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Schroeder 16-212
(Fostered in Fairfax, IA)

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9/17/2016  Not required
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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Please welcome Mr. Schroeder to RAGOM! Schroeder is a 10 year old neutered male Golden Retriever that came from a shelter in Minnesota. He weighed 63 pounds at his vet visit, but should be closer to 70 or 75 pounds. He is just the nicest boy! I think that they realize how good things are when they become a member of the RAGOM family. Schroeder definitely seems thankful for a loving foster family, a soft place in a home to rest his head, and all the care and attention he could ever dream of getting.

You may notice that Schroeder is sporting a funny haircut. He had severe matting on his rear legs, tail, belly, chest, and behind his ears, and the kindest thing for us to do was to shave them off. Since they were so tight to his skin, he did have sores on his skin and he was very itchy. A few soothing baths later, and he was much more comfortable! Schroeder did great for all of his grooming – the shaving, brushing, nail trim, and even cleaning his ears. He is a very easy going dog!



Last fall, Schroeder was believed to have been hit by a car. While he didn’t suffer any broken bones, he did sustain nerve damage to his rear left leg. He also had a degloving injury to his foot on that same leg. We are unsure of what treatment he got to care for his injuries, but we do know that his family chose to surrender him to the shelter in early August, almost a year after he was injured. The shelter initially reported that he had a mass on his leg, but our RAGOM vet does not believe this is the case. We did xrays and there is no bone injury or evidence of any tendon injury or mass on xray, and there does not appear to be any masses on his leg. His wound is from the degloving injury and self-trauma. Because he did not wear an e-collar or have the wound covered, Schroeder continued to lick and re-open his leg wound, which caused it to not heal since the injury occurred last fall. Schroeder does have minimal movement in his leg, but he doesn’t use it to walk and most of the time he holds it up. As you can see in the pictures, he has no muscle mass on his injured leg. Due to this type of injury and his non-healing wound on that leg, our RAGOM vet is recommending that his leg be amputated. The good news is that his other leg is strong and healthy, his hips are excellent, and he’s already used to using just three legs. We think he will adjust very well! His surgery is scheduled for 9/26. In the meantime, we are working to get a little more weight on him and get him as healthy as we can to help him get through surgery as easily as possible. We are also doing daily bandage changes for his wound, and it already looks a lot better. If we bandage it, he leaves it alone. Sometimes I’ll leave the bandage off so it can get some air, and we have to use the e-collar, because he wants to start licking at it right away.

Schroeder did come in with a snotty nose that quickly developed into a deep cough and the vet diagnosed him with kennel cough. He started to recover as soon as he was placed on antibiotics. It’s not uncommon for dogs in a shelter situation to be exposed to kennel cough, so getting him in a home environment was critical for his health. He is almost completely back to normal from his kennel cough and we can tell he feels a lot better. At his vet visit, he did have a bad yeast infection in both ears so we started him on an ear medication. They are completely healed now and we think he is a lot more comfortable! His bloodwork showed that he was slightly anemic and had a high white count, which could be contributed to the infection and wound on his leg. We will recheck it before he has his surgery. Otherwise, all of his internal organs are within normal limits and he’s very healthy for his age! The vet wants him to gain a little bit more weight, and Schroeder loves all the delicious, high quality kibble! His heartworm test was negative, as was his fecal. Yay! He is also up to date on vaccinations. With everything he had going on, FM forgot to have them scan for a microchip, and so we will have that done at the next visit and have one inserted if he doesn’t already have one.

Schroeder is completely house trained and has been a very good houseguest. At night, he sleeps baby gated in our bedroom with our two dogs and our other foster, Lambo 16-135, and he does great. He’s more than happy to sleep in and he is quiet all night. We do crate him while we are gone just because he does have a fondness for anything stuffed. Usually it’s just toys, but he has gotten one of the stuffed dog beds at night and destuffed the whole thing! But honestly, that is his only flaw. And what dog doesn’t like to destuff toys?! We think he may not have had many toys in the past, because he really loves to chew on all of the dog toys. He will ruin anything soft or stuffed, but he will also spend hours chewing on a nylabones or kong. Schroder doesn’t bark too much (unlike our resident dogs!) and he’s just an overall wonderful companion! He attaches quickly to people and just wants someone to love him and give him attention. We do feed him in his crate since we have several dogs eating at once. The first week he did get growly whenever a dog or cat came near the kennel while he was eating, but now he is fine with it. These behaviors are not abnormal at first, as a foster needs time to settle in and know that they are in a safe environment and that they don’t have to fight for food. Schroeder gets along fabulously with cats, and does great with our dogs. He has a little less tolerance for our 12 week old foster puppy, but really, we can’t blame him there! He would do best in a home without a small yappy, in your face type of dog. Ideally, he would love to be an only dog or live with another mellow dog. He’s not much into playing with the other dogs and would much rather get attention from his people than from other dogs. Schroeder does get along well with kids, too. We have a 12 year old and an 8 year old, and he does fine with both. We think he would do best in a home with a little less commotion, so we are suggesting a home with kids over the age of 10 or so, but this is negotiable. We do not think a home with very young kids would be a good fit for him.

