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Stella 16-278
(Fostered in Iowa City, IA)

Happy Spring! Happy Spring Stella! From Kirk, Beth, and Goldie #13-252

Happy Spring! Keep taking good care of your sister Stella. Enjoy the spring! From Beth, Kirk, and Goldie #13-252.

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Please join us in welcoming Stella to the RAGOM life!  Stella is a vivacious girl, very outgoing and eager to meet people and other dogs.  She's a *very* big girl weighing in at 119 lbs when she entered RAGOM's care, but she's already dropped 2 pounds and we all know that's hard to pull off this time of year!  Stella is 8 years old and entered RAGOM with her sister Molly (16-277).  Stella has officially retired from the puppy business and is ready to be spayed after getting up to date on her vaccinations.


For such a big girl, Stella is extremely gentle, yet also very playful.  She has enjoyed running in our backyard and sniffing every corner of the yard with her sister Molly.  They are inseparable -- they are very attentive to each other, seem to have some special games and are an absolutely delightful pair.  Stella is the more outgoing of the two and although it's hard to picture, she's very bouncy.  Yep, bouncy.  She is a happy girl, eager to be petted and loves to chew on dog toys.  She's also partial to chewing on newspapers, so we've learned to keep those out of reach.  Stella does not have perfect house manners yet -- she's had a few accidents so we're watching her closely and being more diligent about getting her outside whenever she wakes up, after she eats, and when she's been playing.  She's had a lot of changes in her life - new home, new pack of dogs to live with, and new routines.  I'm confident she'll get this figured out but it's a work in progress right this minute.


Because Stella and Molly are so connected, we're looking for a very special home that is willing to welcome the two of them and keep them together.  We'll post more updates as we get to know these girls better -- they are such a joy to behold!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278c1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278c2.jpg

Stella has lost another pound! She is such a sweetie, has a healthy appetite but is very slow and gentle at mealtime.  She's not worried about other dogs at all, doesn't protect her toys or her food.  Her trip to the vet was good this week as well; here's what we know:
  • Stella is now microchipped
  • She's current on all her vaccinations
  • Her tests show that she has antibodies for Lyme disease and anaplasmosis but her bloodwork values are all within normal limits, so that's very good



We'll be calling shortly to make an appointment to get Stella spayed.  In the meantime, she's truly enjoying herself and has learned to jump on the couch.  She's a big girl, but she's got a lovely spirit and really enjoys herself.  Her sister Molly is a cuddler while Stella is a big girl who just wants to have fun!  When the two of them do play, they have some mighty fancy moves and tricky footwork.  It's great to watch them enjoy themselves!  And it's heartwarming to see how devoted they are to each other.  They're very special girls.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278d3.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278d4.jpg

Stella and I were both so excited to see the donation made in honor of Tonka 15-209TD -- what a wonderful thing!  It's great to have this kind of support, thank you so much!

Stella had a great week -- she lost 3 more pounds so she's down to 113 pounds!!  She's scheduled for her spay surgery this Thursday and we know that's not necessarily going to be an easy surgery for the vet to perform.  Stella is a big girl; she's on her way to becoming slim and trim but she's got a ways to go.  We're anxious to get the spay surgery behind her so we can be comfortable that her breeding days are behind her.


If you're reading this, you're probably also reading about Molly 16-277 , Stella's sister.  Molly is the quiet love bug and Stella is the bouncy, vivacious sister.  She is a big girl, I can't lie, but that does not stop her from enjoying life.  I've watched her considering how to climb a tree to chase birds, running in the yard to spy on a deer, and in all ways keeping up with our resident dogs.  She is very playful and has invented games with Molly that she is now playing with two of our resident dogs.  While these two sisters are very different, they are a fantastic pair.  You want a quiet lap dog, someone to share a story with?  That would be Molly.  Need someone to play with, go boldly outside with you in the cold temperatures?  That would be Stella.  They are devoted to each other and I can't imagine separating them.

Stella (left) and Molly

After Stella's surgery, we're going to start her on medication for anaplasmosis that should also address her Lyme disease and we'll continue watching her food intake so that she can keep up her successful effort to lose weight. 

