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Honey 16-230
(Fostered in Maple Plain, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 10/11/16 Optional  16 or older  No No
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Meet this sweet 8 year old girl. Honey really lives up to her name with her sugar face. This girl LOVES attention. She wants to be next to her human. She would do best in a house with free reign. At this point she is used to being a couch dog and loves to snuggle. Things we've learned in her first week:

  • She's a lover
  • Very social dog, very friendly
  • Appropriate with children, but excitable
  • Energetic dog, does well with multiple walks a day, less interested in being in the fenced yard unless someone is out with her
  • In her previous home she lived with a small dog and it sounds like that went well.
  • Has not been cat tested
  • Well-behaved
  • Willing to be kenneled and listens well
  • Does give pull when there's a squirrel, but redirect-able


She's really just the perfect golden and would be a wonderful addition to a family with the time to give her the attention she deserves.


Honey's been a sweetheart through her first RAGOM Christmas (complete with puppy stocking). Now she's looking to find her greatest gift of all, her very own forever family!!!

Hello Honey!!! She is PB Golden, 8 years old, but you'd never guess! Honey has been with me for a couple months and has just settled right in as part of the family. She's up to date on heartworm, flea nad tick preventative, spayed and vetted. During her exam the vet was very impressed with her joints and health. She loves a few walks a day and will go as far as you will take her. Honey has a few thoughts on her forever family:

My name is Honey and I'm a really good girl. I'm quite sprightly for my age and get really excited when my people let me snuggle, it's my favorite.Because I love to cuddle so much, I'd really do better with just me and my people. I don't always want to share my people with other dogs. I'm not a biter and I'm super gentle with my people. But I am vocal when other dogs come into my home.

Someone who will let me be the lapdog I am. I just love it so much. Let me love you!!! :) Someone who will enjoy walks with me. I may be 8, but you can only tell by my sugarface. I'm in really good shape and like to show it off.

Someone who doesn't mind my golden nudges. I like to let you know I'm there and if you'd like I'll never say no to extra belly rubs.

In return I'll love you with my whole heart. Plus, I don't come without talent. My foster mom and I have been learning tricks. I sit, stay, lie down and she makes me show how patient I can be holding a treat on my nose. I'm really good at that one. So if you think you and I could go together I'd love to say hi and show off just how Honey sweet I really am.

Don't let this one slip away. She's very well behaved with people. She'd prefer not to live with small children (no aggression, but gets overstimulated and looks at you to give her a break). Completely housebroken, safe to be given free roam. Foster Mom hasn't crated her since her first week. Never destructive, hasn't even torn a toy since she arrived.


In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM! In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!



Hello all…..this is Honey. I recently moved into a new foster home and I wanted to let you know how it is going. I now live with my new foster dad and his two dogs, who I just love. We all get along great. They are very friendly and they just let me be me. If I want to snuggle with foster dad, they don’t mind. If I want to rest quietly in another room, they leave me alone. If I want to sit in the front seat of the car next to foster dad…..okay, they haven’t exactly let me do that yet, but I’m sure they will let me sit there one of these days. At least I am hoping! That spot seems to be on a first come, first served basis and I guess I just need to be a little quicker jumping into the car.

Please scratch my neck!

Foster dad says that I am absolutely adorable. I am well-mannered and I walk nicely on a leash. And I am obedient. I make a good watch dog, too. I will let anyone within earshot know if I see someone get too close to the house… within 500 yards. It is not obsessive barking by any means, I am just protective of my new home, foster dad and the two other hounds.

Nap time!

I always have free run of the house, as do my new canine pals, and when foster daddy is away at work I just relax, nap, walk from room to room or sit and look out the window. Daddy said that he watches my two new canine friends and me on webcams while he is at work and he is so impressed how well we all get alone and behave.

Remington, Cassie and me

When daddy is home, Remington and I like to follow him whenever he moves around the house. Remington and I look alike so maybe that is a trait common in golden dogs like us. Foster dad thinks it is cute that we always follow him while the black dog stays in her spot and just waits for him to return.

Anyway, that is all for now. Thank you for reading about me!

Bed Time!


I am pleased to announce that lovable Honey has been adopted by a wonderful family who will have the time to give her all the love and attention she deserves! Honey was an awesome house guest and a perfect foster baby. She got along great with my two dogs and was simply a joy to have around. We will certainly miss her but are thrilled that she found a great home.

Honey with her buddies, Remington & Cassie

Honey out for an ice-cold swim

Honey showing off

Thank you to everyone who took an interest in Honey and to those who helped her find her new forever family!!