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Molly 16-277
(Fostered in Iowa City, IA)

Happy Spring! Happy Spring to Molly! From Beth, Goldie and Kirk.

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Unavailable Required
Bonded with Stella 16-278
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


RAGOM is very pleased to welcome Molly into its care. Molly is 8 years old and a lovely, gentle girl - a bit reserved initially, but once she gets to know you, she opens up and welcomes you with that famous Golden Retriever nudge and a bit of a happy dance. Molly entered into RAGOM with her sister Stella and they are truly a bonded pair -- they are devoted to each other, play with each other, and eat side by side. Wherever one goes, the other quickly follows.

Molly has good house manners and quickly learned that in this house, it's OK to get on the couch, so she's on her way to becoming a lap dog -- a big lap dog -- but she is great to cuddle with when the wind is howling outside. Right now, we're treating her as we would any dog when we're uncertain about their signals about needing to go outside. We let her out whenever she wakes up, after she eats, and when she's been playing -- so far, so good! Molly had her last litter this fall, and we're planning to have her spayed in a few weeks, once she's had a chance to recover from her C-section. She is in good health and currently on medications to take care of an ear infection. She is extremely gentle -- eats slowly and takes treats very softly. She absolutely loves to be groomed - she would let me comb her for hours, I think. Last night, if I stopped grooming before she felt it was time, she would give me the nudge to spur me on.

We're really just getting to know Molly, but we know that she lived with young children, other dogs, and cats, too. She has done a great job meeting our pack of 5 dogs and is starting to play with our youngest dog, although her preference is to play with her sister.

Because Molly is so bonded to Stella, we will be looking for a special home that can welcome these two sisters and keep them together. The bond they have is strong, and we can't imagine separating them.

Molly will be returning to the vet for her microchip and shots this week, and we'll schedule her surgery once she's up to date on everything. In the meantime, she's enjoying herself and settling in nicely.


Molly had her follow-up appointment to the vet this week and she was a real trouper. Molly is now microchipped and current on her shots, and her ears are improving steadily. The vet wants to see her back in two weeks to make sure certain things are going well. She didn't lose any weight this week, so we're going to have to be more careful about what we're feeding her. She's such a good girl, eats very slowly and meticulously, and doesn't mind all the commotion around her as she eats. She shares toys readily and does not get protective about her food. She is seriously an easy dog to love. She's mastered the fine art of jumping on the couch and enjoys resting her head in your lap while you read or watch TV -- she's a great companion and seems to have figured out housetraining pretty easily. We still watch her closely, but she's not had any accidents since joining our household. Molly is going to continue to recover from her C-section and then we'll get her spayed. We'll keep you posted as to when that happens and how it goes. In the meantime, here are some pictures of Molly and one where she's playing with her sister Stella.


Thank you so much for the donation made in honor of Tonka -- that kind of support makes all the difference, both financially but also just knowing that Molly has a bit of a fan club is just wonderful! Thank you so much!

It's been a quiet but happy week for Molly. She is really enjoying her foster household and has made herself quite comfortable. Although I've yet to find her up on the sofa by herself, she doesn't think twice about climbing up (she doesn't jump, that would create too much of a stir) carefully and resting her head in my lap. Next thing you know, you've been petting her for quite some time and you both feel pretty good about it! She absolutely loves to be groomed, so that's something we do fairly often. She has a very thick coat right now, and it's either groom her or vacuum daily! I'm sure we'll get this thick coat under control shortly - it's already responded nicely to the combing. She's got pretty soft fur that's very lovely.

Molly has now lost two pounds. She's down to 69, and we think she probably has another 5 pounds to drop. We'll check with the vet when we take her in for what we expect to be her final ear check. We've been very diligent about her ear meds, and she loves the attention. I think she probably had this ear infection for a while, so it doesn't surprise me that it's taking a bit of attention to get it under control. We'll be booking her spay surgery in another few weeks; we're just giving her a bit more time to recover from her C-section this fall.

Molly is the most delicate eater -- some dogs just consume their food; Molly not so much. She needs to be reminded to eat, but then gets focused on the task and slowly and methodically cleans her bowl. She is a lovely girl. It's not unusual for me to walk into the room and find her carefully washing her sister Stella's face. The two of them are truly bonded.

