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Abby 16-267
(Fostered in Ramsey, MN)

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"In memory of Buddy 14-009"


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
12/2/2016  Physical fence required
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


A big RAGOM welcome to Abby, a sweet 18-month-old pup who weighs in at about 50 lbs. She looks exactly like a Red Fox Retriever with her lovely deep red coat, although she is reported to have some Golden in her also. Most important - Abby is 100% darling!

Abby has a short-term challenge - a broken hind leg which was set with a fixator on November 21st.

She was surrendered to RAGOM because her family could not afford the vet bills involved. For the coming 8+ weeks, Abby needs special care. There will be vet visits for routine follow-up: X-rays, removing the fixator, and then, subsequently, removing the intramedullary pin currently in place. On a day-to-day basis, Abby's exercise and her use of the leg is severely restricted. Temporary Foster Mom (TFM) keeps Abby leashed at all times when we are outside, even though the back yard is fully fenced. No running! No jumping! No boisterous play with the residents! Inside, TFM has also done a bit of Abby-proofing. I caught her eyeing the couch speculatively yesterday (i.e., "Perhaps a comfortable spot for a snooze?") and promptly blocked her access to same.

Stairs are a critically important consideration in the next few months. TFM has a one-level home with three steps out to the back yard. Abby and TFM negotiate those steps together with Abby's hind quarters in a towel sling so that she puts NO weight on her leg either exiting or entering the house. Abby must be carried if a flight of stairs is involved. This sweetheart is a model patient. She eagerly takes her meds, with peanut butter, of course! She has already started to gingerly put a bit of weight on the leg. And TFM expects Abby to get a lot friskier quite soon. Holding her back may be our biggest challenge!

Other than her temporary disability, Abby is a close to a perfect puppy. For example, after a long transport day from ND to the Twin Cities - in a bus surrounded by a number of unfamiliar dogs - Abby arrived here last Saturday at midnight. She was composed and friendly. She met the resident pack happily. We then all went to bed - Abby in her crate - and slept late the following morning. Pretty good for being in unfamiliar surroundings with no one that you know, isn't it! And, now, less than a week later, she is already snuggling with the residents!

Other fun facts about Abby are that she:

  • has settled into our routine seamlessly;
  • is housebroken. No accidents to date;
  • has been around one- and four-year-olds, as reported by the surrendering owner (SO), and loves children. Abby travels to her Permanent Foster Mom on 12/9 and, with a 5-year-old in her home - I'm sure you'll get further updates;
  • walks calmly on a leash;
  • loves to cuddle and actively seeks out hugs and pats. Abby is totally content just to be with me;
  • rides nicely in the car;
  • knows some commands, i.e., "sit," "down," and so forth. We're learning a few new ones also. "EASY" is a very important one, as in "EASY - Do not pull me down the steps as I'm supporting your hindquarters";
  • will run like the wind if she gets loose, per the SO. She needs a fully fenced yard or a Forever Home that will unfailingly use a leash/tie-out.
  • is crate trained.

And, lastly, Abby is already getting in the Holiday spirit. She has started to audition our collection of ears, albeit with mixed success:

PLEASE NOTE: Abby is temporarily unavailable because we want to monitor her recovery, which we fully expect will continue to proceed smoothly. Also, because she's on some meds just now, you might not fully appreciate what an energetic and active puppy she usually is! We hope to change her status to "Adopt Me" in early January, after X-rays and the removal of the fixator. At that time, if you are potentially interested in providing Abby with her Forever Home, please let us know.


Sweet Abby has moved to her foster home in Iowa! She has made the move with ease and quickly settled in to our home and routine. We just love her! She enjoys attention and getting pets, and also enjoys sleeping on her comfy dog bed.

Abby does have an infection around the pins of her external fixator. The good news is that it is not a bone infection. X-rays were taken, and we are waiting to hear back from the ortho surgeon about her healing. We are doing daily cleaning and bandage changes, along with antibiotics, to get the infection under control. Abby is very good for all of this and loves any attention she gets. She is still on strict rest, which she handles better than most dogs her age! While at the vet, she had a fecal done (negative for intestinal parasites!) and her bordetella vaccination. Next visit, we will microchip her and do a heartworm test, and her basic vetting will be done. Then we just have a recheck X-ray in January and we will remove the fixator at that time. Depending on how well she heals, she may not need to have the pin removed, according to the ortho vet she saw this week.

Abby has gotten along with all of the dogs in her foster home (ages 2-12, male and female), ignores our cats, and does great with our kids, ages 8 and 12. She really is a great all-around dog! Her vet paperwork says that she is 1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Lab. She does have some feathering on her tail and is soft like a Golden. She is crate trained and does not eat her bed in her kennel. She sleeps through the night and has not had any accidents since arriving. Abby loves Nylabones and holding a stuffed toy in her mouth.

Although she can't officially be adopted until after she is medically cleared (likely in January), we can still talk to interested families! Don't miss out on this adorable, sweet, loving, energetic young girl! Contact your placement advisor today!


Happy New Year from Abby! She arrived at our home on Thursday, December 30th, just in time to ring in 2017.

Beautiful Abby has settled in to our home wonderfully. She is now living with another RAGOM dog, named Buddy, who is the same age. These two live in peace, share their toys, and show no resource guarding - two peas in a pod. Both are very laid-back for their age, which helps with keeping Abby calm and not overworking her pinned leg. If not for her leg injury and needing to keep at ease, there is no doubt she would have free roam 24/7.

We have had to gate off our second floor so Abby does not attempt the flight of stairs. If given the chance, she would definitely go up on her own. We carry her up at bedtime and down in the morning. She is able to sleep in the bedroom outside the crate as she lays down and shuts her eyes for the night. She is crated during the day while we are gone at work and school. Her human sister comes home for lunch and lets her out for potty break.

Abby has had no potty accidents and does not counter-surf or bother inappropriate items. She loves her dog toys and keeps herself entertained while lounging about. She lets Foster Mom change her bandage and clean her pins with no objection. She is a wonderful patient!

You may notice that we have changed her needs - physical fence required. After observing Abby the last week and a half, we feel that if given the opportunity, she would love to explore the world. While outdoors, she has selective hearing and is very curious about things going on outside the fence. For her safety, a physical fence will be a necessity.

Abby will be seeing the vet in the near future to assess her leg. Hopefully she can have her gadget removed very soon.

Thank you for checking in!


Hello, pretty girl. I hope this helps you get better fast. Hugs, Mama P.  Hello, pretty girl. I hope this helps you get better fast. Hugs, Mama P.


Abby has been adopted and is on her way home.