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Molly 16-128
(Fostered in Sioux Falls, SD)

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Beau 14-117 and the Myers Family
"Wishing you all the best, Molly!"

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The Areys
We love you, Molly!!"


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Here is Miss Molly.  She is a 12 year old GR/Lab rescue girl from the local shelter.  She was dropped off at the shelter with a wound on the side of her face and quite sad, but she is now a RAGOM girl.  Since coming into foster care, she is doing very well.  We are still trying to clear up the wound, which we are not sure what it is/was from but are slowly progressing.  For this reason, Molly is currently unavailable.  She needed to wear the dreaded ‘hat/cone” for a while as the wound easily broke open and was tempting to scratch. 

/pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128c3.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128c2.jpg

She is doing very well with her 2 rescued Ragom sisters, Shadow and Mandy, both of whom are seniors as well.  She enjoys her walks and is housetrained.  She has no issues with people and is a very gentle soul.  Molly has had a very unfortunate past but now is having a very good ‘new beginning’ and will only get the best care from here forward.  She is about 74# and is a yellow/blonde girl.  She is also deaf.  She is current on vaccinations and has been on a couple different antibiotics to clear up her wound.  She rides very well in the car and does great with the other 2 senior resident dogs.  More to come on this lovely senior girl!

/pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128c1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128c4.jpg


Senior girl Molly is doing well and is continuing to grab our hearts and continues unfortunately, to have her ‘face’ issues for which she is all but oblivious to! First, she has just an outstanding personality and is melding in so well with Mandy and Shadow and all the variety of personal matters that have come up lately, and being so patient and tolerant.  Also with the horrid weather with the heat.  Someone is with her almost all the time at home. Many times when there is a matter to attend to, they all go with.  She is fine in the van for the most part now; in the beginning was a little nervous/curious.  She is handling ALL of the hands-on, challenging medical care she currently needs every day. What a trooper!  You would never guess by her ‘doggie’ standards, that she is still in strict medical care having a home-made cone on for weeks now 24/7, medicines, draining the flushing of this ‘wound’ ----- which continues to be an obstacle to get rid of yet and Molly seems to take it in stride!!  She still loves her daily walks, her daily attention and is a trooper taking all her ongoing meds from her facial tissue injury/infection.


On the 19th of July she needed to have a surgical procedure to remove/inspect the facial infection on the side of her face.  Even after strict antibiotic program, cleaning, etc., she needed to have this surgically looked at because is just was not healing and still oozing and the wound constantly peeling open. Molly came into the shelter with this ‘facial issue’ and the source is unknown.   She had debris removed and there was a lot of thickening tissue in the site.   Doctor is trying to salvage the nerves in the face however there is still cellulitis remaining in the site and unsure of outcome at this time.   A drain was inserted which needs to be flushed daily, she remains on antibiotics, and unfortunately the dreaded head cone, and need to protect her stitches on the site.  Gosh, so much for a senior girl to go through!!


She had a short re-check on the 24th and unfortunately there remains drainage which should be clearing up soon.  We need to remain on the current routine to see if things do not improve more and this draining clears up, then go back in for another re-check on Friday, the 29th and see where things are at and what the prognosis is.  If the vet has to go back surgically, it will be deep and there is a big facial nerve at risk as one factor……

*****IF you would like to or could SPONSOR (or donate) to this wonderful senior girl????  The tabs (red) are at the top of their web page to donate or sponsor below her name!  We thank you so much for your support of these rescue dogs and reading their rescue stories. We can always use your support and help. Molly has really been through so much since being in foster care and is such a good girl….. HOPING this clears up and heals!!!  More to come…..


