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Harper 16-194TD
(Fostered in Cedar Rapids, IA)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/8/2016  Optional  Yes
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Harper has been in my foster care for just 5 days, so here is what is known about this sweet girl.

She is approximately 2 years old, spayed, and weighs around 46.5l bs. She is a petite Golden, my little flower..... She needs to put on a few pounds, so we have been working on that. She gets along beautifully with other dogs, is definitely more on the passive side, doesn't look for confrontations.....she just wants to play! I have little doubt she will do well with children, but we shall see.

She walks well on a leash, actually jogs with me at leash length, and we are working on manners. Food was not a consistent thing for this sweet girl, so she is curious about what is on my counters, but when told to get down, she is beginning to listen; smart girl.

Depending on her vet visit this Friday, we will be attending Goldzilla!! We are crossing our fingers, as she is a very social girl.

Please stop back for more updates on Harper. She is just beginning to show her true Golden self.



Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Did I have fun today! Can we say... Goldzilla?

I visited, I played, I pooped, I played, I got treats, went for walks, visited, peed, played, more treats... I only wish FM would have taken me to swim, because I LIKE WATER! But I was so busy meeting the nicest families and potential sisters and bros. I loved them all; I love everyone!

FM says I am such a good girl, and for having to fend for myself my first two years, I have kept the faith, because I know that I will soon be with my forever family, and FM will pick just the right one--I KNOW it!! Are YOU the right one?

Thank you all for supporting Goldzilla. I have a Golden Life to look forward to since RAGOM has entered my life, and sooooo many others. :) We are all so lucky, but not as lucky as the families that let us be a part of their lives, and love us as much as we love them.

Gotta go! I have some running, jumping, loving, and snuggling to do before bedtime. It's been a long day, and I see FM is putting on her jammies. I know what THAT means. More later; g'nite.


It's been almost two weeks since Harper arrived from Turkey. She has really shown her personality since practically day one.

As fosters, we are obligated to report the good with the bad. I really have not seen Harper portray any bad traits except trying to see what is on my counters, and her interest in critters, which is understandable. She is housebroken, but may have an accident or two with her new family... to be expected as it will be new to her.

She is great with other dogs and loves to play. She fit in beautifully at Goldzilla with other dogs and people alike. I took her to visit my friend with 5 cats, both indoor and outdoor. I would say she is curious, but not aggressive. When the house cat growled and hissed, it startled her and she completely backed off. It's the same on walks with bunnies and squirrels (they don't growl and hiss...), but she pulls, and wants to "go see," so she will need a little consistency on commands. She even met several dogs and really showed no interest.

She is pretty good on walks, though she can use a little practice, of course, but she is almost there. She lays in my office while I work and barely makes a sound. She is such a good girl!

Here are a few updated pictures to enjoy! Please feel free to express your interest in Harper if you think she would be a good fit for your family. She's a keeper!!

Waiting for Charlie to come and play

Checking out my play area

Can someone let Cooper back in??

My buddy Charlie and me


Well, sweet Harper waved goodbye to us today. Bittersweet, as she was one of the kindest, most charming, and easiest fosters I've had to date. But... she is going to have a Golden sister, just about her age, whom she has played with twice already, a human Grandma with a house on the lake with guess what? THREE MORE Goldens to play and swim with, and a Mom and Dad that will give her all the love this girl deserves. I believe they have plenty of loves for two Golden girls!

Bye, sweet Harper. FM will miss you. Hugs and kisses.


I am a very lucky girl to have found such a loving mom and dad and the coolest little sister ever! We play all day! Mommy says play is my middle name. My sister Holley and I wrestle, play tug-of war, and chase each other outside every day! 

I get lots of good treats and each month a box called Bark Box comes with new toys and treats for my sister and me. 

I also have new cousins since my mommy's family has goldens also! We spend a lot of time with them. 

Every day is a good day with my new family and they even let me sleep in the bed. If I sprawl out too much then daddy just moves to the couch. Mommy loves to cuddle with me!