter of a day or so.  No clue why….therefore she is on antibiotics for that and a medicated wrap the vet applied (cannot put a cone on these dogs).  I have also put one of my knee socks over the wrap as well. The wet slushy snow is of no help to try to keep this dry! 

Doesn't care for the sock!

Rosie also has a small lipoma behind her right shoulder which can be removed when she's spayed.  Lipomas are subcutaneous (underneath the skin) masses or tumors that develop commonly in dogs.  They are usually soft, with limited mobility under the skin.  The overlying skin is usually not affected.  Over time they can grow larger and can impede movement if they are located between the legs or low on the chest.

Nothing to worry about but vet is thinking this may be causing her some discomfort, and why we had been noticing some limping on her right forefront area.  She will remain unavailable until after her spay, which is hard on these breeder girls of so many puppies, and healed well.  So our chapter is moving right along, day by day.  Better and better for her.

We just love her and she reminds us of such a big teddy bear of a Golden girl.

So so sweet!




More on Rosie’s new chapter …

Rosie is progressing fairly well. Not sure, but it seems she has lost some weight.  We will need to take her to the vet office again to just get a new weight on her one of these days. We have overcome a huge hurdle. She has been drinking water!  Things must have finally clicked over the past 2-3 weeks. Nonetheless, we're very pleased and excited about this! No need to be concerned about possible dehydration now. Breeder girls are much more delicate in their emotional make-up, as in her first beginning there was no socialization or help-nothing to show her the way.  Each day is a big learning experience; some things are ok and some remain scary.

We are still working on getting her right rear leg pad to heal up.  This obviously is a very tough area to keep clean, bandage and just plain heal. If she does lick it a little bit, it gets more open and raw.  Triple antibiotic is being applied 2-3 times a day.  Bandages are difficult as they just do not stay on and she is not as comfortable having something wrapped around it. Keeping it clean is important and she does not seem to mind warm lightly soapy water. So we have not been able to walk her other than in the back yard on the grass. We have now completed the course of antibiotics. We will keep working on it slowly. See below for more info on dog pads:

Top 10 Paw Care Tips For Dogs:

Your dog's feet sure are made for walking, but did you know they are also made for protecting? Pads provide extra cushioning to help protect bones and joints from shock, provide insulation against extreme weather, aid walking on rough ground and help protect tissue deep within the paw. With all that work to do, it's no wonder your pooch's paws often take a bit of a beating. Keep a spring in your pet's step with our top 10 paw care tips: Pamper With Pedicures: Your dog's nails should just about touch the ground when she walks. If her nails are clicking or getting snagged on the floor, it's time for a pedicure. Ask your veterinarian or a groomer for advice about what types of nail trimmers are best for your dog and how to use them properly. Clean In Between: Foreign objects can become lodged in your dog's pads. Check regularly between toes for foxtails, pebbles, small bits of broken glass and other debris. These pesky items can usually be removed with a pair of tweezers. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: A dog's pads can become cracked and dry. Ask your veterinarian for a good pad moisturizer and use as directed. Avoid human hand moisturizer, as this can soften the pads and lead to injury. Deep Paw Massage: Similar to giving a human hand massage, a paw massage will relax your dog and promote better circulation. Start by rubbing between the pads on the bottom of the paw, and then rub between each toe. Your dog will be forever grateful for the extra TLC! Slow and Steady: If you're about to begin a new exercise program with your dog, start off slow. Paws may become sensitive, chaffed or cracked, particularly when starting your dog out on hikes and runs. Apply First Aid: It's not unusual for dogs to suffer cuts or other wounds from accidentally stepping on glass, debris or other objects. Wounds that are smaller than half an inch in diameter can be cleaned with an antibacterial wash and covered with a dog bootie. For deeper paw cuts, see the vet for treatment. Summertime Sores: Imagine stepping barefoot onto hot pavement. Ouch! It is important to remember your dog's paws feel heat extremes, too. To prevent burns and blisters, avoid walking your dog on hot pavement or sand. Signs include blisters, loose flaps of skin and red, ulcerated patches. For minor burns, apply antibacterial wash and cover the paw with a dog bootie. For serious burns, visit your vet immediately. Wintertime Blues: Winter is hard on everyone's skin, even your dog's! Bitter cold can cause chapping and cracking. Rock salt and chemical ice melts can cause sores, infection and blistering. Toxic chemicals can also be ingested by your dog when he licks his paws. After outdoor walks, wash your dog's paws in warm water to rinse away salt and chemicals. You may wish to apply Vaseline, a great salt barrier, to the foot pads before each walk-or make sure your dog wears doggie booties. Practice Prevention: To reduce the risk of injury, keep your home and yard clear of pointy bits and pieces. Be conscious to avoid hazards such as broken glass and other debris when walking your dog. And keep this simple tip in mind-if you wouldn't like to walk on it barefoot, neither will your dog!


