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Annie 17-010
(Fostered in Spicer, MN)

Sponsor Annie

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 2/14/17 Physical Fence Only  Yes 10+  Required   Untested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Welcome! Annie 17-010

Annie came to us as a retired Golden Retriever breeder so she is hanging up the late night feedings and demanding puppies to live the Golden life!

She wanted me to post what she feels will tell humans what she is looking for: (but I will, as her foster mom, interject where needed!)

Hi ! I am a beautiful strawberry blonde searching for a loving and easing going lifestyle. I love long leashed walks where I can listen to the birds chirp and sniff the smells of the season. (She does really well on a leash) (and walking off a little weight as she is 77 pounds) I long for those days away from the hustle and bustle of cars and trucks. (she is very afraid of running and moving vehicles but getting better every day)

My ideal night would be to curl up next to you as you read me stories of why we are your heroes and man's best friend! (Umm... yeah, Annie forget to mention that she is kinda nervous in our home. Now, if that couch was next to her safe spot...noises spook her but again like a flower bud opening slowly, every day we see her revealing yet another element of her personality. Annie is a sweet and loving girl who loves everyone. She has met neighbors and welcomes their attention.)

So my foster mom got me off track...where was I.... I am a tad bit bashful when it comes to doing my...uhh... business , but have no fear- I never do it in the house. This whole attention thing is somewhat new to me.

Oh and still working on learning my name and why I probably could use a fence

If you are into quiet nights (and quiet days, for that matter) I just might be your cuddle - pup!


This is Annie, still looking for the love of my life.

I am away for an overnight stay at this place that smells funny. My foster mom said not to worry, that when I wake up, I will feel stronger and better....

Well, they shaved my belly and a leg! Good thing spring will be here soon so I won't catch cold. Yikes! I woke up wanting to lick these things that feel like strings on my belly. They don't hurt, just feel weird. So anyways, they put this donut thing on my head that doesn't even taste good. Haroof! But I do get lots of love. They say I am a good girl and will get to go home tomorrow. I hope my foster mom makes me something special to eat like a steak! Any-woof, time to snack and take a nap.

Woofs and wags,


P.S.: Foster mom says I am doing AMAZINGLY! Apparently, I am a quick learner. I no longer am afraid of noises or moving cars. I am really liking my name, too. However, she says we have to work on hanging out with the family, like maybe cuddling up on the couch with them or something. I do like my alone time under the bed, but I am open and loving, so maybe... Oh, and apparently, I am famous in the neighborhood. I love, love everyone I meet!

(Pictures later as I have been working on shaving off some weight)


Dear Forever Family!

Hey, it's me Annie! You know, the shy but very sweet Golden who has hung up the late night feedings and puppies yipping at my feet.

I am really loving this 'living the Golden life.' My only complaint is that I can't eat when I want. Grrr! But you should see my bod! My foster mom noticed too that I am working off the baby belly. Woohoo.

Oh and speaking of livin the Golden life, I found out what it is like to lounge on the couch getting some cuddle time and belly rubs in with my foster parents . First foster mom had to hoist my butt up but since I have been workin out, today I managed to jump up myself. ( or maybe just didn't know she could jump)

I still like my safe place but being out in the living area with my foster folks is really looking more and more like this is where I want to be.

So anyways, I hope you think maybe I could be the one you could share your life with.

Love and wet kisses!


P.S I really don't like getting my picture taken but here I am sitting on the couch


Hello to all Golden lovers!

Annie required that her foster mom post for this one time for she hashad quite the day!

Annie ventured out, with the help of her foster parents, to take a long ride to our land in southern Wisconsin. Once we got her in the car (she doesn't know how) we drove to feed our hobby, honey bees.

OMG!! Did she have an awesome time checking out the sights and smells. She did beautifully on the trails and when we ventured near our little trout stream she dipped her paws in some! I was so very happy to see this since she probably has never stuck her paws in waster..A little chilly for now but it gives me joy to see she wasn't shy around water. Alas, was unhappy with one thing however. Part of the land is up a steep hill and I was really hoping she would help a little by pulling me up the hill but every time the leash grew taught she stopped and looked at me like "what is with you!?"

So anyways the picture I posted is if one pooped pup! Foster Dad had to carry her to the car.



It's me! Annie!
Are you enjoying the Spring weather as much as I am? Every chance they get, my foster folks take me for a walk. I sure love being outside. Lately mommy has had to pick up a few hours at work but she said it won't be for long. I hope so because I really like it when she is home to give me her adoration (cuz I am worth it).
And guess what? I have been kinda modest in showing my foster mom that I am smart and a very quick learner! I know how to sit and lie down. Outside when I want to pick icky things up (according to mom) I know what 'leave it' means and 'drop it'. I SO surprised her with this because it took less then a week to learn this stuff. I can read her mind because I think she is trying to figure out what else I might know. Bring it on 😃 🐾 💕
I know my forever home is out there, so to all of you...
Hugs and wet kisses,