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Pepper 17-035
(Fostered in Robbinsdale, MN)

Sponsored by:

The Cosgriff Family

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
3/12/17  Not required  Not tested  Optional  See 4/3/17 update
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Pepper is a sweet older lady between 8-10 years of age. She was found as a stray in Alexandria and has found a safe foster home in Robbinsdale. She has been with me for a week and I have not heard her bark yet, though she does whine sometimes. She is gentle and wants to have me in sight all of the time. She gets along fine with my two residents and has shown no aggression.

The vet said that she has yeast infections in both ears, so has medication for that. She weighs about 58 pounds and is just slightly underweight. She loves food, so that will be no problem. She has scarring on her back left leg and tip of her tail.

The vet said it might have been caused by being kept in an enclosure with no bedding so the leg was rubbed when she slept. It is not tender; she licks it sometimes. We don't know if she is spayed or not, so she will be going in for the procedure this week.

I take her for a walk every day with my other two dogs and have to use a Gentle Leader on her as she is a puller.

I have only crated her once as it was obvious when I got home that she had tried very hard to get out of the crate while I was gone. She had pushed down two baby gates, so tomorrow  I am going to try a baby gate/door combo. She has had some accidents so I can't give her free roam yet.

She LOVES to retrieve (especially stuffed animals) and does it very nicely. She was so happy the first time I threw a toy for her. She looked at me as if to say "You know how to play FETCH! We have something in common!".

Pepper is a sweet girl looking for someone to love. She is quiet and gentle.


Pepper was spayed  on Thursday  and she did just fine. She has a small hernia fixed at the same time. I kept her quiet for the first 24 hours. She is now back to doing walks and acting like her old self.

We may be running some further tests on her urine as the vet is concerned that she might have a urinary tract infection. I will post an update of how this turns out.

She has not had any accidents in the last week and I have given her free roam of the house. When I did confine her to a room away from my other dogs, she seemed more stressed when I returned, so I am glad that she can be with them without having to worry about accidents.

I have finally heard her bark, but she does not do it very often. She is a lovely girl and will make a wonderful addition to some family.


Pepper's new nickname is Miss Wiggle Butt. She is the friendliest, happiest girl around! She is SO friendly that she can overwhelm other dogs when she first meets them. She is POSITIVE that everyone is her long lost friend. 

I went to the thrift store and got a bunch of stuffed toys for the dogs and Pepper tried to sneak her new stuffed friend out in the back yard. I took it from her and tossed it back in the house. This was the start of a game of fetch, so she no longer wanted to go outside. There is nothing she would rather do than play fetch.

My resident boy, Herky, steals the toy that she is fetching and wants her to chase him (as that is HIS favorite game). She will tug the toy a bit, but sees no point in chasing him. It is not nearly as fun as fetch!
Pepper will be at the Meet & Greet at Chuck and Don's this weekend. Come meet this sweetie!


Pepper had a great time at the meet and greet yesterday. She was wagging and socializing the whole time. People found it hard to believe that she was a senior. She was acting like a youngster. She also demonstrated that she is has a good treat compass. She could find anyone with a treat in their hand, and plant herself in front of them. She would sit and shake for anyone with a treat to share!

She met a cat today and reacted appropriately to the cat's hisses at her. Every time that she got too close and the cat hissed, she turned away. She was very interested in the cat, but the cat was not comfortable with letting her too close. I think that she would chase a cat if it ran from her, but it appears she knows that a hiss is the signal to back off. 


Pepper has enjoyed more fetch sessions in the back yard. Watching her leap and run for the tennis ball, there is no way that she looks like a senior. She never wants to stop, so I have to watch that she does not over do it. 

Both Pepper and one of my resident dogs Zoey like to dig. I have had to block off some areas to keep them from digging deep, deep holes. I understand that it is LOTS of fun to dig, but the bushes don't understand it!

Pepper continues to get very excited about every dog she meets when we walk. I am working with her to turn her away from dogs when she starts barking. She is not aggressive, but it is stressful for her and the other dogs. If she calms down, I could let her approach and she would not scare other dogs.

She is a bundle of fun, and would be a great addition to some lucky family!


I have been working with Pepper while we are walking. She gets so excited when she sees another dog, that she jumps and barks and makes quite a scene. She wants to meet the dog and be friendly, but her enthusiasm is over the top and intimidates the dog and person. I am now carrying treats in my pocket and ask Pepper to sit when another dog is coming toward us. She is so food focused, that she is HAPPY to do this. She is even starting to look at me for a treat when she sees another dog. Pepper is a smart girl and eager to learn if food is involved!!!


Pepper and I want to thank the Cosgriff Family for sponsoring her! She would like to give you all a big wag and a cuddle! She also says that any gift to RAGOM comes with unlimited hours of tennis ball fetching. If you are ever in the Robbinsdale area, she is happy to award your prize. Thanks for supporting our great foster dogs!


Pepper just left for her new home. As I write this there is a Monarch butterfly outside of my window. It is the first I have seen this year and I take that as a good omen for Pepper's new life! She will have a Lab sister named Shelby who will find that she has some intense competition in the game of fetch. Last night they competed in my back yard and it looks like there is LOTS of fun in their future. Pepper will celebrate the holiday weekend with her new family and it sounds like she will be making many new friends. Happy Trails, sweet Pepper (or maybe I should say Happy Tails!).