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Miguel 16-283
(Fostered in St. Paul, MN)

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring, Miguel! From Copper Boy, love you Miguel!

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring, Miguel! Your pictures & write-ups remind us soooo... much of our beautiful beloved Finnegan! Vern & Angie Brenden send this "Spring Fling" chick to you in his memory.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Not required
Ages 10+; preferably no kids
Needs to be the only dog
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


There are no imperfect dogs, only imperfect situations. Meet Miguel, a 9-year-old purebred Golden Retriever. He weighs about 80 lbs, which is a bit heavy, so he is on a diet. If you’re a fan of senior dogs, you’ll want to get ahold of your placement advisor right away, as Miguel is one fantastic boy in the right environment.

He came in to RAGOM from a loving family that has grown in the last several years with the addition of a toddler, a newborn, and another dog that were causing Miguel great anxiety. Unfortunately, the toddler fell on Miguel, and Miguel bit the child, but didn’t break the skin. In the best interest of the children and Miguel, it was decided that he would do better in a different situation.

Miguel has been living with me for just over a week and has been completely wonderful. He did pretty well on the 20-mile car ride; a bit of panting, but settled down the last few miles. On our first walk, he pulled quite a bit, and after that he's been walking very nicely on a standard leash. We walk twice a day between a mile and a mile and a half each time, and he loves it. Also on our first walk, he turned right back into my driveway on the way home - smart guy!

Miguel is generally quiet and only barks if someone comes to the door or if he hears another dog barking when he is in the backyard, and then only a single bark here and there. He gets excited to meet new people and will try to jump up on them, but settles quickly.

Miguel is crate trained and completely housebroken, and respects baby gates. I give him free roam for the full workday, and he hasn’t gotten into any trouble and doesn't seem to mind.

If you have an adult-only household, Miguel might just be the dog for you.


We’re into week two of Miguel living with me, and he continues to behave wonderfully. In spite of the sloppy, dreary weather and my battle with some MN “crudge” sickness, we’ve been walking every day and enjoying some fresh air. He has been doing a behavior that I’ve seen in Goldens before where he wants to carry something and will take hold of the leash and pull us both home - been trying to remember to bring a toy for him to carry instead!

We had a quick vet visit to get a microchip in him and two blood tests for older dogs that were missed for his first vetting; he received a clean bill of health. I gave out an erroneous weight of 80 lbs on my first post - he came in to RAGOM closer to 90 lbs, and at the vet, he weighed in at 85 lbs, so we’re making progress. Exercise, less food, and green beans will get us there. Miguel takes meds to help with his anxieties, and now that he is away from several triggers, the vet is having us slightly reduce his dosage.

If you like seniors and have older children and no other pets, Miguel would be perfect for you.


This is the 3rd week that Miguel has been living with me, and he’s still the same great dog as when he first moved in. He had an exciting walk mid-week when we rounded the corner of the path and saw a half dozen girls on the Nordic ski team from a local school taking a break from their training run, and one of them asked the magic question: “Can we pet your dog?” Miguel was thrilled as he went from girl to girl; rolled over for belly rubs and never jumped up on any of them; then, of course, he wanted to join the run and follow them back to school - sorry, you’re stuck with me for now!

Miguel seems to be unchanged since we reduced his dose of anxiety meds. He seems to be doing well except every few walks for reasons I can’t really place; he wants to either take a toy from me or grab the leash in his mouth and head straight home - no sniffing trees or hesitation, just a fast-paced walk home. This has happened ramdomly since he’s been here, not sure why. He loves going on walks and will lead me to the door with a big grin on his face, so it must be a trigger during the walk.

I realized that he hasn’t been in a car since I brought him home and I also thought a change in his walking route might be good, so on Saturday, we went to Lake Phalen and took the short path around the smaller lake, and he behaved wonderfully on the walk and in the car.

A couple other observations: he doesn’t counter-surf, he respects the baby gates, he is food motivated, he will let me touch all of his paws and even do a bit of trimming of his fur. To sum it up, he’s a really well-behaved dog that just needs the right family to thrive.



Miguel has now been living with me for a month and has been a great houseguest. He gets very excited to go for walks and hopped right in the car to go for a nice sunny walk around Lake Phalen. He does pant some in the car, but not sure if it’s excitement or anxiety - since he is always quick to load in, I’m going with excitement.

A few more tidbits of information on Miguel:

  • He is food motivated, but takes treats gently.
  • He knows “sit” and “stay.”

  • He has a high prey drive. He was very much interested in the ducks he saw today, along with squirrels and rabbits.

  • He likes to know where I am and will follow me around the house, and he likes to be petted.

We’re currently in the “market” for a wash-and-groom, so our next update may feature Miguel’s new look!


Happy Valentine's Day, Miguel! You are so precious!  From Jeanne H.  Happy Valentine's Day, Miguel! You are so precious! From Jeanne H.



Miguel would like to thank Jeanne H. for sending him a Valentine icon. He appreciates your generous support.

Who knew this boy loves to play? I brought him to the neighborhood park tennis court and threw the toy for him, and he loved it, brought it back for more tosses, and even just ran the court showing it off.

We stopped by the local vet office again this week for a courtesy weigh-in, and he’s down to 83 lbs now. We also had an appointment at the groomers for a cut and wash - the cut is holding up much better than the wash; all the melting snow and associated grime is hitching a ride home each walk. Not a problem as Miguel is very tolerant of having his paws and under carriage wiped off.

