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Beatrix 16-195TD
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

From an anonymous friend


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/15/16  Required   Older kids No-Needs to be the only dog No
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


I would like to introduce you to Beatrix!  She is a new arrival all the way from Turkey and doing great.

What we know about Beatrix is this:

Beatrix is a gorgeous redder Golden who is approximately 1 1/2 years old. She was found in the forests near Istanbul. This sweet girl had been in a shelter and was spayed, but there was no room to keep her so she was brought to the forest and dropped off. She still had her spay stitches when found, so fortunately, she had not had to endure that environment for long. She is very sweet, but still a bit scared due to all the changes in her life.  When Beatrix first arrived, she was stressed from her long flight.  She was initially in a foster home with 4 other dogs, one of whom was a more dominant, growley boy.  While Beatrix does well with other dogs, she is not one to back down from a challenge so she and the other dog did engage in a few fights.  As a result, she moved to our home where, as an only dog, she had the chance to decompress from the stress of her journey.  Since she has been with us she still barks at other dogs but is more interested in "meeting" them now instead of showing the other dog who is boss.  She is greeting the neighbor dog through the fence better everyday.   

Since Beatrix (we call her Bea for short!) has been with us, she has gained so much confidence and has learned commands very quickly.  We are still working on her manners and her barking; she is eager to learn.  She responses well to treats and comes when we call her name, unless of course a squirrel or bird has her attention, then a quick clap of the hands and calling her name brings her around.  She does well on a walk and settles down after the first couple of blocks. We are using a harness and working with her on getting used to a Gentle Leader.  All checked out well at her vet appointment except for dry eye which requires drops three times a day. She is a good patient and lets you put them in easily.  She is a bit underweight as well but has been eating great and had no issues after she came over on the plane.  She adjusted well to the Kirkland dog food that she gets twice a day. She goes into a crate during the day when we are at work; she doesn’t love it, but goes in with a treat as a reward.  No issues once she is in the crate, no accidents in the crate or the house since she has been with us.

She is happy to be with us and loves a good petting.  She is not a Velcro dog but does like to just check on you to see where you are and then she will either lay down someplace close or head over to a window to watch for birds outside.  She is very easy and loving!



Beatrix has been learning what it is like to just "hang out" in the backyard, enjoying the sunshine and company of people! We are working on some things in our backyard, one being the back step, which Bea decided she needed to park herself on before it was completely taken apart! Such a pretty girl❤️

Her dry eye symptoms seem to be managed with the application of eye drops daily. She is very good about getting them applied.  We had a dog visit us this weekend and it affirmed the need for Bea to be an only dog.  While they did fine outside and on walks she wants the house to herself. She is tired out tonight, now that our visitor is gone! She is such a beautiful dog and learning more commands every week.


Beatrix has been having a great time getting use to the GOLDEN lifestyle! She has truly embraced the daily walks, using a harness, and even has gone on several runs with my husband. She loves those as well and comes back just like she did when she left the house… not winded at all! She is still slender, but eats great and is just a very active young dog. She would be a great fit for anyone who is looking for a nice watch dog, with a few barks to tell you someone might be walking by, and she is getting better at listening to us when asked to stop and we thank her for the information! She loves it when we walk in the door and greets you by sitting pretty and looking for some nice petting and a hug! She has learned so much in the month she has been in the USA and will continue to learn in her forever home as well.


Beatrix has been fully enjoying this great fall weather and many times I would look for her under her favorite tree and had to look extra hard as she blends in with the beautiful fall colors!  She truly is a pretty dog!!  We are continuing to work on her good walking skills and have made great progress.  She is not a fan of the gentle leader but respects the harness.  Meeting dogs on our walks is still a challenge and if we catch her eye before she looks at the passing dog, we can keep her walking.  If she beats us to it, a lot of barking and pulling is what we get.  I am going to be taking her to a Dog Reactive training class in the next couple of weeks so I hope to get some good tips to help her become the best dog she can.  She has become so much more loving and playful then when she first arrived and my whole family is excited about that part! Here she is enjoying a long lasting bone. If a fun, young, loving dog is something you are missing in your home, please think about adding Beatrix to your family! 


Beatrix has found her forever family and is going to live happily ever after!