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Dory 16-186TD
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/2/2016  Physical Fence Only  8+ Optional  No 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Dory is an adorable little golden mix who arrived a few days ago following a long journey from Turkey. She was first seen in Turkey by a RAGOM volunteer who was on a personal trip to Turkey in March of this year. At that time, there was no more room on our Spring transports, so Dory had to remain and live her life on the streets. But, we could not stop thinking about her. Earlier this summer, we asked a Turkish friend to check on her. She had been hanging around a dumpster in a small town on the western coast, but when he went to find her, she was no longer there. The mission to find Dory continued and she was finally located - and just in time. She had suffered a large chemical burn on her back and was in need of immediate vet care. The vet believed it was caused by a well-meaning person applying a flea/tick preventative that was meant for sheep and it was too much of the wrong kind of chemical. Dory responded well to treatment, her fur returned and she has been hanging out in a pet hotel in Turkey waiting to come to RAGOM and now she is here.

Dory had her vet appointment yesterday and she weighs in at a healthy 38 pounds. This is as big as she will get. She is currently being treated for a tick-borne disease and a hot spot, but other than that she is very healthy.

Dory's personality is as adorable as her size. She is sweet and silly at the same time. And she is very interested in any and all food. When she gets excited about meal time, she hops around on her back legs - my dogs look at her like she is crazy. Dory will also entertain herself with toys, tossing them in the air and chasing them on her own. She is just so darn happy all the time, everyone smiles watching her.

We want to give Dory more time to adjust to life in America, so she is not yet available for adoption. Keep watching for updates on this little girl - she is going to make some family very, very happy! She will be at Goldzilla on Sunday, so come and meet her.


It has been way too long since my last update on sweet Dory! She was working with a family since right after Goldzilla, but it ended up that this home was not going to be the best place for Dory. So, Dory is available again and just waiting to meet her forever family. In the last month, we have learned so much about this very special girl.

  • Dory absolutely adores all people. She greets everyone happily and will often get so excited in her wriggling and tail wags that she ends up falling over in sheer excitement. Because she is so happy meeting new people, she does have a habit of jumping on them. This is something we are working on and she is responding very well to “down”. As she is such a petite girl - only 38 pounds - she won’t necessarily knock anyone over, but it is a behavior we are working on correcting.
  • She loves to play with her toys and will entertain herself by zooming around with her toys and tossing them around. She is also learning to play fetch in the back yard and loves chasing the balls around with the other dogs.
  • Dory has fit in perfectly with our two resident Goldens and does great with them. I think she would love to play with them, but they are older and have no interest in playing with her. She gives appropriate growls when she wants her space and respects their cues also when they want her to back off. Toys are not a problem at all and all 3 share everything with no conflict.
  • Despite getting along great with our dogs, Dory is leary of new dogs. With slow and correct introductions she does great. Because she lived her life on the streets of Turkey where she had to interact with dogs of all temperaments every day, her wariness is understandable. While outside in Turkey, she could always retreat from dogs who barked, growled or snapped at her. She doesn’t have this luxury in a home or other inside areas and I have noticed that her stress level goes up when she meets dogs in a closed environment where she does not have the ability to flee if she finds them not friendly. If another dog growls or barks at her when in a confined indoor space, since she cannot flee, she will growl and bark right back at them. Once she is in this heightened alert state, she will react to all dogs. Giving her space away allows her stress to drop and we then go through intros again and she does well. Dory needs to learn that she is safe and will be cared for. We have begun working on focus exercises so that when we are in situations that may cause stress, she can focus on us and ignore the surrounding stimulus. This is going really well. Her new family will need to commit to continuing with this training to help her relax and not get stressed. Dog parks are not in this girl’s foreseeable future.
  • Dory loves to go on walks! She is hyper aware of everything while we are walking but everything is still so new to her. She is one of the easiest dogs I have ever walked - does not pull and stays close by my side. While on walks, she loves meeting new people and she does not react to dogs at all. She is truly a joy and because of her happy nature and adorable looks, she gets lots of attention.
  • She is an incredibly smart little girl. She has learned many commands and is just so eager to learn new things. I have never taken a dog through an agility course, but I think she would just love it. She is incredibly agile and loves running and leaping. Inside, she has the not so great habit of zooming and taking flying leaps over furniture, tables, or whatever is in her way. We are glad these moments of craziness are few and far between and do try to get her outside when the moment strikes. Once outside, she loves running around the backyard and will jump over anything in her path. Because of her history of roaming the streets, her desire to run, and her intense focus on small critters, I do want her to be in a home with a fenced in yard. She will not potty on a tie out, so that is not an option for her.
  • While I work from home, I am often gone for 3-4 hours at a time at meetings or running errands. Dory does fantastic in her kennel during that time. I don’t trust her with free roam yet as she is a bit like a puppy and may get into mischief if left out. Fortunately, she loves her kennel and often goes in their sleep even when I am home.
  • Most likely never given the opportunity to relax on soft surfaces, she now loves the comfort of couches and beds. And yet, sometimes, she reverts to preferring a hard surface and will make herself comfortable on our coffee table. I would hope her forever home will allow her on the furniture as she really does prefer that.
  • Dory does alert bark quite often when she hears or sees things outside. She loves to sit by the window facing the front yard and watch all the activity. She will bark when she sees dogs or people going by. Most of the time, she will quiet once I acknowledge that I have seen what she is reacting to.