Do you think Schroeder might be a good fit for your family? Contact your placement advisor today! Although he won’t be able to be adopted until after his surgery and he has recovered a bit, we can still get the process started and discuss him further! Don’t miss out on this wonderful senior boy. He is as sweet as they come!


Hey Schroeder fans! Our sweet, lovable boy has news to share! Due to his foster mom needing to take an urgent mom and 3 puppies, he has moved to another foster home nearby. The good news is that they are close and he can still visit! Plus, his new foster home loves him just as much as we do! Schroeder is an only dog there, and he is really enjoying all the one on one attention.

Schroeder had his recheck vet visit this week to make sure his CBC bloodwork had improved enough for surgery. The good news is that it has! He has also gained weight and is up to around 70 pounds. His leg amputation surgery is scheduled for Monday 9/26 in Des Moines. He will spend a night or two in the hospital, then he will be able to come home. Dogs usually heal very quickly from amputation surgeries. He already doesn't use the leg much, so it won't be much of a change for him!

We were a little early to the vet appointment so we decided to walk around Petsmart so he could pick out a treat and a new toy. He did great meeting dogs and he found a stuffed football toy to bring home. I thought he would destuff it right away, but it did manage to survive for several hours!


We will update more after his surgery!






Schroeder’s rear leg amputation went well and he is officially on the mend. He is adjusting pretty well to life with three legs but is still very slow to get up and lay down. He seems pretty sore but his pain is under control and we are keeping him comfortable and happy. The site swelling is going down a little bit everyday and he will only continue to improve! Right now he won’t go up or down more than a couple stairs. This will change once he gets more comfortable with his coordination - still just apprehensive about what he can and cannot do. He didn’t use his leg too much before it was amputated but it’s still a big change for him. He is very healthy otherwise so we are hoping he will be back to bouncing around in no time. He’s the perfect mellow companion for someone looking for a quiet buddy to follow them around.

His amazingly sweet personality has continued to shine through. Schroeder’s adorable brown eyes will make your heart melt. He is so trusting and cannot get enough human attention. He will slowly lean into you when you pet him - always trying to get a little bit closer. He has the infamous ‘sleepy face’ after a long nap that you can’t help but smile at. He will cuddle all day if you let him and loves to put his head on your leg or in your lap while he naps. Even when he seems sound asleep he knows right away if you lift your hand from petting him! He is responsive to corrections and is eager to please.

His cute little lion tail will continue to wag until the next update!





Schroeder had some incision issues over the weekend so is having lots of drainage and will require dressing changes every day for awhile. He is the perfect patient and stands very still for all of his care. He is still not comfortable with multiple stairs but he has mastered hopping on his three legs to get around. He mostly rests all day on his blankets - he’s a quiet, calm old guy that just wants to be petted and told he's handsome. His skin is getting healthier now that he is getting lots of good nutrition but still has very itchy, flaky skin. This will only continue to improve though.

His legs are so long that he often crosses his paws while laying .. making him look very distinguished! :)




Schroeder should be in a home that has minimal stairs. He will also do better with carpeted flooring - main flooring in the house shouldn't be hardwood, linoleum, or have lots of loose rugs. He sometimes struggles with footing if moving side to side or backwards and cannot afford to hurt his other leg! He does well moving/hopping forward. We go on a couple short walks everyday; he usually gets tired after a couple blocks but enjoys being outside.

He still needs to wear a cone whenever we are not in the same room as him as he will try to lick his incision or bite/itch his skin and open up sores. Poor guy! He needs to be bathed every 2-3 days with a medicated wash that seems to be helping a bit. His coat is definitely starting to look shinier with a healthy diet!

Schroeder tolerates other mellow dogs if properly introduced. He doesn't like other dogs in his face and will growl and sometimes snap, especially if it's a puppy or smaller dog. It's not inappropriate but he would probably prefer to be the only dog in the home. He lives for human attention but is not looking for a playmate.





