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I've been Adopted!

Finn 16-188TD
(Fostered in Stewartville, MN)

Merry Christmas! In memory of Corky  Merry Christmas! In memory of Corky

Finn, hope all is going well for you. Hope to get to meet you and maybe be your forever home. In Memory of our Goldens, Krista, Toby and Tanner.  Finn, hope all is going well for you. Hope to get to meet you and maybe be your forever home.
In Memory of our Goldens: Krista, Toby and Tanner.


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Finn is a 3-4 year old boy. This sweet boy was rescued from a shelter in Ayvalik, Turkey. A local rescuer got a call from the shelter vet saying that he was very ill and would not make it if he stayed in the shelter--he was not eating and was dangerously thin. The rescuer went and got him and brought him to her vet. An x-ray revealed stones in his intestines. He had been on the street starving and had eaten rocks, looking for some kind of sustenance. He has been lovingly cared for since the stones have passed and is healing. Now all this boy is craving is love.

Finn went to the vet office this week and he is underweight. He currently weighs 38 lbs but should weigh 50 lbs. He seems to be a mellow dog. He is currently eating small meals 4 times a day.

Finn walks well on a leash. He needs to walk because of his lack of muscle tone in his hindquarters. He has started short walks but eventually he will build up his strength to take longer walks.

Keep watching Finn and see his progression and when he will be available for adoption!


Finn here. Sorry it’s been so long since my last update, but I just haven’t been feeling well.

I have a problem and it’s embarrassing. I have diarrhea. I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve had it for a long time. I’ve been back and forth to the vet office and just when the vet thought he knew what was wrong with me the lab test came back negative. I’ve been on several drugs and none have seemed to work. Right now I’m on Tylosin and Baytril. I’m on prescription dog food for my digestive tract and prescription food for fiber. I eat 1 cup of combined food 3 times a day. Even though I have this “Problem” I have managed to gain a little weight.

Okay, so much for the embarrassing stuff, on to the fun things. I’m enjoying my new life in the US. I love to ride in cars and sleep on comfy dog beds (and the couch when mom and dad are sleeping). I’m not much of a snuggler but maybe I can learn to do that. I’m housebroken and I don’t destroy anything in the house. I’ve discovered I like toys. I can never have enough of them. I also love a good pontoon ride on a nice day. I don’t really care to swim but will get my paws wet every now and then.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Finn16188TDc1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Finn16188TDc2.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Finn16188TDc3.jpg

Foster mom says I probably would love a fenced in yard so I could run and play more. Right now she has me on a long line because she doesn’t have a fence. I do like to go for walks and see “the world”. Well, I’m pretty tired and need a nap. KEEP ME IN MIND BECAUSE I’M GOING TO GET BETTER SOON—Finn.


"Good luck, Finn." -Stephanie Nudge

Hi folks, Finn here. Sorry for the delay but I've been super busy. I've gained over 10 lbs and am looking --might I say --awesome!! I spend my weekends at the lake searching for critters and just running and playing.


After all that, I need a little R&R. So I go for a pontoon ride.


I also got to do this thing called Halloween. I got sort of dressed up and met a lot of kids dressed in funny and scary clothes. I did pretty good greeting the kids but I wanted to keep all the candy for myself. I was told I would get my "treats" after all the kids had left. By the way I think I look quite handsome in my costume! Don't you think?


Well, now for the stuff I hate to talk about. My problem (diarrhea) is getting better I have more good days than bad ones. My doctor thinks that because I had such poor nutrition for so long that it will take quite some time before my, ummm, "problem" is completely resolved. I'm hoping by "Turkey Day"--hey that's my day--I'm a Turkey Dog.  Hopefully I'll be ready to be "available" to meet my possible future family. Paws are crossed. Overall I'm looking good--if I do say so myself. I have a lot more energy and love my dog bed. Well I got to go and make sure my bed is still comfortable.


I want to thank everyone for the holiday icon! Your support has helped me to become a happy and healthier dog. Thank you so much--Finn


Hey folks, it's me Finn. I know it's been awhile but I've been busy working on my health. I'm feeling and looking good and now I'm ready to meet my forever family. My "issue" seems to be in the past and now I'm just a regular kind of guy. I'm really loving this white stuff but I'm definitely not used to the cold.

Here are a few thing I've learned since arriving in the US:

  • Dog beds are more comfortable than the floor.
  • Couches are more comfortable than dog beds.
  • Human beds are the ultimate in comfort.
  • Car rides are fun except when my fur brother gets sick.
  • The Vet is a nice guy.
  • Playing with other dogs is a blast.
  • Living with a my foster family is great.
  • Having my own family would be the ultimate!

Well I'm turning this over to my foster mom so she can cover the details I missed.

It's been a long process seeing Finn go from a skinny 35 lb sick dog to a healthy 52 lb happy dog. Finn seems to take everything in stride. He spends most of his time laying around the house enjoying the comforts of a home. At times you wouldn't know Finn is in the house. I have to go and look for him because he's sleeping in his favorite spot away from the other dogs.

Finn isn't much of a Velcro dog. He will seek out attention but doesn't snuggle much. Finn knows the command "sit". Finn has been learning to "come" when called, but with treats involved. Finn has free roam of the house and is non destructive.

He now knows the routine around our house and where the toys are kept. He does show interest in toys. He does like Nylabones and some squeeky toys. He doesn't destroy or destuff toys.

Finn is on a very strict food plan. Finn can't have table food, scraps or non-prescription dog food, and is limited on treats. There may be the possibility that he might have to remain on prescription dog food for an indefinite amount of time. Finn doesn't appear to be a food obsessed dog. He waits calmly for his meals. We use a slow feeder bowl because he would just devour his food with a regular bowl. People can pet him while he's eating and he is fine.





Finn here. I got some great news. I've met my forever family. I have 2 feline family members that I'm sure are going to love me. Thanks to all the people who have been following me since I left Turkey. Nothing but good times ahead!