Miguel loves people and dogs and gets very excited to meet them - he’s been doing great with all the people we come across and has been nice to several dogs we’ve met.


Miguel continues to be a great houseguest, very quiet and with good manners. He has a very funny “voice” that he uses to get your attention - sounds a bit like a very soft train horn mixed with a slight whimper. He uses that or a bark at the back door to let you know when he needs to go outside - which isn’t often. Boy is like a camel; he won’t go out right away in the morning, either - not until he gets his breakfast!

Just a reminder about what Miguel is looking for in his forever home: No young children or other dogs - he had major anxiety from both of these, and even after his family spent a great deal of time, effort, and resources, Miguel was unable to be happy living with kids or other dogs. He seems to love meeting everyone and other dogs while on our walks, though.

Please let your placement advisor know if you can give him a kid- and dog-free home - you’ll be glad you did; the boy is equal parts sweet and handsome.


Miguel wants to meet you; there is a meet-and-greet this coming Saturday, March 11th, at the Shakopee Chuck and Don’s, and Miguel is planning on being there to soak up all of the attention.

We took advantage of the upper fifties on Sunday and took our longest walk - little over 2 miles and he had no problems going that far; our normal distance is around a mile, sometimes with a stop in the tennis courts for some fetch.



We had several new experiences last week to report on: A storm blew through here along with a very loud thunder boom, and Miguel gave a quick bark and then laid back down, seemingly not bothered too much; on Saturday, we went to a meet-and-greet, a very busy one with lots of dogs and people - Miguel was fantastic, tail wagging and wanting to meet everyone and every dog.

We’re still unsure on his car riding; he panted for the first couple of miles and when we got close to our destination, while the rest of the time he spent lying down or sitting and looking out the window. We’ll continue to get him out and monitor his behavior.

Did you miss seeing him at this meet-and-greet? No worries, there is another one coming up this Saturday, March 18th, from 11:00 to 1:00 in Ham Lake, for those of you that live in the Northern suburbs or like a road trip. We’ll be at Canine Crossing. Hope to see you there.


It was another busy weekend for Miguel; he had another fun meet-and-greet, this time at Canine Crossing in Ham Lake. He met several more dogs and people, and loved them all. After the event, we drove to the Forest Lake/Scandia area to meet 3 cats at another foster's home, and we’re happy to report that Miguel just gave them a quick, polite sniff and then went about his business!

Miguel handled all the driving around pretty well; did some panting and then settled down. All and all, we probably drove over seventy miles Saturday afternoon.

Please let your placement advisor know if you are interested in adopting Miguel.



Miguel is pretty well settled in at my house now and is doing well. Big news, maybe as much for me as for him: I taught him to “shake” this week! He is very food-motivated and smart, so training isn’t that difficult. We’ve had some rain, and he goes out in it without complaint.

Sunday found us at Lake Phalen again, and he seemed very interested in going into the water, but because it’s still very cold, I just let him dip his paws - pretty sure he wanted to go full in.

A few other observations: he doesn’t destroy his toys and is only a slight beggar - he will leave you alone to eat in peace after a few minutes.


People just love the senior dogs! Miguel attended the meet-and-greet at Chuck and Don’s in Edina this past weekend and was quickly surrounded by folks who wanted to see him. He had a great time meeting all the people and other dogs.

This week, Miguel has an appointment with a behavioral vet to discuss his anxieties now that he is away from the children and dog that were stressing him out. We hope to review his current pain and anxiety medications as well as determine what he needs in his forever home.

We would like to thank Copper Boy and Vern and Angie for supporting Miguel and RAGOM with the spring icons - THANKS!


We have several good things to report this week: one, he has finally gotten down to a good weight, and two, his checkup with the behavioral vet went very well.

We’ve been walking to the neighborhood vet for courtesy weekly weigh-ins, but this last week, I was a bit worried as it seemed like I had been a little generous with the treats, but nope, he is down to 78.5 lbs! I also found out that he likes the crunchy part of lettuce, which is perfect, because I don’t. We are now giving him a little more food each meal to keep him from dropping too much weight.

The behavioral vet was happy with how he is doing and informed us that he “stacks” stress, so that the more things that cause him anxiety, the worse he gets, so his forever home will need to be without younger children and other dogs the great majority of the time, and he will need to be constantly monitored in any encounters with children or dogs. She also said that after he has gotten settled in to his forever home, 2 months or so, he could have his anxiety meds slightly reduced.


Been a busy week for FD, so we apologize for the slightly delayed weekly update. We got good and wet walking in some of these spring showers; Miguel isn’t bothered and seems to like being toweled off, might be like getting a good scratching all over.

With the showers came a little bit of thunder, and Miguel showed no reaction to it, so that is good news. I also keep forgetting to report that he doesn’t seem to mind the vacuuming and scrubbing of the floors - he does move out of the way, but doesn’t bark or run.


Miguel really enjoys his daily walks, especially when it is light out. He still seems to get nervous in the early morning darkness, so we walk just far enough for him to do his “business” and then we head home, saving the longer walk for the afternoon.

He’s still looking nice and trim, so we didn’t get on the scale this week and we’ve been giving him a little more food and a few more treats to try and maintain his current weight without going too slim!


Suspicion confirmed! Miguel loves the water. We went to Lake Phalen, and after our walk, we headed to the swimming beach and he couldn’t get in fast enough.


Miguel found his forever home with a great family in the metro area. He will be enjoying walks on the local paths and summer weekends at their houseboat. Since Miguel just loves being around people, he will most certainly like that one of them works from home so he doesn't have to be alone very often.