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Orion 16-190TD
(Fostered in Eden Prairie, MN)

"Find a good home, bud! Welcome to America!" -Craig M.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/6/16  Yes  12+  Optional  No 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Orion arrived today after a few days with a fabulous temp foster. He's a gorgeous, petite, fun guy! So far he has gotten along great with other dogs, not terribly interested in the cat, and did well with the kids at the temp foster's home.

He seems happy, inquisitive and really sweet. We'll see what the vet says when he gets his check up!


Orion had his vet visit today and came out pretty well! The only thing that needed attention was his ear infection, so he got some meds for that and hopefully it'll clear up soon. The vet thought his skin and coat looked good and she admired his trim little 50 lb frame. He's kind of petite (esp next to the resident 80 lb versions). He got his heart worm test, so we'll wait to hear about that. She said to keep him on a bland diet (chicken and rice) for a few more days to see if he can get rid of the runs.

He is not a fan of being put in the kennel, but he'll learn it's not all that bad. He barked a couple of times during the night but he did okay, esp with the thunderstorms. He's been doing fine with the other dogs, but he has exhibited some guarding behaviors that need some direction. Last night, there was a minor scuffle over a treat, and today, when he was tethered in the doorway, he seemed to think he was the toll collector and he wouldn't let the senior resident pass. Those behaviors will need a little attention. However, he did one of the funniest things ever this afternoon. He discovered the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and managed to pull it out all the way into the living room, where he began to chew on it, thinking it was part of his bland diet. I howled when I saw the long length he had managed to pull off the role. He's a funny, inquisitive, spunky guy, and as he settles in, he's going to be a great dog for somebody!


Orion's favorite game: pull the toilet paper out of the bathroom into the living room, seeing how long of a stretch he can get before it tears.

And carrying shoes around in his mouth. Or his leash.

Putting the leash in his mouth


Walks nicely on a leash. Slept quietly through the whole night!

Vet called today and he did test positive for an intestinal parasite so he's on meds and it should clear up quickly.

Turkish wrestling with Dodger 16-074TD who had him pinned

Being a good boy at the vet.

He stretches out his hind legs when he lays down and it's adorable!



Orion had a great time at Goldzilla today! It was the first time bringing him to a big event and he behaved beautifully! He attended the Turkey dog reunion with his brother-from-another- mother Dodger, his homie from Eskisehir, Turkey, sashayed through the foster parade, met tons of dogs and also met some very nice people who may be interested in getting to know him better. He LOVED all of the attention and pets, and, for a scrappy little excitable puppy, he did just great! Got him home and thought he would crash but he had to have a couple good rounds of wrestling here with his foster siblings. He really seems to be settling down a bit, and maybe realizing that life now can be different for life on the streets. Such a sweetheart!


The little guy has been here now for about two weeks and he's settling in, Looking back at what the poor guy went through getting here, it's no wonder he was a bit of a live wire the first week--living on the streets in Eskisehir, being rescued in Turkey, then flying to the states, then a long trip from Chicago, then to a temp foster, then to a house with three other dogs! It's a wonder that he is such sweet dog after all that.

As he's settled in, here are the things we've learned about him:

  • He's a really happy boy. He's thrilled to get up in the morning, he's thrilled to see you, he's thrilled to see his bowl of food, he's just really a happy guy.
  • He's also really funny. You know how some dogs just seem to have a sense of humor? This guy does. He finds ways to amuse himself that are hysterical. The other morning, he had tipped his dog bed over his head, and was underneath it, kind of bumping it off his head in some kind of game. It was ridiculous and hysterical. As mentioned earlier, he played the toilet paper game for a while, until he moved the roll of toilet paper. He picks up shoes and carries them around; he does like to chew on them, but he hasn't damaged any. So far. He'll also pick up the newspaper from the front steps and carry it around in this mouth. He does like to shred plastic bags if he can. But he does all of this in the spirit of having a good time!
  • He seems to be housebroken. Last night was the first time he peed in the house and it was totally my fault. He's really good about going outside.
  • Walks pretty well on a leash. Loves to go for walks. LOVE TO SEE SQUIRRELS ON WALKS!
  • Gets along great with other dogs. *Is interested in, but not problematically so, cats. He's curious about the resident cat, and will approach him, but hasn't chased him or attacked him. The cat has swatted him a couple of times, so he's learning who's boss.
  • He's got energy and he's smart. He's prime for some obedience training and I think he will love it. He already knows to sit when he gets his treat.
  • The previous temp foster said he was great with kids, and he has been great with the other dogs in the house.

The only real challenge with this guy, and I suspect that it could also change as he gets even more settled, is that he can have some mild guarding issues with other dogs, but with three other residents here, we've found a way to easily manage that. He gets fed in his crate, or I have also fed him by hand, so he learns where the food is coming from. (He's had NO guarding issues with me, only with the other dogs.) He had a few incidents of guarding his toys, so I put the toys up when all of the dogs are in the room, OR I just keep a close eye on the dynamics and that has kept things just fine. I do think that there's a good chance that once he learns he's not on the street anymore, and once he learns that he doesn't have to fight, he'll be great.

This guys needs a home! He needs someone who he can entertain and who can entertain him! Someone who will get him into some obedience training so all of his positive traits can shine. He's so adorable--such a petite little guy at 50 lbs--and he's just looking for a good time! And he's a seat little snuggler. Don't you wanna meet him?


Orion, or as he is called here, "Little One," continues to think that life is party! He's such a happy boy and he just keeps the joy going with his pack here at the house. He's put on a little weight, which is good since he was soon skinny when he got here. His ears and his intestinal stuff seem to have mostly cleared up. He's eating and sleeping well, and seems to be mostly housebroken (a few accidents this week, but we can blame foster mom). He's a smart funny guy who is ready for a home and some obedience training!

This afternoon, he learned the joy of a tennis ball. They must not have had those in Turkey? He got some good romping in, running after each toss and then trying to bury the ball. He loves to carry toys around in his mouth, he's become quite fond of the treats stuffed in the kong while he is crated, and when it's dinner time, he's beside himself. He has learned to sit for treats, and he's ready to learn some more.

He's going to a new foster tomorrow because there's just too much happening in this house AND he's excited because he has a family who might be interested in him!

Here are a couple of pics, of him posing on the front steps, lounging with his Turkish bro Dodger 16-074TD, and trying to bury the ball. He's such a cutie. Fingers crossed that he lands in a new home soon! He plans to be at Chuck and Don's in Shakopee if you'd like to meet him!


Orion has moved to his new foster home. He is enjoying running around and playing in the large fenced yard. He's also getting into the routine of going for long walks every morning and evening.

Orion has met a few of his new neighbors, and he seems to like them. He has also met a few of the neighbor's dogs. He does very nicely with the ones that he has met up close, but he does bark at some of the dogs that we see out on our walks.

Orion has even had a couple of play dates with another young male dog from down the street. Orion enjoys wrestling with his new friend Monty, a lax mix. There is a lot of gnashing of teeth and rolling around pinning each other down, but they have both remained friendly.

Orion relaxing after his play date with neighbor dog

Orion has been adopted, and is moving to the great state of Iowa. Orion will enjoy his new large back yard and the fun he will have with his new owner. Obedience training will also be in Orion's future so he can put his abundant energy into learning to be a well-behaved canine companion.