I am keeping with the same daily routine as best I can.  Sometimes during the day when things are quiet at home, Miss Rosie will venture out of her crate and walk around and really begin to notice things….ceiling fan, flowers in a vase, art work….just everything around her.  Again wanting to try to keep the trust thing going and attempt to keep her calm and comfortable in her surroundings.  I believe Rosie is perhaps more apprehensive than some of the others who came into rescue with her.  Could be for various reasons, but that is just her.  She will most certainly enjoy someone who is home most of the time so that this comfort and trust can continue, at her pace.  We do have our days where we just are not as trusting as other days……unknown of course as to why.  Other days we are more bold and she wants to check things out.


When other dogs in the area are barking, or our other 2 dogs are barking along with the others in area, it is just fine and dandy with her.  If you are to walk outside to see her in yard with something new, the caution flag comes up! Slow going for her with anything new is a must.  Rosie is so very sweet and gentle. She continues to enjoy a good consistent diet.  Most of the time, if given a doggie treat, she still prefers to have it on the ground in front of her more than out of your hand.  Rosie needs her safe crate place, to which the door always remains open for her to venture in and out. 

She sometimes observes the cats (2 of the 3) and has no clue what they are or why they want to rub on her, but it is totally fine with her.  So cute to watch! She enjoys the carpet much more than the harder surface in the kitchen. She sleeps very well all night and really likes her big doggie bed for comfort as well.

Fostering these breeder dogs is so very rewarding.  Our small victories just make us so thankful we can be a small part to help them move on to a much better, happy life.  To see her look at me and wonder, remember, or try to come out of her shell she has had for all these years is a truly wonderful and heartwarming to experience.

We want to again thank our sponsors very much. Donations are so welcome to help RAGOM keep this rescue arm extended out far to aid and help these dogs with the best care we can provide!





WooHoo!!!! Happy Dance!!!  Miss Rosie received a 'chick' of a generous gift donation and we want to say a HUGE thank you!!!!!!!  One special girl and a very special 'chick friend!'  Thank you Anonymous~~~   😊


More on Rosie’s new chapter in her life …

Our big girl has been making progress!  We are still drinking and on a regular basis (sounds small but this was a biggie in her case). Very happy about that for sure.  She is getting much better at the routine here and going in and out.  Never had an accident….just amazing.  She remains a good eater and we are working on her diet—in addition to kibble, green beans, squash, sweet potato, cooked chicken, etc. added to it.  Sometimes the canned moist dog food – all for variety.  It is good she does (for her meds) and makes it much easier for us and her. We have heard her bark once.  Wasn’t much of one though.  She does great with our two residents -- they are an absolute must for them.

