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Rest in Peace

Marley 16-258
(Fostered in Center Point, IA)

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Happy Spring! Happy Spring, Marley! From Anonymous

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 2/24/2017  Physical fence required Ages 16+
 Playful dog preferred Work in progress
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Let me introduce name is Marley, but do not worry, I am not a wild and crazy guy. I am 7 years old and I am pretty laid back. When I arrived here in this really nice home I was introduced to a really nice pupper, then there was another one that I met, and another one, and then another one. I ran around with the little one and we really had fun and then one of the other puppers joined us and we stopped and played and played. We finally went inside because foster mom was really cold but it was really nice that she let us play as long as we did. I got to meet these really small four legged furry things that I had not met before and I was really curious about them and wanted to play with them, but I was told in no uncertain terms that we do NOT chase the kitties. Boy, do I not like being told "NO!" I am learning to not pay any attention to them but at times I am still a little curious. Foster mom thinks that I will be okay with those kitties in time. A few days after I got here I went and visited the good doctor. I like riding in the car but beware.....I will end up in the front seat if I have my choice.. Even though I had not been to a good doctor in quite some time he gave me a very good bill of health. I do have a cyst on my back but the doc said that it was nothing to worry about, that it was like a fatty cyst. He said that at some point it might break open and it may never do that. I weighed in at 71 lbs and the good doctor told foster mom that my ideal weight would be 65 lbs. So I have a little work for my svelte body. 

Now, pardon the pun here (hehe), but I have a bone to pick with someone. I heard mom and the good doctor talking something about getting me fixed. Well, no one told me that I was broken so I didn't know why I had to be fixed. I have always heard that if it is not broken, don't fix it. A few days after I went to see the good doctor I went to see another good doctor and maybe I was broken because she fixed me. I was kind of groggy and slow for a couple of days but I am much better now. Foster mom said not to worry because it was better this way and that hopefully after time I would stop doing that hump thing. We'll see if you can teach an old dog new tricks :) But there was a good thing out of this. I weighed 70 lbs so I have already lost 1 lb toward that svelte body.


I do pull on a leash. Or I did when I went to see the two good doctors. Foster mom does not know how I do on a walk as we have not taken one. We are out in the country and we have had that winter white stuff on the ground. Plus I have this big fenced yard that is really nice that I can run and run in. 

I should not be around any little children as they make me nervous. If the situation arises that I am ever around them then I need to be watched constantly. Older kids will be fine as long as they know that I do not like my back end messed with and they would know to leave it alone.


I love attention, pets, and lovin'. I am often found close to foster mom or foster dad. Foster mom thinks I would be okay as an only dog, but I would really like another dog that I can play with. I love to play with two of the residents dogs. It would be pretty boring to not have anyone to play with. I love having the fenced yard that I can run and run in. Foster mom thinks that I would do just fine with an invisible fence. I also really like to chase and catch balls, but what do you mean I have to bring it back to you??? 

I sit really really nice for treats and take them very gentle. You almost have to put them in my mouth. Right away I would sit when foster mom put my food down and I wait until she tells me I can eat. I am not a barker per say but will bark at odd/strange noises.  I am house trained. If I need to go out I will sit by the door and cry. I am not used to being crated but not knowing what I would do during the night foster mom put my big cushy bed in the crate and I stayed in there all night with no problem. I slept in the crate for three nights and I was crated a couple of days during the day when foster mom had to be gone. It did not take long at all and I graduated to not having to be in the crate with the door closed. I am okay having free roam. So now foster mom just leaves the door open and I like to just lay or sleep in the crate. It is my comfy place to be.


If you think I would fit into your family and would like to meet me, please let your Placement advisor know so we can get the process going as I would love to meet you, too.

It's me again to tell you how I have been doing. Since I do not like my back end touched/messed with I was back to the good doctor to have him check out my back end to see if I am hurting for some reason. He said that my range of motion back there was really good and I was not in any pain. So we do not know why I do not like my back end touched/messed with and hopefully we can figure that out. So I am temporarily unavailable for adoption until this is figured out. I am really the  sweetest boy but to be safe for everyone concerned we need to get my hiney thing figured out. Good news though.....I have lost 3 lbs. towards my svelte body!!!!!!! Only 3 more lbs. to go.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Marley16258d1.jpg     /pictures/Pictures2016/Marley16258d2.jpg

We are still working on the kitty thing. I have done really well with that. I am able to be around these furry little things with no problem, but there are still times that I think that I need to chase them. Foster mom thinks I am just wanting to play with them, but when I do that it is still: "NO, we do not chase the kitties." When I am told "no" for anything I hang my head and go right to the crate and put myself in time out. I know when I have done something wrong, but sometimes a boy just cannot help himself. (heh heh)


I love playing in the snow and rolling around in it as you can see from the pictures. If you are interested in lots of lovin' please keep checking me out and I will keep you informed on my hiney thing to know when I can be adopted. Thanks you so much for your patience.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Marley16258d4.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Marley16258d5.jpg


In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM! In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!



