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Kara 17-039A
(Fostered in Ham Lake, MN)

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring! Welcome to Minnesota, Kara, you are a beautiful young lady and you are one step closer to finding your forever home. Gary and Debby Demee and our RAGOM Girl Kassie !


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Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 3/28/17 Required  10+
Required  Yes 
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Hello my loving and adoring fans, supporters, and most importantly,  my rescuers! 


My name is Kara and I can't begin to thank you enough!  As some of you  may have heard, some wonderful volunteers came down to Missouri to rescue me and some of my friends. All of this was possible through many generous donations. I am very excited to say that my life as a breeding mama are over!

I've been starting to settle into my foster home over the last five days. I have picked one spot in front of the closet doors and it's not often that I get up. But, I'm starting to trust my foster mom and the other humans in the house. Now, all she has to do is tell me it's time to go potty and I understand what she's talking about so she doesn't have to hook the leash up anymore. I love to be outside! That is definitely something I'm used to and understand! That's the only time my foster mom gets to see my beautiful feathery tail! 

I definitely do like to follow my resident sister because she's a very confident dog and I know I can trust her to show me the way. I really think I need another dog to help me gain some confidence and security. Since I've never lived in a house or with people before, I'm really starting to figure these things out. I don't get scared and jump, I just like to sit back and take everything in as an observer.

Out of the dozens of dogs my foster mom has had, she says I am truly one of the sweetest, most gentle gems she's ever had. She knows that with calm, gentle patience and (simple) intentional teaching, I am going to be one of the best and most loyal velcro Golden's on the planet. I cannot wait to find my FURever family to live out my golden years with.  Dogs like me, who have never had the opportunity to understand love are THE most rewarding dogs anyone could ask for!


Kara moved to my home last week for her permanent foster home. I wasn’t able to take her while I dog sat for my son’s dog, so Nicole let her stay with her family until I could take her. Thank you, Nicole!! Kara was introduced to living in a home at Nicole’s, so when she came here, I didn’t have to teach her how to walk through a door or go up and down stairs.

We want to send a special thank you to Gary & Debby Demee and their dog Kassie for the Spring Icon!  Also, thanks to Friends of Flicka for sponsoring these lucky former breeder dogs.  These funds help us rescue more dogs.

Kara is a beautiful 6-year-old blonde purebred Golden Retriever. She met my dogs with no problem. She has settled in here very easily and is a perfect house guest. She follows my male dog when we go outside so she definitely needs another dog in her forever home to make her feel safe. Kara is crated when I am not home and at night. There is never a peep out of her, even in the morning as everyone is waking up. She just waits patiently to be let out. She loves her crate and I have to encourage her to be with us in the living room in the open.

Quick movements or loud noises startle her and she will retreat to her kennel when scared. I have heard of dogs watching TV, but none of my fosters ever did that… until Kara. If a show gets loud it makes her bark. She saw her reflection in the patio door and also in my curio cabinet mirror and she barked at it, especially when she moved. The barking is not excessive and she will stop when I tell her it is OK. Kara is UTD now and was spayed last week so she has to wear a soft cone until she has her stitches removed next week. Look at those pleading eyes!

These former breeder dogs love routines so they know what to expect and the repetition gives them a sense of security. Kara is getting braver every day. She sits with my dogs as I prepare their bowls for meals and right now I feed her in her crate with the door open so there is no temptation of trying to steal someone else’s food. She knows we go out after eating so she always does her business right after eating. Kara LOVES attention and praise so she is really easy to train. If you have a confident resident dog and think that Kara would fit into your family, please send in an inquiry form so we can talk. She is going to make some family very happy!


First of all, I need to apologize for going so long without an update!  Time has flown by since Kara came here and I didn’t realize how long it had been.  Kara really came out of her shell after she had her spay stiches removed.  It must have felt so good to have them gone because she started prancing around the yard instead of trying to go right back into the house.  Usually she is 2 steps behind my male resident dog, but isn’t afraid to stop to smell the yard on her own.   I am so happy to see her enjoying her freedom!

Kara got braver inside the house too.  She started sleeping in a dog bed in the living room near my dogs or alongside a chair and quit going into the crate all together.  She has not had an accident in the house!  When it is meal time, she sits and waits for me to put her bowl on a rug in front of the stove, so she doesn’t eat in the crate anymore either.   I finally took it down.  When she is done eating, she waits patiently for my slow eater to finish because she knows I will give out treats.  One of my dogs needs pills, so I put them in peanut butter on my finger so she can lick it.  Kara watched my dogs lick my finger and actually came up to get some!  Baby steps make me happy!

Kara had me concerned for a while because she would look at me from her dog bed and growl when I coughed or made an unexpected noise.  When I told her she was OK, she started barking at me.  I knew she was just scared, so I would talk to her and pet her in her bed and she settled down.  I didn’t like the growling, so I sent an email to our Behaviorist Team.  They actually came here to visit and evaluate her.  All I had to do was cough while they were here and Kara growled.  They pointed out a valid observation.  I was reinforcing Kara’s growling!  She was scared and wanted my attention, so she growled.  That was her way of talking to me!  I was teaching her to growl for attention!!  Wow!   In order to teach positive reinforcement, I had to ignore her when she growled and not give her the attention.   Once she stopped growling and barking, I gave her lots of attention.  It didn’t take long for her to realize that I was ignoring her bad behavior.  Now she actually comes to me when she wants to have her neck rubbed or to be petted!!  I love this girl!

If you think Kara would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form.

If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


Kara has grown so much since she was rescued from the Missouri Auction!  She has learned to trust both people and other dogs after only 3 months.  Most former breeder mamas need to follow another dog’s lead to learn how to be a dog.  Kara learned from my dogs and now is brave enough so she will go out the door first and come to the kitchen to eat first.  She still gets startled easily from quick moves or loud noises, but she will overcome those things too!

The good news is Kara went to her furever home on Wednesday.  She hit the jackpot with this family and will have a 4-legged brother who was also adopted from RAGOM.  They greeted each other and she started following him right away.  He showed Kara how to go up and down the stairs already!  Mom and Dad are both retired so she will have someone home most of the time.

I will miss you, Kara, but am so happy that you found the perfect home!