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Annie 17-010
(Fostered in Spicer, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date AvailableChildrenOther DogsCatsFenceEnergy Level
5/15/17  Dog-savvy children ok   Another dog REQUIRED Can live with cats  Required – No invisible fence Medium
Annie is a beautiful, soon to be eight years old, retired breeder girl. She weighs 69 lbs. She is learning what it is like to live in a house. Annie is perfectly house-trained, very affectionate, and lives happily with other dogs and cats. She has many fears of new things and situations but, day by day, is overcoming these. She will need another large, confident dog in her forever home to give her direction and comfort.  
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Welcome! Annie 17-010

Annie came to us as a retired Golden Retriever breeder so she is hanging up the late night feedings and demanding puppies to live the Golden life!

She wanted me to post what she feels will tell humans what she is looking for: (but I will, as her foster mom, interject where needed!)

Hi ! I am a beautiful strawberry blonde searching for a loving and easing going lifestyle. I love long leashed walks where I can listen to the birds chirp and sniff the smells of the season. (She does really well on a leash) (and walking off a little weight as she is 77 pounds) I long for those days away from the hustle and bustle of cars and trucks. (she is very afraid of running and moving vehicles but getting better every day)

My ideal night would be to curl up next to you as you read me stories of why we are your heroes and man's best friend! (Umm... yeah, Annie forget to mention that she is kinda nervous in our home. Now, if that couch was next to her safe spot...noises spook her but again like a flower bud opening slowly, every day we see her revealing yet another element of her personality. Annie is a sweet and loving girl who loves everyone. She has met neighbors and welcomes their attention.)

So my foster mom got me off track...where was I.... I am a tad bit bashful when it comes to doing my...uhh... business , but have no fear- I never do it in the house. This whole attention thing is somewhat new to me.

Oh and still working on learning my name and why I probably could use a fence

If you are into quiet nights (and quiet days, for that matter) I just might be your cuddle - pup!


This is Annie, still looking for the love of my life.

I am away for an overnight stay at this place that smells funny. My foster mom said not to worry, that when I wake up, I will feel stronger and better....

Well, they shaved my belly and a leg! Good thing spring will be here soon so I won't catch cold. Yikes! I woke up wanting to lick these things that feel like strings on my belly. They don't hurt, just feel weird. So anyways, they put this donut thing on my head that doesn't even taste good. Haroof! But I do get lots of love. They say I am a good girl and will get to go home tomorrow. I hope my foster mom makes me something special to eat like a steak! Any-woof, time to snack and take a nap.

Woofs and wags,


P.S.: Foster mom says I am doing AMAZINGLY! Apparently, I am a quick learner. I no longer am afraid of noises or moving cars. I am really liking my name, too. However, she says we have to work on hanging out with the family, like maybe cuddling up on the couch with them or something. I do like my alone time under the bed, but I am open and loving, so maybe... Oh, and apparently, I am famous in the neighborhood. I love, love everyone I meet!

(Pictures later as I have been working on shaving off some weight)


Dear Forever Family!

Hey, it's me Annie! You know, the shy but very sweet Golden who has hung up the late night feedings and puppies yipping at my feet.

I am really loving this 'living the Golden life.' My only complaint is that I can't eat when I want. Grrr! But you should see my bod! My foster mom noticed too that I am working off the baby belly. Woohoo.

Oh and speaking of livin the Golden life, I found out what it is like to lounge on the couch getting some cuddle time and belly rubs in with my foster parents . First foster mom had to hoist my butt up but since I have been workin out, today I managed to jump up myself. ( or maybe just didn't know she could jump)

I still like my safe place but being out in the living area with my foster folks is really looking more and more like this is where I want to be.

So anyways, I hope you think maybe I could be the one you could share your life with.

Love and wet kisses!


P.S I really don't like getting my picture taken but here I am sitting on the couch


Hello to all Golden lovers!

Annie required that her foster mom post for this one time for she hashad quite the day!

Annie ventured out, with the help of her foster parents, to take a long ride to our land in southern Wisconsin. Once we got her in the car (she doesn't know how) we drove to feed our hobby, honey bees.

OMG!! Did she have an awesome time checking out the sights and smells. She did beautifully on the trails and when we ventured near our little trout stream she dipped her paws in some! I was so very happy to see this since she probably has never stuck her paws in waster..A little chilly for now but it gives me joy to see she wasn't shy around water. Alas, was unhappy with one thing however. Part of the land is up a steep hill and I was really hoping she would help a little by pulling me up the hill but every time the leash grew taught she stopped and looked at me like "what is with you!?"