Her rear right paw pad is healing, slowly.  These take such a long time.  It is just left open now.  Her pads are very dry and cracked, probably due in part to the thyroid issue and once she is on the meds longer, that should help some.  I do moisturize them, too.  On that subject, Miss Rose had another foot issue a couple evenings ago. She ended up tearing her left front dew claw off.  No idea where it happened but was right before bed.  Once she went back to bed (large dog bed on the floor with a big comforter over) there was blood all over.  These tears do tend to bleed a lot and yes, are very painful.  Being as she lost the entire nail, no surgery to remove it was required thankfully.  So another wrap/bandage on that leg!  Now let’s hope she will leave that one alone and we should be ok to take off in a couple of days.  The poor girl and her feet issues!!

She definitely enjoys outside now that it is so nice out and loves to roll and roll…such a pretty girl indeed and a joy to watch.  Rosie remains quite shy yet and as all of them, days which we are more outgoing and confident than others.  After this front leg medical issue heals we will be able to resume some walks.  We will put on a bootie or booties on the rear to protect that pad which is still healing.  I think she will enjoy those…something else to look at and smell.  Some challenges and that is ok, too. Not to mention shed a few more pounds!  More new things in her chapter.

Again, I would like to mention a big THANKS to our sponsors and the special family to donated our yellow chick to Rosie in memory of Annie.

So pretty

Yet another new bandage

Oh, feels so good to stretch out! Took wrap off!




Continuing Rosie’s new chapter in her life …

Our lovely girl has now completed yet another round of antibiotics for the dew claw mishap issue.  So thankfully, now down to a rare pain med (Deramaxx) on a bad day and her thryroid meds 2X a day; making progress.  The thyroid meds we believe are making her feel better.  In the near future, her thyroid levels will be re-checked to see where they are and if the dosage she is currently on is accurate.  She still remains one of the girls who will do just great for a couple days or so (socially) and then another day, just more quiet, shy and reserved, for no obvious reason(s) – at least that we can observe.  But we all have our days, I guess.

She does enjoy being out in the home more and more.  There are even times she will investigate, even a little bit, items/things inside, just to make sure they don’t move or something.  Very enjoyable to watch – cannot imagine in these breeder dogs what has already been pre-set in them.  We will begin walking more now (if the rain stops!) and try to remain on the grass as much as we can.

Such a beautiful Golden girl. She really loves being around her buddies, especially Maggie (white one). What a large new chapter for Miss Rosie – how far she has come so far and how these dogs really try to move forward in their life.  She is now here to just be loved every day and so appreciated.  Such a gift!

Looking so lovely

Rosie in hunt mode

Such pretty girls



Rosie Posie has a new foster and is adjusting well and getting a little braver each day. She's very compatible with our resident dogs Shadow (07-061) & Molly (16-128). They "show her the ropes" and all the girls are comfortable with each other.  So funny how "monkey see, monkey do" works.  She enjoys her walks and does very well on leash. She's very happy to sleep on the big people bed and will leave another room to go back to bed by herself!!  Sooooo funny.  Rosie's slowly but surely losing weight to meet a safe goal her vet wants her at to be spayed.  She's 84# now so has lost about 15 pounds!  Meanwhile, she's come into heat so that will delay things a little, but everyone's dealing with it well. She tolerates her "panties" and seems to like the extra attention this entails getting them off and on to go out to potty. This will be her last heat EVER.  As soon as Rosie's cleared from her heat cycle, she'll be spayed. She enjoys having someone home all day with her. She wishes to thank her donors & sponsors for their generosity & concern.

/pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ah1.jpg       /pictures/Pictures2017/RosiePosie17041Ah2.jpg


Beautiful Rosie Posie girl has been ADOPTED!  She is thriving in her forever home with sisters Molly and Shadow.  Rosie is spayed and has lost more than 20 lbs!  Due to new diet and weight loss, her coat is outstanding.  She is warming up more each day and adjusting beautifully.  This girl has come so very, very far from a PM dog, sold at an auction into RAGOM and will now have a very “Golden" life for sure!  We love you Rosie!

Shadow 07-061                    Rosie 17-041A                       Molly 16-128