First, this is one wonderful, loving beautiful senior girl!  She adores her FM & FD!  She does so well with her residents in the home (2 seniors) and meeting and greeting other dogs and people.  She has a stellar personality.  She is handling all the chronic medical issues in stride, just totally amazing.  Things are not healing well yet, new open wound sores are appearing and they are still being cleaned out 2-3X a day with a syringe liquid/flushing, cleaning off on the outside, and yes, is STILL wearing a cone (which is home made to help her about), changed daily and Molly still so very tolerant and patient.  Like she ‘knows’ you want to take care of her and this is just part of her life now.  All the meds and antibiotics, checking and re-checking.  Totally amazing senior girl- the best there is! A couple days ago she did get her drain out which had been inserted and her stitches out from earlier surgery.  Unfortunately there are no answers yet.  Another culture has been done and sent off to hopefully see what else there is.  There is an infection inside going on but no answers to what the cause is to date.  Another specialist will be looking at the findings as well and vet minds put together in hopes of locating some sort of answer.  Unfortunately the “hat-cone” needs to remain on so she does not scratch open her wound on her face.  We are hoping for some new conclusions/directions next week as to a possibility where this facial infection is coming from (which she came into the shelter with).  Please consider SPONSORING this lovely senior???  She has grabbed the hearts of many!! What a great girl and we are so thankful to be in our RAGOM care.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128e1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128e2.jpg



Molly's vet tests came back as negative for bacterial or fungal infections, so the next step in resolving her continuously draining facial wound is another surgery scheduled for next week. This sweet girl is so tolerant of her issues and all the cleaning that needs to be done on her wound. Please consider sponsoring or donating for this love bug to recover from this situation.

WHOO HOO!  Thank you SPONSORS!  You help make our rescue keep going!  BIG thanks from Molly & her foster family to Beau 14-117 and the Myers family!! Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Molly had yet another surgery Friday, September 9, in an attempt to discover what is causing her facial wound to keep from healing all these months, as it continued to drain constantly. Molly STILL has to wear a 'hood/cone' to keep this area protected from a possible scratch, rub, etc. (poor girl).  Unfortunately we don't have any definite answers yet.  The vets, (yes 2, a surgical vet who came all the way to Sioux Falls and our local RAGOM vet) did not find any obvious foreign body that could be the culprit. Together this team worked on her until 8:30 at night. 

They sent tissue samples/biopsies that were removed for further tests & we await those results.  Molly survived the surgery quite well considering and so far, is doing ok.  She has a 'droopy eye' as there is a big facial nerve at the surgical site (see photo).  We are doing everything we can for this RAGOM girl and just adore her.  Thank you RAGOM for taking Molly into rescue and under your 'wing' and out of a very poor situation which would have had a much different ending.  Molly is a trooper for sure!  More to come....



"In memory of Maddie 08-365." -Don Carlson

"Best wishes." -Anonymous friend



Molly's last surgery did not solve the drainage problem on her face. We had fashioned a homemade cone for her face that wasn't as obtrusive as the big lampshade one & lined it with papertowels that had to be changed constantly from the drainage all these months.  She tolerated every injustice because she was so happy to have the attention.  Neither her vets nor biopsies taken could find any foreign object causing the problem.  They decided it required an MRI & imaging MRI which is how they found an abscess in her left ear canal & bone calcification.  Dr R operated last Tuesday to remove her ear canal while she was already sedated from MRI's.  She was deaf when we got her, so she's used to that as this procedure causes hearing loss. Dr R said most likely this was caused by poor ear hygiene & ear infections left untreated. We can't tell you how thankful we are that they found the problem & hopefully she'll heal quickly & can toss out her cone. She's resting & doing well at this point & will be re-checked in 2 weeks . We thank God, her doctors, her sponsors & RAGOM for this positive result.



Molly's healing & feeling so much better.  Will see Drs this Friday for checkup after last surgery.



First and most importantly, special thanks go out to Molly's sponsors, Beau 14-117 and the Myers Family!! Your help with Molly's medical bills is greatly appreciated!

Molly's checkup appt changed and is rescheduled for later this month. We conferred with Dr. R via email and sent pics of her progress. Dr. R is very happy with how she looks and the fact there's no discharge from her ear or face. There is a very remote chance this could reoccur, so we'll be vigilant. She has been cleared for walks and some off-leash play. WOO HOO.  Thans for all your thoughts and prayers.


Molly got good news from her surgeon, Dr R. yesterday. She's healed nicely & no complications.