Dory’s personality is so sweet and loving and she is just such a happy girl. We are seeing more and more playfulness and youngster energy. She will need plenty of walks and playtime to help her expend her energy. However, she does settle in nicely in the house and is content at times to curl up and sleep on the couch. We know Dory’s perfect family is out there and that they will find her soon.


"Glad we 'found' Dory." -Michelle Hauser


Dory would love to send a big thanks to Ruth and Corky for their donation and happy holiday wishes! Not only did she receive a donation, they also sent her her very first American Christmas present filled with treats and toys. Such a wonderful surprise. Dory is doing really well and has jumped right into the Holiday spirit.

Last weekend she got to see Santa at the RAGOM Holiday Sale. She began by posing really pretty but then became a bit vocal letting Santa know what she wanted for Christmas. I would like to think she was asking for a forever home, but really, I think she was just hoping for some treats. This girl tends to live in the moment.


After her meeting with Santa, Dory attended the meet and greet. She had quite a few fans there to meet her. She absolutely adores all people and just gets so excited to meet everyone. Unfortunately, she is not so nice with meeting other dogs. While she has absolutely no problems seeing dogs on walks, and continues to engage our resident dogs in lots of play, she is just still so uncertain when other dogs get too close to her. We have discovered that she does much, much better, meeting other dogs in a fenced area where she can be off leash. She still likes to posture a bit, but she has done great with other dogs at my home after a bit and then loves to play with them. We are continuing to work with her on this quirkiness and her forever family will need to be committed to helping her learn appropriate dog meeting skills. She is just so perfect in every way, but she is unsure/scared of other dogs until she knows they are not a danger to her.

After the meet and greet, Dory got to spend a bit of time by the bonfire. One of RAGOM's volunteers took an amazing photo of her where she appears to be very reflective. This is one of my favorite pictures of Dory and truly shows how beautiful she is. Thank you, Cindy!

"Somewhere, out there, my forever family is searching for me.
Until then, I shall watch the horizon and keep the fire burning to light their way."

Dory will be keeping the home fires glowing, patiently waiting for her own forever family to find her. In the meantime, we are blessed to have her with us.


Dory has been having so much fun in all of the snow. She really likes it, but the cold is not such a huge hit and she does not like the snow getting in her paws and will start hobbling about once snow packs between her toes. We tried boots with little success so and a coat was even less successful so we just let her run and play until she has had enough and is ready to come in - usually about 10 minutes.

Dory had her favorite friend, Brady, over a couple weeks ago for the day. She still has to go through her barking and growling when he gets here, but he just lies down and lets her get it out of her system and then they are off playing like crazy. Luckily it was warmer day and they spent much of it running around the yard. She slept really well that night!



 Merry First Christmas in America! In Memory of Corky  Merry First Christmas in America! In Memory of Corky

Merry Christmas, Dory - have a beautiful Christmas sweet girl!! Merry Christmas, Dory - have a beautiful Christmas sweet girl!! From Melody H.



First of all, a big thank you to Ruth for the valentine for Dory! If you were here, she would be giving lots of kisses. Dory continues to do great in our home. She is just so easy to have around. She was in her glory when we had her best buddy, Brady here to play again - and for 10 whole days. It was nonstop play and she slept so well at night. It has been hard for her since he left as our two resident girls are older and not big players.

When thinking about an ideal home for Dory, I think she really would love a playmate. However, she would need to go to a home where the resident dog can put up with some snarkiness every once in a while from her. When she gets scared or is uncertain of a new dog or a new situation, she will growl and bark a bit, but she has never bitten - it really is all for show for her. If the other dog simply ignores her - or acts like Brady who just lays down and rolls his eyes at her as if to say "Ok, get it out of your system and lets go play!", she is great. She would not do well in a home where the other dog would react back to her. She and our two residents co-exist great and there has never been a scuffle between them.

Dory would also do just great as an only dog as she adores her people. She is truly the cuddliest foster we have ever had and is just a dream. She is also incredibly funny and makes us laugh every day.


 "Happy Valentine's Day Dory!" - from Ruth H.



Dory, now known as Scout, has settled into her forever home. This sweet, petite, funny and quirky Turkish girl stole our hearts while she was with us. However, the perfect family found her and she is where she belongs and is thriving.