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Tanner/Monty 16-171
(Fostered in Sioux Falls, SD)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Not required
Ages 16+
Might benefit from large, playful, confident dog; no small or older dogs
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Welcome back Tanner, now known as Monty, a 9-month-old purebred Golden. This pup was part of the group from the Missouri auction in August. He was adopted last fall and has been growing up over the last few months. He weighs 65 lbs. and is a beautiful light-colored Golden. He has gotten obedience training and knows "sit," "come," "down," and other basic commands. He walks nicely on a leash. He has been trained to walk on a treadmill, but I haven’t tried that out. Our weather has been so nice for February that we are walking 2+ miles and letting Monty become part of our pack. He is kennel trained and sleeps there. He takes treats nicely. He sits and offers his paw. He rarely barks, but will whine if he needs to go out and bark to come back in. He is housebroken and will pee and poop when you tell him to outside. For a young dog, he is well-trained and well on his way to being a great dog. Monty just needs someone patient and consistent to finish his training and might do well with a playful, confident dog to help burn off that puppy energy, or else long walks.

Monty was surrendered because he was just too energetic for his family and not the disposition they were looking for in a Golden. He also was mouthy and rough in his play with his humans. I am working on time-outs when he gets rowdy. He goes to his kennel and quiets down, and is fine when he is let out later. This is something he has to learn, and he is certainly trainable. My resident dog Bella is older (8 years old), but about his size. They wrestle and play together, and Monty is learning to quit when Bella has had enough. In his previous adoptive home, Monty was bugging the cat more and more. He might have a strong prey drive. My smaller dog is teaching him to leave her alone. She won’t wrestle with a big dog, not even Bella.

Monty was at the vet today for a wellness checkup. As a pup, he had serious problems with intestinal parasites and loose stools. The previous owners and their vets worked on this problem for months. He arrived with medicine to help his GI tract and a bag of special dog food that is very easy to digest and used to eliminate food allergies. He is eating and eliminating well and parasite-free. We are going to wean him off both the meds and special food in the next couple weeks, and see if his system is healthy and able to tolerate normal dog food. Stay tuned for the results.

Now that all that is covered, I just want to say that Monty is a sweet, happy dog who acts like other 9-month-old dogs. He has already shown signs of settling in at my house, and today when we returned from the vet, both my dogs were wagging their tails, very excited to see him. I am able to walk three dogs at once, so I know that he is a good walker. I think someone will be getting a great, highly-trained puppy who is well past the potty-training, sharp-puppy-teeth stage and on his way to being a wonderful dog. If you are interested in Monty and have the time, energy, and commitment that raising a young Golden Retriever takes, please fill out an interest form.


Week two has seen Monty settle in and understand how things will be at his foster home. He has Bella to play with and wrestle sometimes. Maggie likes to take him for an excursion in the backyard chasing squirrels and sniffing rabbits. All of us have been enjoying the warm weather and taking long walks. These help to burn off some of his energy. I found time to clean my floors, no thanks to Monty, who stole my dustpan. Then he came in with muddy paws and I cleaned the floors again. He digs to fill his time and expel energy. Bella helps. Today, we got six inches of snow, so the mud is covered up. He has been running around the yard eating snow, hiding behind bushes, and just enjoying the change in the weather and appearance of the backyard.

Healthwise, he is now weaned off his medicine. I will begin transitioning to new food this weekend and watch what that does to his digestive system.

Monty feels more at home now. He hops up on the sofa to snuggle with me or the dogs. Sometimes, he tries to squeeze into spaces much too small for his large body. He loves to chew on antlers and bones. He came with some really neat toys which are now scattered amongst our toys. I made a video of him talking to me when he was sad because my dogs were sleeping and he wanted to play. He really is a funny dog. He whined and then picked up a toy and dropped it in Bella’s face. Hint, hint, Bella. He rarely has any timeouts anymore. He willingly goes into his kennel at bedtime and when I need to leave the house. Things have settled down to the point where he naps often during the day. He loves looking out the window at the squirrels on the bird feeder or any activitiy on my street. He isn’t much of a barker.

It didn’t take long for Monty to find someone interested in adopting him. We are waiting for a home visit and then if all goes well Monty will be on his way to a new home. Until then, watch for updates.


Just a quick update on Monty. He is resting, snuggled with his new pack, Bella and Maggie. He’s watching and waiting for his forever family to come to visit him on Saturday. He had visitors, including a young girl, this last weekend. He likes sitting beside me on the sofa each night or between the other dogs. He has settled into our routines and is real good about going in his kennel at bedtime and if I have to leave the house. Our walks are long and he often picks up sticks and carries them along the way. He is a very sweet, playful pup.


Goodbye, Tanner/Monty, and welcome to your forever home, Sven. I could tell they were falling in love with him via shared pictures and emails, but would Ella like him and would he like all of them? No problem. He loved them at first sight. It was so sweet to see him giving them kisses at the door and hugs. He and Ella were busy playing together while we did the adoption paperwork.


This pup will join a household with a lovely six-year-old Golden, Ella, to play with and a Dad who’s retired and home all the time. Mom’s a nurse, and their daughter is a vet, so any health issues will be well cared for. Sven will have a lake cabin in WI, where he can learn to swim and go boating and be a lake dog. That will be a pretty nice Golden Life for him.