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Reggie 17-003
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Not required
No toddlers
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Meet our new RAGOM friend Reggie. He is a 1+-year-old, 50-pound Goldendoodle and is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, and microchipped.

Reggie is a well-mannered, playful pup. He knows his basic commands and is housebroken and crate trained. He walks nicely on a flat leash. He love-love-loves to go for walks, to play fetch (inside or outside), and to go for rides in the car. Tennis balls appear to be his toy of choice.

Reggie is still young - and will need a home that can provide him lots of exercise and stimulation. He is very voice-responsive, but if he gets bored or hasn't had a good walk, he will amuse himself with houseplants or deconstructing the tennis balls he has sneaked in from outside.

This handsome boy is very good-natured and really, really loves his people. He wants to be close by - and is very "helpful" as you go about your day (aka following at your heels or licking your face while you are trying to tie your shoes).

Reggie has also been through quite a bit of change in his young life - as his family adopted him from a breeding situation and then tried to re-home him before lovingly surrendering him to RAGOM. As we get to know him better and look at potential forever homes for him, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • No young children in the home. Reggie has shown some anxiety and some inappropriate reactions when hugged by a toddler.
  • He has previously lived with a cat - and with proper introductions, we have no reason to believe he cannot be in a home with cats.
  • Reggie does not require another dog in the home - he is doing fine as an only dog in his current foster home - but does want lots of attention (and play time) with his humans.
  • He has lived with other dogs and appears to be dog-friendly, with the exception of high-value resources (food, food bowls, bones, beds); this behavior appears to be more extreme inside the home. Resource guarding from other dogs can be innate, learned, or situational behavior. Regardless, Reggie living in a home or interacting with other dogs may require short, mid- or long-term vigilance.
  • Reggie has not demonstrated any resource issues with humans.

We will continue to share information as we get to know Reggie better.

A freshly groomed Reggie

Reggie has a colorful coat

Reggie and his Tiger

A bone trance

Resting peacefully


Reggie is doing really well in RAGOM foster care. He has had a busy few months, and we are anxious to share news (and new photos) of this happy Doodle.

Here are some basics about Reggie's everyday routine:

  • Reggie is crate trained - and is content to hang out in his kennel when there are no people in the home.
  • He also sleeps in a soft-sided crate in the master bedroom at night. He is a good sleeper and walks right into his kennel at night and settles down. These days (see attached picture), he is hanging out in his crate even when the door is left open.

  • Love, love, loves to go for walks. Sits nicely while you attach his leash. We began practicing with a Gentle Leader a few weeks ago. And Reggie just prances at your side with a loose leash.
  • Reggie loves to play. Fetching a tennis ball in the backyard is his absolute favorite game. He retrieves like a dream (if he sees where the ball went), and we have been working on the "drop" command.
  • Not picky about the weather - happy to be outside in rain or snow or sunshine. As long as you are willing to go for a walk or keep throwing a ball . . .
  • We have switched Reggie to a grain-free, chicken-free diet - and it seems to be working for him; He also gets an occasional probiotic added to his meal; his tummy seemed a bit sensitive for a few weeks - but all good now.
  • Reggie has a nice, deep bark - but does not bark very often. He can see lots of people and dogs walking by the home from both the front windows as well as through the fence when he is outside. Very little alert barking. He will bark if someone is actually standing at the front door.


And here are just some other random thoughts.

  • Not overly concerned with thunder - wants to be close and looks for reassurance.
  • Less thrilled with fireworks. During extended fireworks in the neighborhood, he was keen to find a "safe" place.
  • Reggie knows the basic commands (sit, down, leave it) - and continues to be very voice-responsive and easy to train; We are working on "stay" and "drop" now. Like many young pups - he sort of listens to "stay" - but he keeps scooching.
  • We have been introducing fruits and vegetables as substitutions for treats - and here is the run down so far. He likes bananas, apples, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and green beans; not interested in carrots.
  • He doesn't mind being brushed - but really likes the part where he gets a treat when we are finished. The other day, he carried the brush over to the treat area and laid the brush down on the floor. He was done.
  • Reggie likes to ride in the car. He hangs out in the backseat and is relaxed and chilled while Foster Mom runs errands.

Reggie is a fluffy, cuddly, people-oriented dog. Likes to be close to people - and loves to be touched. No anxiety meeting new people.

In addition to the previously shared thoughts about a forever home, Reggie is going to need to continue his socialization (new people, new places, new experiences, new dogs) and his training. And we would encourage a new family to use professional training as a way to help him continue to learn how to interact in a positive way with other dogs.


Reggie has gone to live with the T family. They understand his "Doodle-ness" and are excited to have a pup in the family that LOVES his people. When Reggie met the family, he immediately started darting from one family member to another seeking pets and attention. This is a great match - for Reggie who is content to be the only dog in the house and for the family who wanted a younger dog that was always up for a adventures and hanging out. We sent a bag of colorful tennis balls home with Reggie - so he could settle into a good game of fetch in his new yard. Thank you, Ts, for giving this boy a loving home.