The dark picture below is Molly on her way to her weekly weigh-in at the vet's. She loves going for a ride, and the vet and staff are so welcoming, Molly is a hard dog to resist!


Molly is such a love -- she's gentle and laid-back (most of the time!), content to sit on the floor by you or quietly and stealthily climb up on the couch to rest her head in your lap. While Stella is active and energetic, Molly is quiet. She is definitely not a morning dog and isn't always interested in bounding out of the house first thing before breakfast. In fact, sometimes she'd just as soon go back to bed and skip breakfast. Of course, she always counts on the fact that we give in and feed her a bit later.

Molly only lost 1/2 of a pound last week. She charmed the vet who has indicated that Molly's ears are now in good shape. Only requirement now is to keep them clean and watch her. We still find Stella occasionally washing Molly's face (and ears) and have reluctantly decided that should probably stop. Moist ears probably don't help the lovely Miss Molly keep ear infections at bay.

Here's a few pictures - this dog is such a sweetheart, I'm afraid my photography skills don't do her justice.


A big week coming up for Molly! She goes in to be spayed on Monday, bringing her years as a puppy mom to a close. We're confident that she'll do well with the surgery, but know that she won't be thrilled tomorrow morning when she can't have food or water. Molly is typically not all that excited about breakfast; she'd rather sleep in. But these last two days, she has woken up ready for her dog food and she's in for a bit of surprise.

Molly is making progress on her weight loss plan -- she's now lost a total of 4 pounds, bringing her down to 67 pounds. She's actually starting to develop a waistline -- and it looks good on her! One thing to know about Molly is that she takes grooming very seriously -- she absolutely loves it! She is a grooming queen. If you try to comb another dog, it only takes a few seconds before Molly nudges her way into the middle of things, and the next thing you know, you're grooming her all over again. She looks so lovely, and it must feel really good; hard to deny her something so easy to do!

Here are some pictures of the lovely Molly -- if you think Molly and Stella, her sister, are as lovely as we do, let us know!


Molly has got a new spring in her step -- her spay surgery was a success, and she's obviously feeling pretty good. Turns out she had an infection that is fairly common in older breeder girls, and she's about done with the medications for that -- all good! She has no problem taking pills if you hide them in a treat of some kind. She is very interested in food, so she does not question a treat for even a second. But in spite of all those extra treats to hide her pills, she's down another pound this week. We're going to give her a bath at the end of next week and get her nails trimmed, and she will be ready for whatever comes her way.

Molly and her sister Stella are soon to be ready for adoption. Molly will not be on any medications, although it will be good for her new family to watch her ears and clean them occasionally, something she really enjoys. She is a light eater; right now she eats a total of 2 cups of good-quality dog food a day, plus some occasional treats and green beans. She's not a big fan of the green beans, so those are really more of an occasional thing now. She's steadily (and slowly) losing weight on this diet -- we don't think she has a lot more to lose, maybe 4 pounds. We'll post better pictures next week; you can start to see her slim girlish figure emerging!


This week was a bit more exciting than the last. The good news is that Molly continues to lose weight: another pound this week. The not so great news is that she was extremely lethargic mid-week, and our instincts told us something was up. We ultimately took her to the emergency vet where she had a second surgery to clean up some infection from the first surgery. But this girl did so well! She's now back home on a careful course of antibiotics and doing well. She will go back to the vet in another week to have her staples removed, and then she should be fine. Right now, she's not allowed to play or climb on the furniture, so she's a bit restricted from some of her favorite activities, but her appetite is back to normal and that makes everyone happy. Here are some pictures of the two sisters. Molly would be the one in the cone...



Molly and Stella would like to thank Beth, Kirk, and Goldie for the Valentine's Day wishes. They appreciate your generous donations.

