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Bobby 16-140
(Fostered in Brooklyn Park, MN)

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This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Bobby is now a RAGOM boy. He is 6 years old with a deep dark red coat color and a large white patch on his chest with some white on his four toes. Bobby is a golden mix and is a very petite size weighing in at only 44 lbs. His current weight is felt to be ideal by the vet.

Bobby was surrendered to a shelter because the owner could not afford his medical care. You see, Bobby has had severe chronic ear infection which caused abscessed areas to develop on each side of his face in front of his ears. Bobby had drains on each side of his face which he decided had been in long enough so he managed to get them out even with a very large cone on his head.

At our vet appointment it was decided that could stay out but the cone must remain so he does not use his feet to scratch his face. Bobby now needs to be evaluated to see if we can save his hearing. He is up to date with his vaccinations. Bobby also needs to be neutered but if he requires surgery hopefully they can do that at the same time. More to come after our appointment next week. He has a fantastic personality, free roaming since day 2, no accidents or marking behavior, and the best for last a real cuddle bug for sure.

Bobby's care will be expensive if he requires surgery to remove his ear canals and he will be become deaf at the same time. If you would love to help in Bobby's care he would love to claim you as his sponsor.

I want to take time to thank the staff, the shelter, and our wonderful volunteer Rona for pulling this beautiful boy so he could be saved. I also want to pass out cyber hugs to all the volunteers who came into his life for a reason and drove all the way to Albert Lee to meet me with this urgent boy. THANK YOU!


"G'ma (temp) loves you!" -Anonymous friend


Bobby has moved to a new foster home in the Twin Cities. He has had a long few weeks, but has recovered beautifully from ear surgery and from abscesses on his face as a result of his severe ear infections. He is all better now, with just a little while left on antibiotics, and is ready to find his very own forever home!

He did end up having to have his ear canals removed to relieve his chronic ear infections. It left him mostly deaf, but he can still hear some loud noises, and he hears much better in the house where there isn’t so much other noise. We think he must hear like you would if you had ear plugs in… everything is muffled, but you can still sort of hear.

In the time we have had Bobby, we have learned a lot about him. He’s one of the sweetest little guys I’ve ever met! He gets along great with other dogs, and is ok with cats, although he does like to chase them till they tell him to back off. He’s a huge snuggler, and doesn’t like to be alone, so I think he would do best with someone who is home a lot, or a home with other dogs to keep him company when his people are gone. He’s kind of cautious around new dogs at first, but he warms up, and though he isn’t super playful, sometimes the mood strikes him and he and his foster brother will get to wrestling. He reads other dogs pretty well, and doesn’t try to play with his foster sister since he knows she can be a little crabby sometimes.

One thing to note about Bobby is that he likes to jump fences! He requires a tie out here at his foster home, as we only have a four foot fence. He goes over it like it’s not even there! He does fine when we visit his foster grandma and grandpa with their six foot fence. Because he’s mostly deaf after his ear surgery, it’s hard to depend on calling him to get his attention, so we always use the tie out. He does have a pretty high prey drive, which is usually what prompts him to try to jump the fence. He is quite the mouser and has pretty much cleaned out the population of our wood pile! He doesn’t usually try to eat them, but likes to bring them to us. He must be mixed with some kind of pointer, because he goes into a perfect point when he sees some little critter he wants!

He is a pretty quiet boy for the most part, although he will bark if he wants to come in, or go out, or if the other dogs start barking. He does pull on the leash, but is getting better about that with consistent training. He does pull surprisingly hard to such a small boy! And watch out if he sees a bunny or a squirrel, or you might find yourself being pulled after it whether you want to go or not!

He is very smart, and learns quickly, including things you might not want him to learn, like opening the front screen door, for instance! He watches everything you do, and is very observant!

If you think Bobby might make the perfect companion for you, please visit our website and fill out our adoption questionnaire!


Bobby has had a rough few weeks. Just when we thought he had beaten the infection in his face, it returned. He needed to have another surgery to clean out the area, and has continued to have a hard time kicking his infection. He is on a strong antibiotic, and a drain was placed in the abscessed area to help keep his swelling down while the antibiotic takes effect. He will need several more weeks of medication, and then will be kept in his foster home a few weeks beyond that to make sure that the infection is really gone, and that it won’t come back again as soon as he stops his antibiotic.