Stay tuned!

Big week for our exuberant Stella -- she sailed through her spay surgery and is enjoying life with reckless abandon once again.  When we loaded her up in the car she was thrilled until she realized that Molly wasn't with her.  Our happy dog turned into worried dog.  We had Molly in the car with us when we went to pick Stella up so all was good.  Stella slept for hours and needed minimum pain meds.  What a trooper this big girl is. Her spay surgery was just in time as she was getting ready to come into heat.  We didn't get to weigh her but we're confident she continues to lose weight; we'll report on that next week.


She and Molly have earned full-house privileges now and sleep in the bedroom with all the rest of the dogs.  We had been keeping them separate but they are pretty reliable right now so we've welcomed them into the fold.  I have to admit that Stella's snoring makes me laugh -- she is just hysterical!  And loud!  But if you just say her name, she stops snoring at least for a while!


More info on Stella next week.  We're going to start her on some meds for her thyroid and other conditions.  I don't believe either of these are long term but we'll know more next week.  Thyroid medication is cheap and she's very trusting -- she'll eat anything you give her.  You know how it is when you're on a diet.  Things that normally aren't all that exciting look *very* different when your intake is a bit restricted!


Stella is truly enjoying life these days -- she's almost healed from her spay surgery and I've never seen a dog do so well.  And on top of that, she has now lost a total of 10 pounds and is down to 109 pounds -- she has a ways to go, but this weight loss really agrees with her.  When she first came into RAGOM, she had a large 'hump' of fat on her shoulders and I swear that 10 pounds has come from that spot almost entirely.  She is happy, eats well, *loves* to go for a ride, and enjoys everyone she meets.  We've started her on a course of antibiotics for her anaplasmosis and have also started her on a course of thyroid medication.  At this point, it's uncertain whether she'll need the thyroid medication long term and I believe the antibiotic is also rather short term.  The good news is that the thyroid medication is inexpensive if she does require it on an ongoing basis.  I'll let you know after we see the vet next time. 

I've included pictures from this week -- Stella and her sister are the sweetest girls! I know I'm repeating myself from previous updates, but if you have the right situation, please consider Stella and her sister Molly; they add so much to our household, I know they will do the same in yours!

Stella (left) and Molly (right) on their way to their weekly weigh-in at Tender Care

Stella shopping at our favorite local pet store, Leash on Life

Stella is the kind of dog that just makes you smile.  She and her sister Molly 16-277 both enjoy a good nap but Stella also enjoys play time and that's really fun to see.  As she loses weight (another pound this week!) she's more energetic and much more playful (between naps).  Right now the highlight of her week is going to the vet for her Friday morning weigh-in where everyone makes a big fuss over her.  With the weight she's lost, her face is starting to change shape and her chubby little cheeks are making way for a sleeker profile. We can't wait to see what she'll look like when she loses another 10 pounds; that should be phenomenal!

Here's a picture of the two sisters getting some attention from foster dad this morning.  Stella is the one in the back and Molly is the one in front.

Lovely girls!



In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!  In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!


Another pound lost!  Stella is looking good and getting slimmer and trimmer every day.  She spent a few days separated from her sister Molly and really wasn't her usual happy self except when it came to time to eat.  That girl is a happy eater for sure.  She has a *lot* of bounce in her step at meal time and shows some pretty fancy footwork on her way to her food dish.  Now that Molly is back home (Molly spent some time at the vet hospital this week) all is back to normal and the two girls are once again inseparable.  Where you find one, you find the other.  Seeing them together and happy just warms your heart.  Here are some pictures of lovely Stella from this week.  In both pictures, Stella is the one in the back.  As you can see, the sisters like to be together!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278i1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Stella16278i2.jpg


Stella is doing great on her diet -- she's dropped another full pound, and you can tell this weigh loss feels good to her. She is still loving her car rides as well as any snack you'll give her, but it's clear that her favorite time is with Molly. Last night, Molly was outside and somehow Stella missed that opportunity, so they were on opposite sides of the sliding glass door and Stella was trying to lick Molly's face. They were both doing power sniffing, trying to locate each other's scent. They are adorable. The other exciting thing that happened is that they were introduced to the vet's cat to see just how friendly they really are with a cat, and it turns out that cats just aren't that big of a deal to these sisters. The cat and dogs did some serious sniffing, and then the dogs turned to the closest people they could find for some petting and the cat jumped up on the copier. I think they're good with cats! I've included two pictures -- one where Stella is watching TV -- actually barking at animals on TV, and the other where she's playing with our youngest dog. Stella is twice as big as Winnie, but they are fast friends!