I can not help but repeat myself -- Molly is a lovely girl! She is healing nicely from her surgeries, and this week, we will return to the vet to have her staples removed and I think that's the end of that. She absolutely loves to go to the vet and has decided that she doesn't want to wait in the waiting room or even the exam room. She likes to go into the vet's work area in the back. She must enjoy her time at the vet, don't you think? Whether she's there because she's feeling punk, or maybe there for a toe nail trim, she is happy. This week, we took Molly and her sister Stella to the vet to see how they do with cats (the vet has a very tolerant cat), and both of the girls did great. Lots of sniffing, and then everyone went on about their business, no big deal.

No great success to report on the weight-loss front -- Molly didn't quite lose a full pound this week, but it might be from all the special treats we've been hiding her antibiotics in. Now that she's done with those meds, I bet she gets back on track. I've included two pictures - one where she's claimed the front seat in the car when she and Stella were headed to the vet, and the other picture shows Molly sitting while Stella stretches out -- both watching their foster dad shoveling snow this week. They made no offers to help.



Happy Valentine's Day, Molly. From Beth, Kirk, and Goldie #13-252 Happy Valentine's Day, Molly. From Beth, Kirk, and Goldie #13-252



Molly had a big week -- her temperature spiked again, and she spent time at the vet while more tests were run to determine what was going on. The test results are in, and right now, unfortunately, it looks like Molly may have some serious health concerns. Because of this, we're going to let her continue to live with us while we see what the future holds. While we don't know for certain, it appears that Molly might have lymphoma, and if that's the case, then we think she and her sister Stella should stay here with their friends, two-legged and four-legged, while we work with the vets to keep Molly comfortable and happy. We know Molly has a huge fan club and we're going to continue to share her story and pictures. Here are some great shots from this week. Right now, Molly is happy and energetic -- she is very interested in her food bowl and managed to drop a bit more weight; she's now at about 62 pounds and that's all good! She's enjoying the good weather and loves her daily naps in the sunshine in the kitchen. Stella keeps an eye on her and still washes her face. These two bonded sisters are incredibly special.


Molly had a pretty good week, actually darn good. She got to go for a ride in the car almost every day, got special treats, enjoyed time outside in the sun while Foster Dad did some yard work, and enjoyed (as she always does) her weekly weigh-in at the vet on Friday. So, Molly is now pretty much settled in at 63 pounds, and we're thinking that's a good weight for her. She's lost a total of 8 pounds, and it has given her a much slimmer figure than when she first came into our home. When she's feeling good, she is much more active than she was originally. She still has a very healthy appetite and if she misses a meal, it's typically not a good sign. This morning, she wasn't interested in breakfast and sure enough, she had spiked a temperature overnight. We gave her some medicine that our local vet had suggested, and her temperature has come down and she's enjoying the day. We don't know what the future has in store for Molly, but we are going to love her and make sure she enjoys herself. Why, she's pretty much a permanent fixture on the couch when there's someone there to help her get her last leg up. And although she's never the first of the 7 dogs out of the door to explore, she never misses the opportunity, even on a snowy day, to enjoy a walk outside and maybe bark at a deer. She can be quite impatient when she's feeling good and thinks it's time for a meal. But then so can I....

Here are some Molly pictures from this week. I love how she rested her head on the fence so she could watch Foster Dad! Smart girl!



This girl is really enjoying the change of seasons -- we've seen her running full blast in the backyard, hot on the trail of turkeys that landed inside the fence but were wise enough to fly off when they heard all the barking from the dogs in the house. Molly was in there with the best of them. We're also fostering two puppies right now, and Molly's maternal instincts kicked in strong when the puppies started to howl during their first night with us. She's glad to let them crawl all over her and doesn't get testy when they conspire to take her toys; she just takes it all in stride.

We think Molly is feeling pretty good right now and will be taking her back to the vet in a bit for another opinion as to what might be going on. We'll keep you posted.



Molly along with her sister Stella have been adopted by a family that is extremely happy to love them both and provide Molly with the hospice care that she requires and who can give her extra help as she has now started to lose her hearing and experience cognitive decline. In spite of that, Molly remains happy and enthused by her mealtime routine and seems to find joy in just being with her sister. Thank you to everyone who helped these girls find their home and to those who wished them well and helped take care of them. These girls are very special and given the unique needs of both girls, we are especially glad they could remain together.