So anyways the picture I posted is if one pooped pup! Foster Dad had to carry her to the car.



It's me! Annie!
Are you enjoying the Spring weather as much as I am? Every chance they get, my foster folks take me for a walk. I sure love being outside. Lately mommy has had to pick up a few hours at work but she said it won't be for long. I hope so because I really like it when she is home to give me her adoration (cuz I am worth it).
And guess what? I have been kinda modest in showing my foster mom that I am smart and a very quick learner! I know how to sit and lie down. Outside when I want to pick icky things up (according to mom) I know what 'leave it' means and 'drop it'. I SO surprised her with this because it took less then a week to learn this stuff. I can read her mind because I think she is trying to figure out what else I might know. Bring it on 😃 🐾 💕
I know my forever home is out there, so to all of you...
Hugs and wet kisses,


Hi to everyone who has been following Annie’s story. Yes, she is alive and well! Annie’s first foster mom decided that Annie might do better in a foster home with another large dog that she could use as a role model. We were delighted to have her come to live with us and our two Golden boys – Tank and Beau. Annie has been with us for two weeks and we feel that we know her well enough now to add a new update to her website. 

We have fostered retired breeder girls before and we know that they come to us with their fears and quirks because they have never lived in a home before and everything here is new, and scary, to them. Annie is no exception. She assumes that anything new is scary until she has time to get used to it. If she sees that her foster brothers aren’t afraid, this process always seems to go faster. With time and patience, things will get better and better for Annie-girl. 

When she first arrived at our house she did some initial exploring but soon found a couple of “safe spots” where she could lay down, away from the normal house traffic, and watch what was going on. Every day now, we see her spending more time outside of the safe spots, interacting with her foster brothers or with us. Yesterday was her best day ever. She did a quick play bow to Tank but then got flustered and scurried back to her safe spot before he could react. When we were getting ready for our morning walk she did her first “happy dance”. She was so excited to be going out that she was wiggling her rear end, jumping up and down, and turning in circles – all at the same time! These are all signs to us that she is slowly but steadily gaining confidence. It’s interesting to us that, despite her fears of everything else, she is very affectionate with her people. She obviously has been well treated in her past. 

We took her to our Vet for a quick check-up shortly after she arrived. Foster brother Tank went along and she jumped right into the van, once she saw him do it. Dr. Jean said that she is in great shape – good eyes, good movement in her joints, and no signs of arthritis. She does have a couple of nagging ear infections (both ears) that we are treating with ear drops. These can be stubborn so we’re taking her in again this week to see how things are progressing.

Given her signs of steady progress we are making her available for adoption. Because overcoming her fears will continue to take place in baby steps and over a significant period of time, we will initially be using a very tight screen for potential adopters. At this point in her life we believe that Annie will need adopters who have had specific experience with retired breeder dogs or with rescue dogs who have had to conquer their fears of new situations. They will need to have another large, confident dog who can continue to show Annie how to be a good, family dog. Annie gets along with her two, 15-year-old, cat foster sisters but a kitten might be a bit much for her.

If you think Annie would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match.


It’s been a quiet, but productive week, in Annie-Land. Annie’s ear infections are almost completely cleared up. She has one more medication to take for another week and then she should be done. We had a house full of company last weekend and Annie did a great job. On Saturday, she retired to one of her safe spots for some R & R but by Sunday she was back to working each of the visitors for pets, treats, and attention. Monday was an R & R day for all the dogs (and FM and FD) and lots of naps were taken! Here’s Annie and foster brother Beau recovering from the weekend. 

Annie has free roam of the house with her two foster brothers when we’re gone. She has been just fine although we haven’t been gone for more than a couple of hours yet. We’ll work on testing her for longer periods in the next couple of weeks. Our four grandkids will be here next weekend and Annie will get her first experience with kids. Yesterday we introduced her to elk bones (under strict supervision). She was a bit possessive so we took them away again. We will continue to bring the bones out for short periods and will see how things go.

Every day is a new adventure for Annie. This morning she was in the mood for stomach scritchies, which was new for us. It’s great to see her getting more and more comfortable every day. She is such a happy girl!  

If you think Annie would be a good fit in your home, please submit an "Inquiry for Application" form. If you have already filled out an "Inquiry for Application" form, please send an email to with the dog's name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you'd be a good match. ​


Hi everyone, this is Annie. FD told me that it’s a tradition in this house that the foster dogs learn how to write updates for their fans. This is my first attempt and I hope that I can do a good job.