Time to tell you how I have been doing. I am coming along really well with my hinny that I do not like touched. Foster Mom took me again to see the good doctor and have it checked out. X-rays were taken, but the good doctor saw nothing wrong with my back end. Without knowing what has really happened to me, we are now thinking that this could be behavioral. I had a behavioral evaluation. The gait in my back right leg is off, hence the X-ray. But when nothing was found to be wrong, the good doctor said that just like you humans, some have a funny gait.

Foster Mom is working with me getting used to having my back end touched. It has been a slow process, but is coming along well.

I have been going to obedience training and I am doing very well. For being 7 years old, my energy is high, and whatever furever home I go into, you have got to get me into agility and/or fly ball. If you are not willing to do that and put that time in, then I am not the pupper for you. I would make a wonderful running partner. The dog park is not the place for me to go as my primary means of exercise.

I need to go to a furever home with no children in the home or where the children are 16 or older and very dog savvy. I CANNOT go to a furever home where there are small children in the home, or visiting children, or if you are planning on having children, as I get anxious around them.

I would really like another dog in my furever home that likes to play. I love to play with two of the resident dogs here. We have so much fun. I leave the other two alone, as they do not play at all.

I am really a very loving boy with lots of love to give. I love riding in the car and going for walks. If you are willing to work with me with agility and/or fly ball, then I am the pupper for you. Please consider talking to Foster Mom about me. I would love to meet you.

I really love my balls.

It did not snow much, but enough for me to root  my nose in it.

Here I am with one of my play buddies.

Resting after some time of chewing on the chew toys.

I love taking toys out of the toy basket. Guess I got caught.

I need to tell you what has been going on with me, but first I must apologize for not recognizing this earlier. I want to say thank you, thank you to the family who donated the mitten icon in honor of their boy Tonka (15-209TD) and his first Christmas with them. Your donation really helps us RAGOM puppers and we really appreciate it. Also a big thank you to "Anonymous" for your donation of a carrot icon and my Happy Spring wishes. Again, it is very much appreciated as it really helps us. Thank you, thank you, thank you to both of you for the donation icons. If I could, I would give you big slobbery kisses and even let you scritch my ears.

Well, things have been happening here in my wonderful foster home. First off, I am down to a svelte 64 lbs!!!!!! I'm looking pretty dapper.


I went through a beginning obedience class and I passed with flying colors (check out my pictures). Right now I am going through an agility 1 class. I am doing really well at that also, once foster mom can get me focused. Where we go for agility there are lots and lots of different smells and I just must check them all out. It has been good for me, as I really need a job to do. My new furever family will need to be diligent and committed to finding me a job, be it agility, flyball, dock diving, K9 frisbee/disc dog, nosework, obedience trials, rally trials, catchball, or treibball, just to name a few. There is a lot to choose from to find a job for me. I would also be a good running partner.

I sit until I am told that I can eat

I was told "down"

I was told "leave it"

Foster mom has been working with me on my hind end issue. I am getting better on letting her pet me on my back end. Also I am getting better on letting her brush me as long as she is really gentle.

I am doing well leaving the cats alone.  Also, foster mom and foster dad had company for four days and they brought their little dog, Zoe, and we got along really well. The company just loved me and I got a lot of pets and scritches.

I know that my furever home is out there, so if you think that it is your home, please let RAGOM know. I have lots of love to give.

I am a real softy when someone pays attention to me

This is the first and only time I have gotten on the furniture. Foster mom is not sure why I don't get up there more often, because I enjoyed it!





I am deeply saddened to report that Marley was sent to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Marley came into RAGOM with a history of biting, and based on our experiences with him over a six month period in his foster home, we determined that he could not be safely adopted due to this behavior. He just had some demons that we could not take care of/fix. This is not at all what we want to happen with dogs in foster care, but with his demons that were beyond our control, it had to be. I will certainly have the memories of the good times we had together as he could be the sweetest boy ever. With a heavy heart I have to tell you this, but there were good memories in the 6 months we had him. He is now free.