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Merlin 16-185TD
(Fostered in Mpls, MN)

"God bless you." -Krysta


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9.7.16   Optional  10 and above Optional  Not tested  
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Merlin is about 18 months. He weighs 61 pounds and needs to put on some weight. He was rescued from a shelter in Turkey where he was kenneled with very large street dogs. He had been repeatedly attacked and was covered with fresh and healing bite wounds. It has taken 8 months for him to heal completely. While Merlin is not a purebred golden, his soul and his demeanor are. Most of his wounds appear to be healed and he is ready to begin his new life.  He seems to like people, though he is tentative and a little shy right now when meeting new people.  He has been very gentle with the people he has met so far. We will update more as we learn more about Merlin.



Merlin has been with us for over a week now and we have a lot of good news to report!  Merlin has really settled in nicely with our two resident dogs (RDs).  They get along just fine in the house and on walks.  They aren't playing, but I'm not surprised at all about that given Merlin's history with other dogs.  In addition, it really takes one of my RDs a long time to decide whether another dog is "play worthy".  Merlin was a bit shy and withdrawn the first few days with us, but we just let him retreat and hang out and just watch what was going on.  He had jet lag and had been through a lot of changes.  The day after he arrived in Minnesota, he went on a trip to our cabin.  So, he probably was really wondering what was going on!

He has gotten along well with teenagers and adults and approaches people cautiously.  He met our dog walker today, took a treat from her and then just took a bit of coaxing to walk out with her.  So, he really does seem to like all the people he has been meeting.  Cats and small children are an unknown right now.  We will look for opportunities to test him.

Merlin also attended Goldzilla on Saturday.  He was a bit shy and nervous but his dogsitter "date" for the day reported that he really liked meeting people and he got a lot of pets.  He does have a nice Golden Retriever lean and everyone loves that!  I did walk him down to the swimming beach at the end of the day.  He didn't seem very interested in the water.  It might have been too much at the end of a long day.

Merlin is adjusting slowly to the food at our house and is still eating a bit of rice with his kibble.  He does need to gain some weight according to the vet and we are working on helping him do that.  He does have a bit of an issue with resource guarding his food.  We will continue to work on that, but it's likely something that his new family will need to work on too.  I really want to make sure he gains some weight and I'm most focused on that.

On the medical front, Merlin's tests from last week were all negative!  This is great news.  He does have a cracked tooth, but it might be that nothing needs to be done.  We'll report back on that once we know more.

Merlin has been doing great in his crate and is able to be crated for a work day.  I think he might be quite trustworthy with free reign, too but we are using a crate during his time with us.  He did break out of his crate on his first full day at home (we didn't put the crate together well!) and he didn't do any damage at all during his free time.  

Finally, Merlin has not had any accidents at all.  He does not really signal us that he has to go out as far as we can tell. But, he seems to be able to hold it and goes as soon as we are on a walk or when he's let out with our other dogs.

Here's what we think Merlin needs:

  1. A good amount of exercise.  He really does like daily walks and I think as he adjusts and becomes a slightly better leash walker (he is much better than I thought he would be but he does stop a bit and weaves a bit),  I do think it's possible he could be a running partner but we haven't tried that yet.
  2. Someone willing to train him.  Merlin really doesn't know any commands as far as I can tell.  I'm going to try some Turkish commands again this week now that he's used to our routine and is a little more attentive.  A forever family will need patience with his resource guarding, too.  Of course, we will work on this, too.  He does not like other dogs near him while we are eating in the dining room.  He really likes to stay close to us while we eat and doesn't want our RDs to be too close.
  3. Clean counters.  Merlin really likes to eat and he shows a lot of interest in food at the dinner table and in the kitchen.  For the first time tonight, he took some of my salad.  He's a tall boy, so it's easy for him to jump up and grab things though he's been very good so far.
  4. I'm not sure whether Merlin needs a fenced yard or not.  I think as long as he gets enough exercise he could be fine.  We haven't tried him on a tether yet as we do have a fence.  He hasn't tried to jump it yet.  But again, he's tall so we are watching him while he's outside.
  5. I think Merlin may be okay with smaller children.  He does jump a bit and I haven't done a good small children test yet.  I've listed him as okay with children 10 and above due to his size, a slight bit of jumping that he does (already decreasing) and just a general unknown.  We will keep evaluating this.

Merlin is a big sweetheart of a dog.  He's going to make a great dog for some deserving family!


Merlin is doing great and has really adjusted to home life with us.  He is so easy to have around.  He loves when we work at home.  When we do, he crawls under the desk and likes to sleep at our feet. He sleeps on the floor in our son's bedroom at night and just waits for us to get up and for our morning walk.  He has never woken us up in the morning -- he is so patient.  We now think that he is giving us a little howl when he really has to go out. Our other dogs like to go out a lot so we don't hear it too much.  I do think he could do just fine with kids younger than ten years old.  However, he is big enough that it's probably better if he is not with really young kids.  He met my five and nine year old niece and nephew last week and he sat very still and was nervous.  I think he would warm up eventually though.  He's just very cautious when meeting new people.  He still jumps a bit (air jumping mostly -- not jumping on us) but it is decreasing all the time.  He really does get excited about eating, though!

The big news this week is that Merlin and one of my resident dogs engaged in some play. I think this shows how resilient Merlin is. He has been in the U.S. less than three weeks, and was bullied by big dogs earlier in his life, and he feels comfortable enough to play!  Here's a link to a bit of the play session.  Merlin is the biggest, lightest colored dog in the video.

In other news this week, Merlin does have a bit of a prey drive, which is not helped by the fact that we have two other squirrel and bunny hunters in our pack who reinforce his interest in critters.  I'm going to try a Gentle Leader or a harness with Merlin this week.  He's gotten much more comfortable with our walking regimen and he's pulling a bit more, especially when he spots a squirrel!

We have had several thunderstorms, and Merlin does not seem to be anxious about the weather.  He also doesn't really react or engage in the barking that occasionally goes on here with our resident dogs.  He definitely has a bark, but he uses it judiciously.  And, he has a really cute little howl that we occasionally get to hear when he gets excited about something.

Merlin is a really sweet dog.  He'd love a family who will take the time to make sure he gets a good amount of exercise and will teach him some obedience.  He is really looking forward to meeting his forever family!


Merlin has found his forever family and we are so happy for him.  While we will miss his sweet demeanor, patience and kisses before our morning walks, jaunty walking style and love for squirrels and bunnies, we know that he will really love being a part of the D family and all the attention, love and exercise he will get there.  We were thrilled to be a part of Merlin's immigration story and wish him the best as a new member of the D family.  All the best to you, Merlie-boy!