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Yogi 16-112
(Fostered in Richfield, MN)

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In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
7/12/2016  Yes  10+  Yes  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


​Welcome Yogi to RAGOM!!!

This handsome, svelte golden retriever like boy is loving his new Ragom life. He was surrendered in South Dakota with a buddy by a family that was moving. His buddy was adopted out immediately and Yogi was left behind at the shelter for almost 2 weeks before they called Ragom. He was 41# at the time.

A week later his Foster Dad met his temp foster in Delano where we had to lift him into his truck, and tie him in. Yogi was not comfortable being in the car. He had a bloody eye and was basically skin and bones. At the vet the next day, he passed with flying colors, his eye was looking better and he was up to 45#.

He and his Foster Brother (Duke 12-257) went to his first Meet and Greet where he did good. He found a friendly female Foster Mom that gave him lots of love. He greeted other dogs well, including Copper, and even got along with his Foster Step Sister (Daisy 15-123) who stopped by to see her Foster Dad. Daisy is a bundle of joyful energy who just loves her FD!

He was however terrified when 3 younger children came up to pet him. His FD saw his lips curl, but he put up with it. FD assumes he's not comfortable with kids. He was also being cuddled by another Ragom FM at the time so did do ok.

The following weekend we had a less successful Meet and Greet in White Bear Lake. He doesn't like it when someone touches his back end and he's not expecting it. I see it when I tap his butt when he's laying on the floor and I want him to move (He leaps to his feet and jumps away). He and Duke are vocal, and Yogi lunged at someone, when I pulled both dogs back, Duke stepped on him and Yogi bit his foot. These types of events are very stressful to a dog, and he isn't confident enough at this time. Tundra was also there, and we never did introduce the two of them. There was another female golden he had no interest in.

He has had a few troubling behaviors we're working on. With patience and love he'll get over these.

  • He has snarl and growl off's with Duke. Usually when Food or Attention is not on him. But they both often lay on both sides of Dad's lazy boy and growl softly back and forth at each other.
  • He needs slow introductions, especially with Men. We're working on proper introductions at the door. Note that Duke also is assertive in greeting people as the only reason anyone comes to the house is to give Duke love... ;)
  • He doesn't like leaving his house or back yard. We can walk about 1/4 block before he really wants to go home. FD also has to drag him out to the car, but he jumps right up into the back now.
  • He's not totally house trained, often is doing #2 in the house, every 2-3 days. He's only done #1 on FD's pillow and bed which is probably his insecurity. This hasn't happened in the last couple of weeks. He also does #2 on cement or hard wood which is much better than Daisy 15-123 who was trained to go on carpet.
  • He's vocal. He'll sing along to the ambulance's when they go by. When excited (like FD comes home) he has a high pitched shrill bark that lets the neighborhood know his Dad is home. He'll do the same high pitched yelp when his best friends come to visit.
  • He helps himself to food. He gained 6# in 2 weeks mostly by helping himself to food left laying on the counter (The fridge is safe). 
  •  Including:
  • 3 jars of peanut butter.
  • 1 can of baked beans.
  • 1 can of chili.
  • 4 Chicken Breasts (fried).
  • 1 PB&J sandwich.


He tried an SOS pad from under the sink and found that really wasn't very good.

FD had a dozen men over for a game party, and Yogi was very good when everyone is sitting. Standing up does make him nervous.

He is extremely sweet and cuddly. He really wants to please. He looks directly into your eye and wants to feel safe. I'm pretty sure he had a rough life before Ragom. He loves to retrieve, but sometimes doesn't want to release the ball. He allows other dogs to retrieve without issue.

He needs a physical fence, not so much to keep him at home as to make him feel safe.

Older kids would be ok, if they know dogs.

Another confident dog, preferably female (avoid male dominance).

He's been cat tested and ignored it.

He loves to carry something to greet you. Game controllers and TV remotes (1-2) are acceptable substitutes for balls.


Yogi is an exceptionally sweet boy that really, really, REALLY loves his Foster Dad.

He's looking for a home with someone who has patience and loves to work through issues, but will in return give lot's of love. He has progressed quite a bit since he came to live in Richfield with Foster Brother Duke (Resident Dog).