Let me start by saying that I’m a happy girl pretty much all the time. I love taking walks with my foster brothers Beau and Tank. I really love to run back inside and line up with them for treats. I learned quickly from them how to “sit” for my treat. FD gave me a pair of his old boots to be my very own toys. I know right where he puts them and I go into the bedroom now and then to grab one and I carry it all over the house so that everyone can see me. Here’s a picture of me with my toy in the background.

Living in a house is all new to me but I’m getting better at it all the time. We all sleep together in the bedroom but FM and FD thought I’d be happier if I had a “safe place” to sleep. I have a kennel, next to the bed, that’s all mine. It has a nice thick pad that is super comfy. The door is always open so I could get out if I wanted but I sleep in there all night until it’s time to get up. When we have thunder storms (and we had a doozy yesterday!) I head right into my kennel until it’s over. I have company then as my cat foster sisters are under the bed right next my kennel.

FD says that I like routine and I really do. I like knowing that we all pretty much get up at the same time, take a walk, eat our breakfast, and settle in for our naps. I could do everything the same way, at the same time every day, always. When things come up and we have to do things differently, I’m always a little scared at first but I’m getting better at it.

For some reason, I’m still really scared to go outside to do my jobs at night when it gets dark – even when FD and my foster brothers are with me. FD now takes me out at dusk and I’m just fine. He was worried if I could “hold it” until morning but that’s no problem for me. Every night he calls for me to come with him just before bedtime when my foster brothers go out with him but I tell him no thanks. It does bother me some that they all get treats when they come back in and I don’t. Last night I got up my courage and came to the door with them to go out. I only made it a few steps when I got scared again. FD let me right back in but, when my bros came back in, guess what, I got a treat too! I think I’ll try again soon and see if can do a little better.

Tank and I went to a Meet and Greet in Shakopee a week ago. It turned out to be fun. There were lots of dogs and LOTS of treats. FM said that I did really well. I met a family who came to see me and I think I like them a lot. FM and FD said that we’ll have to see if they are the right family for me and if I am the right dog for them. It sounds like I’ll get to see them again soon which will be fun.

There, that’s about all I can think of for now. I think I did a pretty good job. I can learn lots of new things but you just have to be a bit patient with me while I get used them. Thanks for reading my first update!

FD here – Annie is making great progress. She is a typical retired breeder girl in that she moves forward at her own pace. We can see her confidence level slowly building day by day. We had another houseful of grandkids this past weekend and she did well. Our track and field/cross-country runner grandson took her running, which she enjoyed as long as she could keep me in sight. As I wasn’t about to join in the run, Andy would walk her ahead as far as he could and they would run together back to where I was standing. One place where she is not hesitant is with human company. Her ambition, I think, is to be a 69-lb. lapdog. Here she is with FD and foster sister Sweet Pea.

Annie is currently working with a family to see if they are the right fit for each other – more to come on this. We’ll let you know what happens.


We want to let everyone know that Annie is again available for adoption. We had great interactions with a wonderful family but finally determined that they aren’t the right match of Annie although we know that they will be the perfect family for another RAGOM dog.

This week’s little “victory” for Annie is that she has figured out how much fun it is to watch the chipmunks and squirrels who constantly move around our wrap-around deck looking for food from the bird feeders. It’s a sign to us that her world is expanding. She now happily joins her foster brother Tank in following them around from window to window and sounding the alarm whenever one of the big, grey squirrels shows up. Many times, she is now the first dog to the door to greet the UPS or FedEx driver. It’s so much fun to watch her grow in confidence! Here’s Annie and Tank getting some much-needed rest after another rodent-watching session. She likes to lie down with her front paws crossed.

Annie is ready to go to her forever home. She’ll need a patient adopter who has the time to spend with her to help her gain confidence. Ideally someone home most of the time would be best. Another confident, large dog is necessary to show her the ropes and help to give her confidence. Annie gets along fine with cats and small dogs as well and likes kids. Because she is still startled by loud noises and quick movements we are requiring kids to be older, and dog savvy. Experience with retired breeder dogs or other rescue dogs who are frightened by many things is a plus.

If you think Annie would be a good fit in your home, please submit an “Inquiry for Application” form. If you have already filled out an “Inquiry for Application” form, please send an email to with the dog’s name, RAGOM number, the name you submitted the Inquiry for Application form under and a sentence or two why you feel you’d be a good match.


Annie has found a wonderful home where she'll have a mom to love her as well as a four legged sister and a cat to play with.  She already likes the big fenced-in back yard and we told her that, if she watches carefully,  there will be some rabbits to chase.  Enjoy your life sweet girl!