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Bella 16-252
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

Happy Spring!  Happy Spring, Bella! From Anonymous


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
11/16/2016  Required Physical Only  10+  Required  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Welcome Bella 16-252 to RAGOM.

Bella was a stray from northern Minnesota who was rescued by the Retrievers. She very likely came from a puppy mill and has had at least one litter of puppies. Her behaviors are very consistent with puppy mill dogs. She is quite skittish and startles easily. Bella is uncomfortable with new people and startles easily with strange or loud noises. But she has come so far in the almost 2 weeks I have had her. After finding a safe spot in the house and checking out resident dog, Willow, she started to settle into our routine. A couple of accidents in the first few days, but she is completely housebroken now and lets you know when she needs to go out. Although she probably had not been on a leash, every day she is doing better walking with a Gentle Walker harness. Bella does not tolerate being in a kennel, so we don't do it. She is fine with free roam and not destructive. She has no separation anxiety.

The vet thinks Bella is 5-6 years old. She is at a good weight for her of 60 pounds. All of her vaccinations have been given and the only thing we're dealing with are infected ears. They have cleared up nicely with treatment. Bella needs to be spayed yet and she is scheduled for that in a couple of weeks.

More to come about this sweet girl as we get to know her. If You think Bella would be the right addition to your home, let you placement advisor know. She has become quite the love and will give so much love in return.

Bella spent a few days being doggy sat with another RAGOM boy, Mitchell 15-155, and showed off her adorable butt wiggles and bravery.   She found a safe corner in the family room and set boundaries with our resident dog.  Mitchell respected her safe zone, and they both did great.  She ate happily, was perfectly house broken, and walked a little ziggy with minimal pulling on her halter.  

We noticed that she was very nervous about quick movements above her head.  In particular, she would startle very badly when the shadows from the bed posts danced on the bedroom ceiling.  Surprisingly, she did fine walking outside with a flashlight for her late night potty.  

Bella adores being groomed, and allowed me to comb her silky fur and clean her ears.  She has a little spot, just below the center of her chest near the tummy, that gets her rear leg going like she's trying to start a motorcycle.  The television is challenging, so we've streamed "The IT Crowd" and avoided anything with action/violence. After a few days, she's an absolute professional about going through all our doorways - including pocket doors, screen doors and folding doors.  

Once she felt comfortable, she enjoyed emptying the toy basket.  She can mouth a little bit when very excited, and redirects nicely to a chew toy.  Bella very much enjoyed being half a lap dog, as she could only drape her front half of her body on my lap.

She's been having a blast going on walks: smelling mailboxes, inspecting garbage bins, and sniffing every bit of pee-mail she could find. On her last day at doggy sitting, Mitchell and Bella actually played in the front yard!  Mitchell play bowed and growly talked to get Bella into the zoomies.  This is the fastest our RD has ever warmed up to any foster, so there were lots of treats after their play session.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Bella16252c1.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2016/Bella16252c1.jpg


Bella continues to thrive in foster care. She loves the snow and enjoys walking even in the cold weather. The walking has gotten better, but she still needs to smell most anything there is to smell. Kind of putzes along the way but she loves it. Resident dog, Willow, has been teaching her the benefits of eating the snow.

Bella was recently cat tested and really didn't seem too interested in the cat. She looked at him, but didn't make any moves to investigate this creature any more than that. She meets new dogs slowly but seems to do all right once she's decided it's ok. Bella still has a hard time meeting people, especially when we're out walking. When someone new comes in the house, she'll go to her safe spot, under the table, until she feels more comfortable with the person. She is never aggressive, rather timid and meek. She still startles very easily at any noise or sudden movement.

Bella is just about as sweet as they come. She will give love and just wants it back.
If you think Bella would be a good fit for your home, let your placement advisor know.


Merry Christmas beautiful girl! Love from Gary and Debby Demee and our RAGOM golden Kassie who is hoping for a big sister from RAGOM!  Merry Christmas beautiful girl! Love from Gary and Debby Demee and our RAGOM golden Kassie who is hoping for a big sister from RAGOM!


Update from Dog sitter:

Bella is a SWEET dog! She really surprised me. I have owned a breeder dog in the past and expected her to be very timid and afraid of everything, but to my surprise she is not!

She approaches people with caution, but once she has met them is comfortable around them.