On her last visit to Dr. Krenik, he prescribed otomax because her good ear had some swelling inside & also more artificial tears because there has been some damage to her left eyelid not closing properly due to the multiple surgeries to her face. She will need that administered several times a day for life. He also took some lumbar/thoracic x-rays because she was having trouble with her back legs splaying out & back with involuntary spasms that cause her to somewhat lose balance in her back end. He thought it was neurological & the x-rays indicated severe spondylosis. She is now on pain meds for life but does better walking & the "spasms" aren't as frequent as they were (10-15/day down to 3-5/day now). She had a little of this behavior when she came as a foster but she was a pretty silly dog back then being active, jumpy & goofy so we didn't pay too much attention to it because we were focused on her face problem. Plus she was on pain meds & antibiotics because of her face since June until about 3 weeks ago when they were all finished because her face & ear were healing so well. As the meds wore off the hip/spinal issues worsened. Now we'll see how she does with this new med regime & cross fingers. At her age there is nothing surgical to correct this condition.

But Molly is very happy to be done with her surgeries & is now cone-free & loving life. She's allowed some walks & she's raring to go! Course we got 6 inches of snow yesterday so walks aren't a good idea until the roads & sidewalks are melted. We have to keep her from jumping & horsing around which is a challenge. Thanks again to her sponsors. We so appreciate your help. Thanks also for everyone's thoughts & prayers.


Molly's latest pix. She's wearing homemade Rubbermaid shelf-liner booties in the one pix becuause they help keep her back legs from slipping on the tile floor & outside on the snow.  She doesn't seem to mind them & doesn't try to rip them off. What a good girl she is. Her foster parents are soooo happy to be at this point in her health issues.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128i1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Molly16128i2.jpg


Thanks so much to the latest donors for Molly. She's doing well & so glad to not have to wear her cone. Her face has healed nicely & there's no sign of anything coming back. Her back legs still give out unexpectedly & then we up her pain meds & carry on. She's such a good girl. We understand the pain meds won't work forever and her spondylosis will get worse but we'll take each day as it comes. Molly & her fosters wish everyone, especially her wonderful donors, a very Merry Christmas. Ours will be, and Molly & her resident sister Shadow will be spoiled rotten. Thanks again to RAGOM for the awesome care.


First, thank you so much to Molly's sponsors! So very much appreciated.

Molly was such a mess when she came to RAGOM but now after all the surgeries,  procedures & meds, Molly is doing well on her medication regime. No side effects that we can see. Her face has healed & we hope the abscess never comes back or spreads to her other ear. Still some problems with swelling in the other ear but medication keeps the swelling at bay.

She's a very happy girl & wants to jump & horse around but with her spondylosis we have to keep her calm. We're keeping close eyes on any more deterioration in the use of her back legs. Whenever they splay out, we give an additional pain med & that keeps her going.

She is deaf & can't hear anything but looks to resident dog Shadow for what's happening & however Shadow responds, Molly joins in. Shadow likes being in charge & setting the pace. Although Molly can't hear, if she sees Shadow barking, she barks. So funny.

Thanx again for everybody's interest & concern. Molly especially thanks RAGOM for "saving" her.



Merry Christmas, Molly, from Tara B! Merry Christmas, Molly, from Tara B!



Molly is continuing her meds to maintain her pain & mobility due to the spondylosis. It seems to be under control. No incidents of her back legs giving out recently. She has been chewing her feet & part of one paw pad off which we treat with anti-itch medication & put a sock on to keep her from getting to it. But as soon as it heals she's back at it!!  Otherwise she's a happy girl. Thanks again to her sponsors. We appreciate you. 


Sweet Molly is doing well and is comfortable, thanks to her pain meds. She's added Apoquel to her list as she's had some itchies get out of control on her feet and chewed off a part of her paw pad.  We continue to keep an eye on her back legs and give Deramaxx when they give out. She gets short walks several times a day, which she really looks forward to. She'd like to go so much further but then her back legs act up. She's such a tolerant and sweet girl and is so happy to be in RAGOM. Continuing thanks for her sponsors and friends.


This is a final entry for Miss Molly girl who has been with us almost a year now.  After several physical ups and downs, major surgeries, doctor appointments and medications, Miss Molly has now JOINED our family as a permanent member!  We love and adore Molly and we are so happy to have her as a part of our family and Shadow’s sister.  Happy happy day!