Schroeder's incision is almost completely healed – there is still one part that needs to scab over. His new coat is growing in so he wears this adorable overcoat outside otherwise he gets cold and starts to shiver! 



He doesn’t require a lot of exercise – he likes to go on short ‘hops’ (walks). He is very content with snuggling all day – when you sit down on the floor he immediately plops down on you and begs to be petted. He does not like when you stop petting him and is needy for attention, but some might see this is as positive because he is very loving. He is very social with people and makes friends very quickly – his famous ‘lean’ against people’s leg with a nudge to pet him is irresistible. He doesn’t like being left alone – will rarely play with his bones or chew toys when you are gone, so would like to be in home where his humans are home most of the time. He still needs to wear a cone (inflatable soft cone now) so he doesn’t bother his healing incision or itch/lick/bite his legs. We are still bathing him 1-2 times a week with a special shampoo since he smells and has itchy dander.

He has some trouble getting into cars and does pretty well getting out. He seems to enjoy car rides but needs to be monitored closely as he chewed through his leash while on a car ride yesterday!





Schroeder enjoys naps - especially naps with his head in his humans lap. He will make you feel loved! He doesn't like younger dogs or those with lots of energy but might tolerate an older, very mellow dog .. as long as he still gets most of the attention. He gets jealous and can be pretty needy - he just really loves being petted.

He has free roam of the house while we are at work during the day. No destructive behaviors. Walks pretty well on a leash. Needs a home with mostly carpeted flooring.








Hi everyone! Schroeder here.

I was told that two very generous people named Mary and Carl donated to sponsor me!! I feel so special and loved!

THANK YOU Mary and Carl!


Schroeder’s skin and paws are finally starting to improve! Hooray! He has been scratching less and smelling much better. He is less hesitant when hopping up the stairs - it’s so fun to see him feeling better and healthier every day.

He loves to toss and whip toy ropes around right after he comes in from the cold.





Schroeder is looking handsome after a bath, brush, and nail trim!

Time for a nap.



Sweet Schroeder loves snuggling on the couch. His new coat is coming in so soft and his itchy skin and paws continue to improve!


Schroeder is a wonderful ‘only-child’! He steals the hearts of everyone that stops by our house as he is very sweet and affectionate. He very rarely barks - will occasionally make a cute little Chewbacca sound when trying to get more attention after you stop petting him. He is laid back but likes to go for walks and car rides. He has mastered getting into the back seat of the car by hopping onto the floor behind the drivers seat and then up on the seat. He cannot jump and doesn't like to be lifted - unsure if he would use a ramp to get into an SUV or higher car.

He can be slow to get up but is getting around pretty well on three legs! He slips easily on linoleum and hard wood floors - he definitely prefers to stay on carpeted surfaces.

He does fine with older, mellow adult dogs that he has been introduced to. He loves people and would do best in a calm, slower environment. He is the perfect not-so-little cuddle bug!




All stretched out!

Schroeder is tolerating the cold weather - he needs encouragement to go outside and go potty but gallops in afterwards and is very playful for a bit! It doesn't take much to wear him out. It's fun to see him shake a rope and play without stumbling over! Slowly but surely getting stronger and more agile.


Sweet senior Schroeder is having a pretty good week. His back paw is still bothering him a bit because he's recovering from a skin infection and has had to adjust his gait with only three legs. He has free roam, is not destructive, and doesn't jump up on furniture. He would be a great fit for a low key owner looking for a sweet, snuggly, senior companion. His eyes will melt your heart!

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Merry Christmas, Buddy, from Bea (16-247)  Merry Christmas, Buddy, from Bea (16-247)

Merry Christmas, Schroeder! From Lisa B.  Merry Christmas, Schroeder! From Lisa B.



Schroeder had a rough week with a probable prostate issue. He will be on a medication for the next couple weeks then will be reevaluated. Keep your paws crossed he bounces back and starts feeling better soon!






It is with a broken heart that I notify you of Schroeder's passing yesterday, 2/6/2017.

I cannot even begin to explain the happiness, joy, and love he brought to my life. He was truly the sweetest, most loving boy and is already missed inexplicably. I am so thankful he was rescued by RAGOM and lived his final months comfortable, happy, and deeply loved.

Thank you RAGOM volunteers for making a difference in this sweet, deserving boy's life.

Schroeder's foster mom, Molly C.