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Ginger 16-261
(Fostered in Inver Grove Heights, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
3/9/17 Physical fence required
 12+ Optional
 Not tested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Ginger is a 4 month old Golden Retriever whose date of birth is July 26, 2016. Ginger was tearfully surrendered to RAGOM by her loving family. She is up to date on all shots and has a clean bill of health except for one small thing. Her right front leg is not growing at the same rate as her left front leg. This is causing her some discomfort and she will need some help to fix this problem. She will be seeing a specialist in the near future to see if there is something that can be done. While we wait for some answers Ginger will not be available for adoption. 

Ginger is a happy puppy that likes to play! She is loving my resident dogs. She would play all day if we let her.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261c3.jpg               /pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261c3.jpg

She is smart and is a quick learner. She is letting us know when she needs to go outside and take care of her business. No accidents in the house and is keeping her crate clean. She knows how to sit when asked and will offer her paw for a shake. We are working on the down and off. Those are a work in progress. She is very treat motivated - that helps a lot with training.

While we wait for some answers on her medical condition we want to socialize her and let her meet people and dogs. She will be helping me with the Holiday Sale and joining the other RAGOM dogs at a meet and greet this Saturday at the RAGOM Office. Come out, shop and meet Ginger and some of the other RAGOM dogs that are up for adoption. 

Event Details

Saturday December 3rd
Holiday Warehouse sale 10am - 2pm
Saturday December 3rd
Meet and Greet 12pm - 2pm
Location RAGOM Office
5800 Baker Road
Minnetonka, MN

/pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261c1.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261c4.jpg


Just wanted to give a quick update on Ginger - she saw our surgeon on Monday . She had x-rays and her growth plates are still open so we are going to just wait and watch her for the next two weeks and then redo the x-rays. We will be able to get some good measurements on how the bones are growing. It will also tell us which bones are growing faster and which ones are slower.

Ginger would like to thank her generous donor for the star icon given in memory of Corky. She feels very special knowing RAGOM has such wonderful supporters of our dogs in need!

While we wait for more x-rays, Ginger continues to be a wonderful puppy! She went with me to the RAGOM Holiday Sale and had a visit with Santa! Her Christmas wish is to get the answers her doctor needs to help her medically and then find her forever family.



Ginger and I would like to thank the Chaudior family for the winter icon! Her page is looking so festive!

Ginger is enjoying all the snow we got this weekend! She did lots of running, jumping and wrestling with her foster siblings.


Ginger and I attended the RAGOM Holiday party on Sunday. She had a lot of fun and enjoyed playing with the other dogs that were there. Ginger does get car sick when we go for longer rides in the car. If I know we will be going for a long ride I don't feed her before we go. That does help sometimes. She did get car sick on the way to the party. She made it home without getting sick.
Ginger is doing well, she is a smart girl and learns quickly. She is house trained, she will sit nicely when asked and takes treats very gently. She will offer her paw for a shake. She also knows lay down and get in your bed. Her attention span is very short so now we are working on stay and wait. Those two are hard for such a young pup.

So far I have learned two bad behaviors that Ginger has. The first is she will put her paws up on the counter. It is more to see what I am doing, but if there is something good up there she will take it. 

The second thing is she will put her paws in the water bowl and start digging in it. Yes, water goes flying everywhere. I think she is telling me she wants to be a water dog. So now we are giving her a very small water dish and only putting a small amount of water in it. When she drinks it up we add a little more water. This seems to help with that problem. Hopefully she will grow out of this behavior! 

Ginger has an appointment next Monday, December 19th to get her next set of x-rays. Hopefully we will get a better idea of what she is going to need medically. Once I know what she needs and I have a better idea of a time frame, we will start looking for her forever family.


Hope you all had a good New Year! Ginger spent her new year at her new friend's house. Robbie and his family took Ginger for the long weekend. Her foster family went to the cabin for the weekend, which is a 4 hour drive. That is a long time for Ginger to be in the car. She does suffer from car sickness and that would have been too long for her to travel with out getting sick multiple times. She traveled to Lakeville for her weekend getaway, a 25 minute drive and did get sick on that drive. I am hoping she outgrows this. 

