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Atticus 16-184TD
(Fostered in North Liberty, IA)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/18/2016 Physical fence required
Needs to be the only dog
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600



Atticus has arrived from Turkey and has been in his foster home for 2 weeks now. He had some tummy issues for a few days, but with a few medications and a bland diet, he has moved to dry kibble and is tolerating it very well.

Atticus is a neutered eight-year-old Crème Golden. At his wellness exam, he weighted in at 48.8 pounds and is very skinny. We will slowly begin to put some weight on him and give his body time to adjust to his new diet. Atticus was positive for Ehrlichia, which is a tick-borne disease easily treated with doxycyline, which he has started. Atticus also has a small bite wound healing very well on his right shoulder. He has some drainage in his eyes, which we are treating with an antibiotic ointment, and the goobers have now cleared up. Some of Atticus's labs show his diet has not been optimal, but those will improve as he begins to absorb the better nutrients in his grain-free dog food. He was shaved by his owner prior to surrender, so his coat is pretty rough-looking and sparse, and that, too, will improve slowly over time with a good diet.

Like many dogs living and trying to survive in a environment where there is a shortage of food, they may be protective of their food bowl. Atticus did give out a growl when one of my residents walked by his kennel while he was eating, but the door was securely latched and closed. Once he understands he will always have food, this should dissipate, but sometimes it is best to just let them eat in a secure, non-disturbed area without competition. It is also best if he has a high-value treat, that he has it in his own space and time.

Atticus has adjusted to living in a home with a resident Golden, a small 20-lb. mix, and, a few days a week, an a 11-lb. mix belonging to my daughter. Atticus will do better without small barking dogs in his home, as he does not seem to be a fan of their activity level or their need to be talkative. He has not been cat-tested, but I have not seen any prey drive while he is out in the yard.

Atticus is just a sweet senior who loves head scritches and hanging out with his family. He is not very active and tends to be a slow mover and has not exhibited any need to play with the resident dogs. Atticus will do well in a quiet, laid-back kind of environment. He currently has free roam in my home, and everything is in its place when I get home.

If you are interested in this sweet senior, give a shout-out and we will set up a visitation.


Foster Mom finally has a new working computer, so I can finally update Atticus's notes.

Atticus doesn't seem to mind the snow we had for 2 days, but now it is almost completely gone. I wanted to get a picture of the pack playing and rolling, but my battery needed recharging and I missed the first shot of the season. Hopefully I will get some cute pictures with the next snowfall.

Atticus is improving with his resource guarding and able to take treats with the rest of the pack. But his food bowl and personal space are still a touchy subject. Therefore, I have decided that Atticus's forever home should have no children or other pets. A new observation is Atticus's prey drive which surfaced when he spotted a squirrel crossing the top of our fence. He was overly excited, jumping at the sliding glass door. So small critters are at risk with this boy. Since he is not really fond of other dogs (but does play and enjoy playing at times), Atticus would do best in a home where he is the only dog getting all the love and attention.

Atticus has free roam all the time and loves his Costco bed. He is not overly attention-seeking, preferring to relax much of the time on the bed. If you are looking for a laid-back kinda fella, this may be the one for you. Except for his resource guarding, he has been one of the easiest foster I have had the privilege to have in my home.

Our update is minus pictures, as we need to download a card reader yet. Will be playing catch-up one of these days.



To Atticus from Megan H! Happy New Year, Atticus, from Meghan H!!



Sending a new picure of Atticus with his carrot for a snack. He made short work, but is sure a messy snacker boy. He had to Hoover up all the carrot crumbs when he was finished and did a fine job cleaning up his mess.

Winter has been very kind to us in SE Iowa. We have been snowless 99% of this winter so far, except January was kind of wet and the dogs found all the muddy spots, of course. I think the spring thaw will be short and fast this year.

Atticus is such an easy fellow when it comes to routines. He has been free-roaming since almost day one. When there was a kennel set up, he would enter and spend a few minutes, but his favorite place is the dog bed next to the entertainment center. He sleeps on the same dog bed all night. Since he likes to protect his food bowl, he eats on the enclosed porch, away from the rest of the pack. Once his bowl is empty and he strolls outside, his bowl can be picked up until his next meal. Atticus is just an easy, laid-back sort of fellow who is never in a hurry to get anywhere. Well... unless he spies that squirrel, and then he gets really excited and takes on the world. If you have a home where he is the king, with no other dogs, no cats, and no children, consider this guy as a great companion.


My apologies for being so behind with Atticus's foster home notes. Plus a big thank-you for the spring token from Meghan H.

Atticus is doing well and has certainly adjusted to all the foster dogs coming and going. He is much like an old man and has been perfect in the house. He has never attempted to get on the counters or even show an interest if you eat in front of him. He has a gentle mouth for treats and gets fresh fruit or vegetable for snacks, too.

Atticus sleeps wherever he finds a comfortable spot. He does not ask to get on the furniture if that is what is preferred in your home. Rarely does he use one of the dog beds. At night, he likes to sleep in the hallway and prefers not to sleep in the bedroom. He is always in close proximity to his family wherever he lands.

Atticus is perfectly potty-trained and has never had a single accident in my house. He continues to have his own safe place to eat as he likes to protect his food bowl. He shares a water bowl with the entire pack and has no issues with it.

As far as Atticus's future home, I have asked that there be no children or other pets in the home due to his guarding behavior. It is much easier to eliminate any chance of altercation over food or toys than to act after the fact. He is a perfect companion for slow walks and ear scritches. Atticus is a very undemanding senior who enjoys the quiet life.

I do have to report that Atticus, while I was trimming his furry feet and nails, bit my wrist. I had only one puncture mark, so his warning was enough for me to stop doing his nail trim. As much as I know it is not his fault, his potential adopter needs to take Atticus to the vet for this procedure. Obviously, there has been issues with his feet in his past, and having it done at the vet with a muzzle is safer for all parties involved.

Atticus is just such a sweetie, and I know there is a perfect home for this senior gentlemen, but until then, he will stay in my home as my foster until his forever family find him.