Happy Valentine's Day, Stella. From Beth, Kirk, and Goldie #13-252 Happy Valentine's Day, Stella. From Beth, Kirk, and Goldie #13-252



Stella is one of the happiest dogs we've met -- she is just perpetually joyful. For such a big girl, she is incredibly bouncy -- whether it's time to go outside, maybe go for a ride in the car, or enjoy a bowl of dog food, this girl bounces with joy. You just can't help but smile when you see how happy she is. Her sister Molly spent several days at the vet this week, and that did dampen Stella's spirits; you could see she missed her routine with Molly, but a ride in the car can do a lot to put a smile back on that dog's face! And how about this -- Stella is down to 105 -- she's lost 14 pounds since she joined our household back in December. Her only bad habit is snoring -- and I can't help but believe that losing a few more pounds will help that too!

If you've been reading Stella's story, you know that she and Molly are truly a bonded pair of sisters. And, unfortunately, right now Molly's health status is uncertain. While we learn more about Molly's health and work to keep her comfortable and happy, we are going to keep Stella and Molly with us. They are devoted to each other, and having Stella close by will keep Molly happy.

Please continue to check in on The Sisters.


The lovely Miss Stella had a busy week. As she continues to excel at weight loss (down to 103 pounds), she is much more agile and joining in with the rest of the pack. In the morning, our resident dogs all thunder out of the house first thing with the idea that they might get to see a deer or something on the other side of the fence. Stella now thunders along with them, although maybe not quite at the same speed. Still, if there's something exciting going on, she wants in on it. She is very engaged.

This week, we put out some antique metal dogs, maybe around a foot tall. We put them up on the bookcase and thought nothing more about them. Stella, however, could not take her eyes off them. She got up in the chair to get closer to the bookcase and was thrilled when we took the 3 dogs and put them on the floor so she could see that they really weren't all that interesting. That only worked for a few minutes - once they were back on the shelves, she did everything but go on point for them. They're the last thing she looks at before she goes to bed and the first thing she checks on after breakfast in the morning.

Stella's sister had a pretty good week, actually a very good week until this morning when she woke up sick. Stella moved into Big Sister mode and was on watch, staying close to sister Molly until Molly perked up after some medication kicked in. To see the relationship between these two sisters is really one of the most heart-warming experiences in all the time I've lived with dogs.

Here are some pictures of Stella from this week.



Stella is down to 101 pounds!  She has been such a good girl -- although she *really* wants to eat Molly's food, she has allowed me to distract her easily until Molly is done eating by just by talking to her and petting her.  I can't say enough great things about this girl.  She is loyal to her sister and takes good care of her.  She is continuing on her thyroid pills - one with each meal -- that she eats easily if I just put it in her food dish with her meal.  The pills are cheap.  It could be that as she continues to lose weight, we may adjust the dosage down.  Stella is looking so good, so trim, that occasionally I get the dogs confused if I'm just looking at their facial expressions.  Molly's weight loss has given her a waistline and a much sleeker profile altogether.  Here's a picture taken on the way home from their most recent weigh-in.  I'm really hoping that next Friday finds Stella under 100 -- that would be great although we'll celebrate anything!



Stella and her sister Molly have found a very special forever home - one that will be able to keep these two bonded sisters together and to help them both as Molly requires ongoing hospice care.  Molly's medical condition is uncertain but she is now experiencing cognitive decline along with hearing loss.  Stella, ever the diligent sister, watches over Molly and the two cannot be separated -- Stella counts on taking care of Molly and Molly now needs her sister to help her keep order in her world.  These sisters have been a joy to take care of and we are so pleased that they have landed in this experienced and loving home.  Thank you to all who helped these beautiful sisters.