He still has all the issues I posted about in July, but gets along with Duke much better. He is also very good with loving visitors (after an initial barking greeting). Once he recognizes who it is, esp. frequent visitors, he is relentless in getting and giving love.

He stayed with another Foster family and did great! The Foster Mom called him 'a little twit' as he would only do his business with the Foster Dad. He loved Fred and enjoyed being right next to Fred. While women are ok for getting love, his heart is with his new dad.

He still is very uncomfortable about leaving his 'safe' place - he's ok when being driven, but starts to panic when 1/2 block away on a walk. We just started him on a new anti-anxiety drug he happily takes (with a bit of peanut butter). We tried Prozac, but he had seizures. No seizures without Prozac.

We're pretty sure he was abused in his former life. He wakes up suddenly and starts growling at Duke as if he was being attacked. Duke is a 12 yo fat lab/golden mix who is usually sleeping on the ground near him, or at the other end of the couch.

He loves soft treats and will quickly sit to get one. It's ok if Duke gets one too.

He is fairly vocal.

  • The warning Bark (my neighborhood is apparently swarming with bad guys). The high pitch announcement to the world that FD is home.
  • The moans and sounds of pleasure as he let's FD know he was missed.
  • He sing with sirens.

So if you're looking for a therapy dog to visit nursing homes with, look on. If you're looking for a dog that can steal your heart, and you have the love and patience consider this sweet boy.

He Loves looking you in the eyes.


"Best wishes." -Anonymous friend



Yogi has become a happy, good looking dog after being fostered in RAGOM!  There are many things he now loves:

  • Car Rides!!!  Initially he was terrified, but now gets very excited.  It's been a little bit of training for him to learn to wait for the hatch to be opened, and that he can't fly through the closed door.
  • Food.  He loves to eat.  He makes his happy dog bark and jumps into the air waiting for his food.  He now sits and waits for the food to go into his bowl.  He still helps himself to anything left out.  He's no longer too skinny with his ribs showing and now has a bit of heft to him.  He was 41# when he came into RAGOM and is now probably 55#.  He helped himself to 1.5 bags of candy for Halloween, saving his dad from eating what was left over.  The back yard had quite a few white pieces of paper - I'll resist posting pictures.
  • Walks.  Initially he was terrified and would panic when he was out of sight of 'home' and wanted to go back.  He didn't like to leave the backyard where he felt safe.  The other day he let himself (with Duke following) into the neighbor's house to greet their cats.
  • People.  Initially I was worried as he greeted people very aggressively, he now barks then shifts into 'admire my ball' mode quickly.  He loves getting attention and follows 'dad' everywhere.
  • Balls.  He's happy carrying up to 3 tennis balls around.  If he has 1, it can be hard to take if from him.  2 or more means one is easy and he likes to play and retrieve.
  • He did very well with everyone coming to the door on Halloween.  He especially loved the "Treat" portion of Trick or Treat!!!
  • He loves when Dad comes home, leaping into the air with his happy barks.
While we don't know much about his background, I'm pretty sure he was abused and also was beat up by another dog.  While he often 'loves' his brother Duke (12-257), he'll also wake up growling and snapping at the air as if Duke was threatening him.  Sometimes he growls as he sleeps.

November 20th we'll be attending a class on reactive dogs, as it's not every dog that sets him off.  So another dog is not recommended for this sweet boy.  He now gets 'time outs' in the guest bedroom.

Some of the time I think he's trying to get Duke to play.  Duke is 12+ years old with weak hips and doesn't like to have another whippersnapper bouncing off his shoulder.

He still occasionally marks inside the house, so he's a work in progress. 

Many of FD's friends would love to take him home as he does have quite a personality, butut they aren't in a position to take him.



Foster Dad has been lax on keeping everyone up with my exciting new RAGOM life.  

But I love him, so that's ok.  He's been a little under the weather, so I'm not getting all the walks I want, and I do now love them.  Food is still my first love.  I hear sometimes new presidents make changes, so maybe he'll pronounce that all friendly dogs should get 2nd breakfasts.  Sounds good to me!

I'm so much more comfortable now in my foster home, I even like Duke (12-257) most of the time.  Here's a rare picture of me snuggling up to him.  

And I like the soft couch - especially with pillows!   Yogi was here!!!

