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Bea 16-247
(Fostered in Fargo, ND)

Sponsored by:

Louise Dobbe
"In honor of Gretchen, Aunt Bea's wonderful foster mom"


Happy Spring!  Oh Ms Aunt Bea, such a doll. I have not met you physically but I love you! Happy Spring girl! From Frederick Trucker


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence preferred
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Greetings, RAGOM fans, from Bea! Bea is about the sweetest little gal we have ever met! She was rescued from a pound by a Good Samaritan that found her a place in the RAGOM family. Her age is unknown, but we will guess about 10 years old. She still has spunk, goes up and down the stairs like a pro, and doesn't seem to have any arthritis. She weighed in at 52 lbs at her recent vet visit. Her doctor said her weight looks good and she could gain just a few pounds.

Bea resides with a very young male Golden. They enjoy free roam 24/7. We have not tried nor needed to crate her. Both dogs are very laid-back and just mind their own business. She would most likely enjoy the company of another mellow dog, but we don't feel it's necessary. She is a typical Golden looking for human attention - she likes to give kisses!

Now, Miss Bea does have some health issues we are addressing. She is heartworm positive and is starting her treatment. She will be medicating and then have three bouts of injections at the vet. In 120 days, we will be retesting to make sure she is heartworm-free. Once she has safely recovered, we will schedule her spay surgery.

This little girl's medical treatments will be very expensive. Bea would appreciate any donations in her name. She thanks you and sends virtual kisses.

Please stay tuned for updates on Bea. She needs love and prayers and eventually a forever home. Could you provide that for a beautiful senior girl? Bea says to think about it. It's one of the most rewarding gifts you could ever give!


Bea has moved to a new foster home in North Liberty, Iowa. She is one big sweetie - that's for sure.

Bea received her 1st injection for heartworm and did amazingly well. She came home that night and spent much of the time on the dog bed. She weighed in at 59.2 lbs., and that is where we will maintain her weight. February 1st and 2nd, she will receive back-to-back injections which are the final injections for her heartworm disease. I do expect her to feel pretty punk those few days with the double injections.

Aunt Bea, as I call her, is free-roaming and does not require gating or a kennel when I am out running errands or have appointments. She is a little grabby when it comes to treats, but loves bananas, orange slices, or raw apple pieces. She sleeps all night in the bedroom on the dog bed. Aunt Bea is a talker, and as long as you talk to her, she will talk back. The tales she has to tell are long and winded for sure.



Have a great Christmas with your wonderful foster family! From Angel Smoozer  Have a great Christmas with your wonderful foster family! From Angel Smoozer

You are loved, Bea! In memory of the S family's B Boys: Bear 10-247 and Babe 12-247. -CC  You are loved, Bea! In memory of the S family's B Boys: Bear 10-247 and Babe 12-247. - CC



Happy Valentine's Day, Bea! Happy Valentine's Day, Bea!


Happy Valentine's Day, Bea!  From David B. Happy Valentine's Day, Bea! From David B.


Happy Valentine's Day, Bea! In memory of Buster (10-054)  Denise C. Happy Valentine's Day, Bea! In memory of Buster (10-054) Denise C.



Aunty Bea has completed all her heartworm treatment. She has an upcoming spay date of March 15th. As Dr. Hinson says, she tolerated the injections better than some of her younger counterparts.

Bea, at the estimated age of 10, has the energy of a 2-year-old. She is very active and vocal when she wants to be. We tried a tennis ball to see if she likes to play with one, but alas, she has to be shown where it ends up when thrown and does not give it back. So you don't have to worry about her being a ball-crazy Golden.

Bea loves the oranges, apples, and bananas; and she now has tried yogurt. She loves her food with Fromms Salmon grain-free kibble. She dances around you on her hind toes with her front paws bent, resembling a hopping bunny rabbit. She has knocked the bowl from my hands, so I am very careful keeping it out of reach.

Bea has free roam and sleeps in the bedroom at night.


We would like to welcome Aunt Bea back to her first foster home! She spent a few months with another volunteer and her pack receiving lots of love, heartworm treatment, and her spay surgery.

Bea has been with us now for two weeks. She settled back in fantastically. Bea and Buddy are still enjoying free roam while we are gone at work and school during the day.

Now for the exciting news - Bea finally gets to go on daily walks! They started out short, but now she can do a 15- to 20-minute walk at a pretty good pace. She definitely still has energy and hopefully many happy years ahead of her.

She is still vocal at times, but everyone has their own personality, right? When Foster Mom attempts to take her photo, she woofs at her. We took the two goofballs to a Dog Expo yesterday, and that was very short-lived since they both had to keep announcing their presence.

Aunt Bea's Foster Family's description:

  1. LOVES her Foster Dad
  2. Talker, but not all the time!
  3. Super easy to care for
  4. Cute bum feathers
  5. Kissy Face!

Bea would like a retirement home with a lucky family to keep her busy. Could that be you? Please contact your placement advisor if you would like to talk to sweet Aunt Bea's foster family to hear more about her. Thanks for checking in!


We would like to announce that our lovely Aunt Bea has been adopted.

Bea has a new mom, an aunt, three Golden sisters, and three Yorkie cousins at her new home.

Thank you to RAGOM and Bea's sponsors for saving this beautiful girl. She made it through her heartworm treatment and found her forever family that spoil her rotten!

Bea was able to attend a birthday party during her first week with her new family. Now, isn't that the best?

We would also like to thank her guardian angel for getting her into RAGOM and her other very special Foster Mom that took care of her through her heartworm treatment.

Here's to the Golden Life, sweetheart. Love you, Auntie Bea.