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Hercules 16-192TD
(Fostered in Prior Lake, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly

Yes, Physical 

 Ages 5+
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Adoption fee: $600


Hercules arrived in Minnesota on September 2nd and has been adjusting very well to his foster home. Hercules is an adorable 2- to 3-year-old male Golden Retriever on the smaller side and is very light in color - more cream than golden. He does not have any guarding issues with food or toys and is playful and accepting around other dogs. He has not been exposed to cats yet, but his disposition is so sweet, I would expect him to be fine.

He loves all things round, retrieves balls and frisbees, and plays well with my 4-year-old male Golden Retriever. He comes when called, sits when given a hand command, and is eager to please. His only issue is that he has lost a large section of hair on his back from a chemical burn, It is unlikely that hair will ever grow back, but the skin has healed well and it does not seem to bother him at all.


Hercules is fitting into the family life well - greeting everyone with a toy - in true retriever fashion.


Last week Hercules had a test that confirmed that he has undescended testicles and is now scheduled for surgery tomorrow. This is an important milestone in getting this little guy ready for his forever family!

Hercules continues to gain confidence in his new life and is adjusting well. Hercules is a young dog and loves to play - one of his favorite games is keep away with my 4 year old GR. He can be easily distracted which is good when redirecting his attention from unwanted behavior like digging and he does respond well to praise - he wants to please! I think he would enjoy the challenge of obedience classes and it would be a great bonding exercise for his new family to engage with him on.


Hercules had his abdominal stitches removed today, from surgery 10 days ago to correct his undescended testicles. He came through the surgery beautifully and now that the stitches are gone he is back at 100%.

Here he is with his rubber chicken that he loves to carry around!


From an anonymous friend

"Welcome to America." -Lucy


Hercules is all healed from his surgery (removal of undescended testicles) and has settled into life in Minnesota. He sits perfectly for his meals and waits until given the "ok" command to eat, waits at the door, sits on command... and loves to snuggle up to his foster mom and foster dad.

Over the last week, here are a few of his highlights:

  • acquired a pink pillow from his foster sister that he carries around the house
  • discovered he likes zucchini left in the garden
  • getting better at walking on a leash with the other dogs
  • leaf piles are wonderful to bounce through
  • likes to have his nails trimmed... or any excuse for human contact

Hercules will do best with an active family, long walks, fetch and tug of war are some of his favorites, he loves to play with kids and other dogs. He would be happy to have another dog (medium to large ) to play with as well but this is not requirement. A fenced yard is important for him. Hercules is very tied to his people and wants to be close, he tries hard to please and gives plenty of affection. Hercules needs to be in a home without cats and with a fenced yard . He is good with children over 5 years of age - he is just so active!




Hercules rustling through leaves - everything is a toy to this playful boy!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Hercules16192TDe1.jpg               /pictures/Pictures2016/Hercules16192TDe2.jpg


The adventures of Hercules continue, the little guy has minor break in his front paw and is in a soft cast for the next few weeks. Hercules is oblivious to the cast but the rest of us are watching our toes!

Hercules accomplishments in the past few weeks:


  1.  discovered snow
  2.  discovered he loves rolling in snow
  3.  "retrieves" Christmas ornaments
  4.  believes he is a lap dog and
  5.  mastered the art of cuddling. 





For beautiful Hercules - 16-192TD. We love this dog! Got to meet him at Goldzilla.  From Lori Van Wechel For beautiful Hercules - 16-192TD. We love this dog! Got to meet him at Goldzilla. From Lori Van Wechel



Hercules has been adopted.  The family has changed his name to "Louie".