He will be unavailable until we are certain he is healed. We want to make sure he is healthy before he gets a forever home!


Bobby here! I thought I would take a minute and update all my fans, since my foster mom seems to be behind in that!

I need to thank Lindsey for the nice Christmas decoration for my page! You must be just like my foster mom… at her house there were lights and decorations everywhere, as you can see from the pictures in my last update… they were great, but I got in trouble when I tried to steal a loose pine cone from one of the garlands… What fun is that stuff unless you can chew on it?! Even though the decorations weren’t all that fun, Christmas sure was! Foster Mom and Dad had the whole family over, and let me tell you, being adored is exhausting! I got lots of treats and toys, and me and my foster siblings slept all day the day after everything was over. Then, just when I thought we were going to get back to normal, we had another party for New Years! These people sure like to party a lot!

Luckily, haven’t had any more parties since then, and I have been able to catch up on my beauty sleep! I am still hanging out here in my foster home, just waiting to get the all clear from my doctor. I went to the vet today, and I have to be on the medicine for a few more days until they get my lab results (whatever those are) and then they will decide if I can quit. Then, I guess I have to hang out here for a while longer until my foster mom is satisfied that that big bump on my face won’t be coming back. I sure hope not, because that hurt a lot! The only good thing about this whole mess has been the great friends I have at the vet now. I don’t even worry when Foster Mom drops me off for the day, since everyone is so cool there, and gives me so much attention!

Here's hoping I get the green light soon, and I can start the search for my very own family!


Merry Christmas, Bobby, from Lindsay.  Feel better soon! Merry Christmas, Bobby, from Lindsay. Feel better soon!



I guess we spoke too soon about being able to get Bobby off his meds, and on his way to his forever home. Just a few days after his last update, he sprung another leak (aka, he had another abscess develop), so our next step is going to be an MRI to see if we can get any more answers to why his infection just can’t stay away.


Specialized care like this is very costly, so if you are able to donate to Bobby’s care, he would appreciate it greatly! I hope to be able to update with more (good) news soon!


Happy Valentine's Day, Bobby! You are loved.  From Cheerie S. Happy Valentine's Day, Bobby! You are loved. From Cheerie S.



Bobby (or “The Goob”, as he’s become known at our house… Or, more formally, “Mr. Robert Gooberstein”) has had a lot going on lately, so I’ve been a bad FM and haven’t updated his page recently! A huge thank you to Bobby’s previous foster mom for the valentine for his page! He was thrilled that you thought of him, and he sends you a snuggle!

Bobby went in for a CT scan to see if we could find out what was causing this awful recurrent infection. On that scan, they were able to see a pocket of infection that was still lurking way down near his ear drum (which is still intact after his ear canal surgery). So, last week, Bobby underwent a third surgery to try to clear out that area. This has been a tough surgery to recover from, and we are still awaiting the results of his most recent culture so we can get him started on an antibiotic that this bug isn’t resistant to. He’s still got a long road ahead of him, and there are no guarantees that this was the final fix, although we are certainly keeping our paws crossed that it is! He’s really a little trooper, and hasn’t lost an ounce of his sweetness through all of this!


Sweet little Bobby has been recovering slowly but surely since his last surgery. The good news is, he’s finally feeling a lot better than he has been! He has once again been excited for his walks, and is back to playing with his foster brother a little, and bugging me to throw a ball for him. He has been loving all this nice weather! One of his favorite things is to lounge on the deck in the sun.

The bad news is that, unfortunately, he is still having an issue with the abscess on his face, so we have been keeping him bandaged all the time to keep it from accumulating on the surrounding skin and irritating it. He has been going in to see the vet twice a week for the last few weeks to re-check him, and change his bandages. Last week, they decided to try giving him targeted injections of an antibiotic gel directly into the opening for the wound on his face. The hope is that this will kick start the healing, and when paired with his oral antibiotic, will help that spot to clear up. Paws crossed that this will be the thing that finally works for him!