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Marigold 16-191TD
(Fostered in Ramsey, MN)

"Wishing you a new forever home soon!" -Chris Kuefler

"Welcome to America!" -Linda Dawson


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/6/16  Optional
Yes  Optional  Unknown
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600

Marigold has arrived in the US from Istanbul, Turkey and is settling in. She is about 2 years old and looks like a Golden/Lab mix. She is a sweetheart! She had been found running the streets by some very caring and dedicated rescuers in Turkey. Before coming to MN, she was vaccinated and spayed. It is clear she had a litter at some point in her young life. Maggie met the other 5 dogs that were here without any issues. She was a bit overwhelmed at first and who wouldn't be? She is also very loving with any human that appears--wanting pets and just to be near.

In terms of her health, she had a bit of diarrhea in the transition to a healthy dog food but that has cleared up. She tested positive for Ehrlichia which is a common tick borne disease in Turkey. All her lab work was normal and she is on an antibiotic that will clear it up. She won't have any long lasting health issues from this. 
Despite all of the changes in her life, Maggie is loving and playful. She adores the 5 month old puppy we are sitting--playing and correcting her very gently. She sleeps quietly all night. She is house trained. Maggie was looking for food when she first arrived. Understandable, given her need to find it most of her life. She found some here on the counters. But we have not had any issues with that since the first few days. And she doesn't try to steal it from the other dogs bowls. She is very respectful. No resource guarding.
So gentle with the ball thief

Maggie is coming out of her shell. She and my resident girl Sadie are good pals. Several times a day they dash out and patrol the yard for any critters. The other night they did get a bunny but didn't kill it--thank goodness for Foster Mom!
She is very respectful of other dogs' signals and does not in any way show guarding or aggression. She just wants to be petted! And she would prefer if you could do it constantly, but is learning the 'enough is enough' signal.
Little Marigold has a family interested in her and we will meet to make sure their two little dogs like Maggie and vice versa in the next couple of weeks. Paws crossed!



Miss Marigold is proud to announce she has her very own American family! After traveling across the Atlantic, she is settling in with the B family. She has two little dog siblings and her very own two legged boy. We wish them many years of love and laughter!