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Harley Beth
Harley Beth 17-038A
(Fostered in Prior Lake, MN)

Sponsor Harley Beth


Sponsored by:

Friends of Flicka
"In memory of Yogi Bear, a perfect friend,
sharing his unconditional love forever."

Yogi Bear

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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

3/5/17: Harley Beth, or simply Beth, was one of the lucky 18 dogs that RAGOM rescued at an auction sale in Missouri on March 4, 2017.  Thank You to Denise A. and Scott B. for making the long journey both to and from Missouri with these precious souls!  Also Thank You to Jim with Friends of Flicka and the many other donors who helped RAGOM get these dogs.

Beth was born on 12/11/2011 so she is 5 years and 3 months old.  She weighed in at 58.4 pounds at our vet visit last Friday.  She has double ear infections and a couple of internal parasites that we are currently treating with medication.  Beth was a trooper about receiving her vaccinations and having blood drawn for some additional tests.  We will let her get more settled before we attempt the spay procedure.  To make sure that Beth arrived to and from our vet appointment safely you can see by the picture that we took extra precautions by having her secured with three leashes and a slip lead.  Beth is wearing a regular collar, a martingale collar, an easy walk harness, and the slip lead.
The reason Beth was secured by so many leashes and the slip lead is that she definitely is a high flight risk.  You can see the fear in her eyes and her posture, as human contact is still a very scary thing for Beth.  I have had many challenges in the past with shy and fearful dogs but Beth is the toughest one to date.  We hope in time that we can soothe some of those fears but it takes patience and lots of time.  She loves to be with the other dogs outside as long as Foster Dad keeps his safe distance away.
Her crate is her safe haven inside the house.  So far she has not had a single accident in the house or her crate.  Check back for additional updates.


It's been too long since Foster Dad sent in an update for Miss Beth.  Today was a very big day for Beth.  She underwent her spay surgery.  She is really out of it right now (see first picture).  The doctor had to give her multiple shots of sedation medication just to get her ready for the operation.  Beth is extremely nervous of human contact, movement and noise.  And now the even harder part begins with trying to keep her calm and leash walks to go outside for the next 7 to 10 days.  Beth does not like a leash and she gets extremely nervous when she feels the leash tighten and she prefers to be as far away from humans as possible.


Prior to today's surgery Beth would tolerate me approaching her, but only when she was in her safe spot(s).  She sleeps at night on a pet bed (one of her safe spots).  And she will go into the extra large crate in my den which she can share with resident dog Lauren.  I did manage to capture some good pictures of Beth outside with my resident dogs.  You can see that she is a completely different dog outside with other dogs.  Now if we can figure out how to get her to relax around us humans.

/pictures/Pictures2017/HarleyBeth17038Ad2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2017/HarleyBeth17038Ad3.jpg

As with most breeder dogs it takes lots of time, praise, and knowing how to read her signals of discomfort and back off.  We are using lavender oil, Rescue Remedy drops, Composure calming treats, and Benadryl to help Beth relax.  To get Beth more used to human contact I have been sitting down at night on the floor while she is on her pet bed and I read to her.  Not sure if she likes the book but she tolerates it for short periods.

Beth did meet an applicant that has previously adopted from RAGOM and has experience with extremely shy ex-breeder type dogs.  She played well with her dog.  So now we need to wait and heal up from today's big surgery.

Beth and her Foster Dad wish her fans a Happy Easter weekend!