She had a great time with her new friend. She was so worn out from her weekend that she slept the day away on Monday after I picked her up. Ginger was the perfect house guest, getting along with the dogs and children on her weekend getaway.


Ginger had her set of x-rays done and they did not show enough change to see what is going on with her leg, so we are going to repeat the x-rays again in 4 weeks . Hopefully the longer time between the x-rays will give us a better idea about what is going on. Those x-rays will take place on Monday, January 16th. So far, she is doing great with that leg. She is using it and plays fine with the resident dogs. She does not seem to be in any pain.


She is a wonderful puppy that is full of energy. She is learning to play fetch and is getting good at it. She is house trained, crate trained, knows how to sit, knows down and is getting good at wait! I will be sad when it is time for her to go to her forever home. She is such a sweetheart!

A big thank you to the G family and Robbie for taking such good care of Ginger over the weekend!


Ginger wanted to send a quick update and show off her belly band! She was spayed yesterday and wants to do a bit of licking. The band is just enough of a deterrent to keep her from licking.


She is doing well and we are looking forward to Monday when she gets her next set of x-rays. We are hoping for some positive news.

We will update again soon!


Ginger is doing great! She had her x-ray done on Monday . We just heard back from the specialist. She would like us to keep watching her as she grows and repeat the x-ray in six weeks . So far Ginger is using her leg and is not in any pain. We will follow the doctor's orders and repeat the x-ray at the end of February.

She did have her spay surgery last week. Things with that surgery went as expected. She is all healed up and her restricted play ended today! I can't tell you how happy we are that she is allowed to play with the other dogs in our home. Ten days of keeping a puppy calm is almost impossible but we managed. We are very happy that is behind us.

This weekend we traveled to our lake home and we did bring Ginger along this time. We treated her with some Dramamine. That helped with her car sickness. She did not get sick on the way. We will treat her again on the way home and see how she does.

She loved running in the woods and helping us clear the ice off of the deck. Ice is one of her favorite things to chew on!


Her other favorite thing is her lion! She sleeps with it and carries it around with her during the day.


She is a sweet dog and we are lucky to have her in our home for as long as it takes to clear her medically. Check back soon for more updates on Ginger.


Merry Christmas Ginger! And a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ In Memory of Corky  Merry Christmas Ginger! And a Happy and Healthy New Year ~ In Memory of Corky


Happy Holidays, Ginger, from the Chaudiors!  Happy Holidays, Ginger, from the Chaudiors!



Ginger is doing great! She is getting so big.  She loves paying with her foster sister. We took her to the lake and had a very successful ride, no car sickness! Dramamine is our new best friend. When we take short rides we do not give it to her. I am hoping she will build up a tolerance for the car.

Ginger went with me to a dog Birthday Party, she had so much fun. There were a lot of dogs at the party (29). She played nicely with all of them!

I will update again soon, her next x-ray will be on February 27th.

We would like to thank Corky's family and the Chaudiou family for the holiday icons!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261i1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261i2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Ginger16261i3.jpg


We want to do a quick update! Sorry for the delay - we were hoping to have some new information from Ginger's specialist about her leg. She had her X-ray last Monday but we have not heard back from her doctor yet. As soon as we hear something we will update again.

Ginger is doing great and continues to grow! She had a get together with seven Golden Doodles the weekend to celebrate their first birthday. She had a lot of fun.

That is her tail on the left and they were all chasing her!

Ginger loves playing with all the dogs in her foster home. She also likes to climb up on the sofa and snuggle up! She is the one in the middle.


We heard back from Ginger's doctor today! All good news for this sweet girl. She is continuing to grow and things are looking good! Ginger has been cleared and will need no further monitoring. She is now available for adoption.

Ginger is on the left - she is almost as big as her six year old foster sister

If you would like to meet Ginger, she will be at Chuck & Don's in Shakopee on Saturday, March 11th.




Ginger has found her forever home! She is going to be one spoiled girl and it's well deserved. Her new mom is a previous RAGOM adopter who only wants the best for her kids. We know she will be in good hands with her new mom! Ginger will have a fur brother, Beau, to play with. She will love that! We are going to miss this sweet girl.

One last snuggle with her foster sister before Ginger will be heading off to her new home

Congratulations to Melody and Ginger!