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Reno 16-240
(Fostered in Moorhead, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
11/6/16  Physical  10+   Yes another confident dog  Untested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Reno 16-240 arrived at our home a few weeks ago, and boy, is he a love. He's a two-year old purebred Golden Retriever who comes from a breeding background. Due to this, he'll need to go to a very special home. Besides having a physical fence, a confident resident dog, and no children under ten years old, he needs a family who will be patient with him while he overcomes his fears. Some of those fears may never completely fade, but with time and love, he'll learn to be a happy Golden boy. He's already well on his way.

The vet said he's malnourished, but some high quality food should fix that. He needs to gain about ten pounds, again, decent diet will help. Reno boy has entropion in both eyes, which will be fixed via surgery in a couple of weeks.

This hound is about as sweet as they come and wants so badly to trust. He will approach us to be petted, but as soon as you (ever so slowly) reach to pet him, he drops to the floor, tail tucked tight. Most everything frightens him, but he has discovered that stuffed toys are awfully nice to snuggle with. And, he loves resident Golden girl Rori.

Reno has never had an accident in the house, but he does get extremely car sick, so that's something to take into consideration if your family travels a lot.

Enjoy the pictures of this beautiful guy. Stay tuned for further updates.


Hi Reno fans!

I am happy to report that Reno's neuter and eye surgery went well. He had to wear the plastic cone, but it didn't last long. It frightened him too much, and he was regressing. The vet said that since we're home with him and can watch him, we could take it off. So far, so good, although it did take a couple of days for him to recover from the trauma of the cone!

He's currently taking antibiotics and some pain meds. He's eating and drinking well, and enjoys playing with RD Rori, although that's on hold for a while until he's healed. He goes back to the vet in fourteen days to have the stitches removed from his eye.

I wish I had more to report, but not much has changed. He's just the sweetest guy you'd ever meet. We all love him very much and are enjoying his slow transition from 'fraidy cat to Golden boy.


Day by day, we're learning more about Reno 16-240 and what makes him tick. Actually, he's learning all about himself! Prior to being rescued, our scared foster boy sadly didn't know much about being a dog.

In his first update, I mentioned that Reno really likes to snuggle with soft toys. Well, resident Golden girl Rori has taught him all about the fun of de-stuffing said toys. Sometimes it looks like the stuffing factory has exploded in our living room. The funny part is that they both still love to carry around the pieces of fabric that are left after the insides gone. Reno does gets confused about which things are toys and which things are off-limits (i.e. shoes), but he lets us replace the inappropriate items with appropriate items with no issues. He can't resist all the delicious smells that come from the garbage and will get into it if we're not paying attention. This is easily solved by setting a baby gate against the garbage can. He has the utmost respect for baby gates.

When he thinks no one is watching, Reno plays with resident Rori with great joy and abandon. He loves to be petted, but it still frightens him, if that makes any sense. That said, we're seeing his tail wag quite a bit, and he's absolutely beside himself with joy when we come home after being away, even if it's only been a few minutes. He adores my husband, and will even take the occasional treat from Foster Dad's hand. He has yet to do that for me.

Things that frighten Reno include moderate to loud noises, flying objects (fetch is out right now), quick movements, and too much activity. He adores his dog bed and is no longer crated. He likes to be able to see everything that's happening, but be out of the way of the activity.

Stay tuned for more about Reno as he navigates his way to the Golden life. I'll be sure to include more pictures in the next update.


As I type this, we're on day two of rain and it's finally turning to snow. That doesn't bother our Reno boy one bit. He LOVES to be outside, exploring the back yard and playing with resident GR Rori.

Reno's personality is starting to shine, and we're loving every minute of it. It's like watching a brand new puppy learn about the world around him, only he's just a giant size puppy. He's becoming quite the velcro dog.

On Monday, much to my surprise, I went to sit on the couch, and guess who was in my spot? That's right, Reno boy finally decided that the big leather thing in the room wasn't so scary after all. Much to Resident Rori's chagrin, as she thinks the couch belongs to her. Never mind the really expensive dog beds we have for both of them. Serta clearly isn't up to the standards of the prince and princess.

Yesterday, though, Reno gave us all such a shock that even my non-photographer husband ran to get the camera. I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business, and without an invitation HE JOINED ME! That's right, he hopped up, put his head in my lap, and let out the biggest, sweetest sigh you ever did hear. There may have been some happy crocodile tears from Foster Mom.

Despite all this great news, he still has more learning and exploring to do. Soon we'll be ready to work on basic training, but we want to give him a bit more time to really feel comfortable. The more that tail wags, the closer he gets to being ready to learn basic commands.

The last picture was taken right after he got his stitches out. The vet says his eye healed beautifully and we can tell he's feeling much better!


Greetings Reno Fans!

What a difference a week can make. Reno has gone from emerging from his shell to LEAPING from his shell. Of course he'll probably always be nervous in new situations and with new people, but he certainly has settled in nicely at our home. So much so that he chewed a nice chunk out of our leather couch yesterday. But as I've said, he truly is an overgrown puppy, so his forever family will need to keep that in mind when considering the big sweetheart. I believe the couch incident happened because he was left alone for too long. My husband is usually always home for lunch and play time, but wasn't able to make it home yesterday. By the time I got home at 3 pm, there was a fresh hole in the couch. So it's really our fault, but it's a behavior to be aware of.

Reno really seems to feel most comfortable with men. His tail is pretty much in constant motion these days, especially when foster dad is near. He's learning that being brushed feels oh so good, he discovered the toy basket, likes to play tug with resident Rori, and he just loves, loves, loves the snow. He doesn't jump on people when excited, he's never had an accident in the house, and besides his car sickness and affinity for leather, there's nothing not to love about him.