She is food motivated and takes treats from your hand. (needs a little work on taking them a bit more gently)

She likes dog beds and is comfortable laying wherever her dog bed is. (as opposed to hiding)

She did not know how to do stairs when she got here, but then I had the RD and neighbor dog go up and down a few times to show her and she got it right away.

She goes thru the door without any issue.

Sounds can startle her – She was outside on the deck waiting to come in and she was not looking at me when I opened the door and the sound it made scared her and she ran faster than any dog I have ever seen! It literally took her maybe 2 seconds to get to the back corner of the yard! She will need either a fenced yard or someone will need to walk her out on a leash (not sure how she would do on a tie-out). The more time she spends at my house the less new sounds scare her. She was not afraid of the broom and while she was apprehensive of the vaccum she wanted to approach it and check it out.

She will play with my dog, but only on her time frame. It seems like just once a day, and it could be wrestling and chewing on each other a little in the house or it could be playing chase outside. She does not play fetch, but is curious about the balls and the Frisbees. She does seem to take queues from the other dogs, so she may eventually learn to play fetch.

The first day we took her for a walk I used the easy walk harness, but the other dogs like to walk ahead of us and she wanted to walk next to them, so I switched to using the martingale collar and she was fine. The third day we walked I did notice she was pulling a little, not bad, but it seemed to be bothering her throat when she pulled. I tried a different harness that allows the leash to attach in back and that seemed to be perfect for her.

She is completely house broken and did not have a single accident in my house.

She does not counter surf and did not get in the garbage. I am not sure if she begs or not as my dog is a beggar and she likes to follow him. If I had food and did not give her any she was fine with laying down.

I gave both dogs bones to chew on in the yard and they laid out there for a good hour. She likes to chew and found the antler and Nyla bones and other chew toys in the basket. She did not chew anything inappropriate at my house, so I think as long as she is provided items to chew on she would be fine. She does like to carry things around occasionally, but will give them up without any issue.

She does eat extremely fast. I tried a few different things to slow her down. In the end I used a casserole dish to feed her. It seemed like the food was more spread out and it slipped around a little so she could not eat it quite as fast. I also reserved some of her food and then put in a puzzle toy for her. She likes puzzle toys. This particular toy is kind of like a hollow ball. It has a face on it and is open where the mouth is. I put some of her dog food in the mouth and then let her roll it around the house to get the pieces out.

She showed no signs of resource guarding with food or toys, however she did a little ‘low-key’ growling at herself! She was very close to the fireplace and could see her reflection in the glass and did some growling! It was pretty funny because I could see her reflection and she was wrinkling her nose! Her foster told me she had seen her do this. She also did a little ‘low-key’ growl when my dog approached her dog bed, this happened when she was laying on it and also once when she was not laying on it. She was able to lay on the dog bed with another dog laying right next to it and they were touching and she was fine. When she did growl, I told her “No” or ‘stop it’ and she immediately stopped and came to me with wagging tail for pets and loving. I am thinking maybe she just needs a little time to know that the dog bed is hers and no one else will use it. She laid on the dog bed wherever I put it and never tried to lay the RD dog bed. She also laid on the rug in the dining room. She was your basic Golden in that she followed me from room to room and wanted to be where I was. She was not completely a Velcro dog though. She would lay on the dog bed in the living room while I was in the kitchen, or even upstairs cleaning. (this was after she had come up to check on me of course.)

She quickly got used to doing a ‘sit’ when she came in the house and was fine with me wiping her feet after our walks and playing out in the swampy backyard. She did bark at the garbage truck this morning, maybe 3 barks. That is the first time I have heard her bark. She did perk up at a squirrel in the backyard this morning. I remember she did when we were walking the other day also, she did not try to go for it, but her ears went up and she was watching it.

Bella enjoys being outside and wondering around the yard. When I went out to pick up the yard she thought she would be helpful and wanted to pick up any of the 'poopsicles' I missed.

Bottom line: Bella exhibits confidence that you would not expect to see in a breeder dog. She seeks out attention and loves her people. She seems to have a few minor traits to overcome, but when she finds her furever home, I am sure she will blossom and her family will experience how heart warming it is to watch her transform into a family pet who will get to live the Golden Life for the rest of her years.


Happy Valentines Day, beautiful Bella. I hope you find your forever family soon. From Karen L. Happy Valentines Day, beautiful Bella. I hope you find your forever family soon. From Karen L.



Bella has been adopted into the S family and will enjoy her new life with lots of outdoor activities and meeting new friends.

Congratulations Bella!