He actually joined me on the couch the other day to enjoy his bone. I think he's finally warming up to me. :)


Hi Reno Fans!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted a Reno update in a while. The holidays arrived, life got busier than usual, and well, I'm sure many of you have a similar story.

Anyway, Reno is doing really well. He's mostly a happy dog, but timid around new people. My dad is visiting this week, and although he was shy, he greeted him right away. Now they're buddies.

You have read in past updates that Reno chewed on our couch. We are really working on teaching him about chewing appropriate items vs. inappropriate items. Shoes, mittens, and socks are favorites for him, so we keep those up high. But yesterday, I was working from home and I left for ten minutes to pick up our son from school. When I came home, some of my paper work had bite marks in it. So really, nothing is safe right now. But again, we're working on it.

I don't want this to scare you away from thinking about adopting this boy. He's so sweet and gentle, and wants badly to get it right. He's great about having his ears, paws, and mouth checked, he doesn't resource guard, he's completely potty trained, and he loves being outside He just needs a little patience and a lot of love (and chew toys).

He joined our Golden Christmas tradition this year, and sported his red Christmas bow quite well. Isn't he handsome?



Reno boy here. Foster mom and dad left the laptop open while they are away for a while, so I wanted to tell you MY side of things. After reading foster mom's last few updates, I'd like to make some, ahem, corrections.

First of all, she's absolutely right about me loving the outdoors. I just can't get enough and I don't understand why she makes me come in all the time. My foster sister, Rori, is a boring outside. She doesn't understand how much fun it is to romp in the white stuff and bury your snout in it to find treasures! All Rori wants to do is catch these things that look like soft toys only they move really fast. Then she catches them and plays with them too hard and then they stop moving. I don't quite understand this yet, so I just watch from the other corner of the yard. It's a little vicious if you ask me.

Foster mom is also correct when she says that I'm not so scared anymore. I even walk up to new people in the house to sniff them and make sure they're okay to come in. Then I just go and lie down to watch. I don't want to miss anything.

Let's talk about the couch. This is not entirely my fault. You see, I can tell time. That day, I was happily chewing on a bone and playing with my soft toys up until about the time foster dad was supposed to come home for a snack and play time. I waited and watched out the window for a long time, but he didn't come. So I got bored, and I was tired of the toy basket, and Rori girl was sleeping, so I just took a small lick on the place I was laying. It tasted so good. Then I just kept licking and licking and pretty soon, I got off the couch and just started biting it! It was so satisfying to chew and tug and chew and tug, and I was lonely and bored, and well, I just couldn't help myself. And foster mom put this sticky, colorful tape on it after the first time I chewed it, and that was super fun to rip off. I can safely say though, that we all learned a lesson. Foster Mom and Dad should just stay home with me. All the time. If they do that, then I will leave the couch alone. Or, if they would just come home every three hours like they say they will.


Hi Reno fans,

Just a quick update to let you know that Reno is still doing beautifully. He hasn't had a couch-chewing incident in a while, nor a garbage incident in a while, so good news there.

One of the things that makes us laugh (and there are many with this guy) is is that Reno a slob. He's like a sweet little boy who didn't learn any manners, but adores and appreciates everything he has. You give him a treat, for example, and he treasures it like it's gold, gently holding it in his mouth and finding his favorite spot in which to enjoy it. Once he settles in, though, let the drooling, slobbering, crunching and smacking of lips begin. After he's finished, he licks up the crumbs (because who wouldn't), looks at us and politely burps as if to say, "Why thank you for the snack. It was quite delicious." And then all the humans burst into giggles. It never fails.

We have several bowls of water around the house for him to enjoy. And boy, does he ever enjoy his water. When he's thirsty, you might want to don a rain jacket and turn the volume up on the tv, because it gets noisy and wet! Its sort of like have a couple of cows at the water trough. Just get the heck out of the way and mop up after.

Reno also gets a little, um, gassy. Since we have a nine-year old boy in the house, we are often in hysterics about this little problem. This morning for example, Reno was laying right in the middle of the action, just relaxing and generally having a quiet morning. Every few minutes though, a loud toot would come out, and he'd look around as though he could blame it on someone else.

As you can see by the picture, he also loves resident Rori. Reno's the big guy snuggled up against her. Makes my heart melt.



Just a quick update today on Reno.  He continues to be a love and learns more about his world every day. 

I was brushing him yesterday, and noticed what looks like a lesion on his neck.  We're heading to the vet this afternoon to see what's happening.  This will also be a great time to test his anti-nausea meds.  We're hoping they will relieve his car sickness and make car rides more comfortable for him.

I'll update again tomorrow when we have more info.


Hi all, 

Reno had a good visit with the vet yesterday.  His "wound" turned out to be a hotspot.  They shaved the area around it, cleaned it, and sent us on our way with an antibiotic and prednisone.  He's really good at letting us put the pills in the back of his mouth and then swallowing.  We know from the past that he will sniff a pill out of ANY substance you try to sneak it into, so this method works best. 

The anti-naseau pill worked really well, too.  He didn't throw up once, but he did drool.  And not just a normal amount of drooling.  It was a massive amount of slobber.  Just look at the door of my car in the picture.  I thought it was absolutely adorable, though, as he seemed to not hate the car as much.  He even stood up the entire time and looked out the window, and got in and out without me having to lift him.  Progress!


Happy New Year, Chief, from Mary C.! Happy New Year, Reno, from Mary S.!


Reno found a perfect forever home.  He has a 3-year old Golden Retriever fur sister, and two fantastic human parents.  They were so excited about welcoming him into the family, they purchased a king-size bed so that they would all have room at night.  When he left our home, he had new toys, a new bed and all kinds of other surprises.  But the absolute best part is the unconditional love his new parents have for him.  

Happy Golden life sweet boy.  We are so, so happy for you!