And of course there are lots of toys - I do respect Duke if he has them, and he lets me have them also!!!  I'm not very good on giving them up (loves to show everyone he has 'the' toy in my mouth, but FD figured out that if I'm carrying more than one, they're easy to remove.

I've changed so much since I came into RAGOM.  It's great!!!  I was 41# of skin and bones and now look healthy.  I do help myself to anything left on the counter, and FD gets mad when he leaves the once-full garbage can out.  Last night I scored 2 mini blueberry muffins!!!

I was terrified of car rides.  FD had to pick me up and tie me into the truck at first.  Now I just jump right in!!!  I did need to learn to wait for FD to open the hatch, and FD has a glorious dog bed I can lay on in the back (Duke is insistent that he gets shotgun).  I stay in the truck until we get home, or FD drags me out to one of those Meet and Greets where I get lot's of loving.

I was terrified of walks and being out of sight of the house.  Now Duke and I took ourselves for a walk while FD was hauling grocery bags into the house.  I am very good on coming when FD calls (Duke needs some work).

I viewed any stranger as probable Jason or Freddie Krueger scary men.  Now I just love any of my FD's 2 legged friends as long lost friends.  Each person is my favorite person, until the next person shows up.  I still bark, I have the surprise bark when you might be a scary person who wants to hurt me, which transfers into the high pitched yap when I recognize you as a friend, followed by a long discussion on how much I've missed you muffled by the ball, toy, or TV remote in my mouth.  Occasionally I use my skill at emulating a siren, but only in the back yard.

I do bark at people going by the house, Duke especially warns about the super scary guy that comes every day and messes around the front door.  We don't believe FD that that's just the mailman.  But we successfully scare him away!!!  Every day.

I now do all my business in the back yard (except sometimes a pellet pops out when I'm excited).  FD doesn't mind as it's not much, and cleans right up with a paper towel.

And FD has signed me up for a class - for reactive dogs. I'm usually pretty good at our meet and greets but other dogs scare me so I know if I act tough, like a junk yard dog, they'll leave me alone.  I'm only occasionally growling at Duke, and FD settles me right down.  Apparently Duke is allowed on the other end of the 12' couch if I'm up there snuggled next to FD (or any one else who might give me some loving).
I will look you right in your eyes, just to let you know I love you.


In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!  In honor of our boy Tonka (#15-209 TD) and his first Christmas with us. We are so grateful to RAGOM!



Yogi graduated from the reactive dog class and has attended a couple of Meet and Greets. (He thinks of them as Greets and Treats). He was astounding at Shakopee where there was a bit of space around him, and with lots of treats for him and his new friends he did just GREAT. Sniffing noses, walking in the middle of the pack with everyone's attention on his Foster Dad's treat giving hands all with barely any growls or snarls. We had 8 dogs there, and his dad was very proud of him. Ham Lake was a bit tighter, but with lots of treats and a few more 'snarks' it was also very successful. Kind of like the old man who lived on the corner barking at the kids "get off my lawn!". In the time I've had him he has been much improved. Oh, he had a few choice words about Journey Grace 15-185, who is a very sweet girl, but way to forward for him. He like Miquel 16-283 who was a bit calmer (and very, VERY interested in the Meet and Treats). He yipped as we left, eager to get in his chariot. Is that a treat for me Dad?

In the classes he was nicknamed Romeo as there was another female dog that really liked him (and him her). A nice greeting with another dog in the class.

He did get along with most of the dogs who all have 'issues'. He also sniffed noses nicely with another neighbor dog who he used to lunge and bark at. Around the house he's mostly a couch potato. Unless we're going on a car ride. He loves the rides and yips loudly going to the truck and now waits (impatiently) for the back gate to open where he jumps right in. He needs a bit of encouragement to exit the truck unless we're back home where he barges out of the driver's door just behind Dad. After a couple of warning barks when someone arrives, he shifts into a 'you must love me mode' and talks to visitors saying they are just 'special' people who must want to love him forever. He really wants to find a forever home where he can love and play with his very own people. He's very skilled with the golden nudge and you'll find yourself suddenly petting a sweet puppy. While he can be 'snarky' with other dogs, he's got personality in spades.


This sweet, loving, gentle boy has come such a long, long way towards being a perfect companion animal.

He now loves walks. He doesn't pull hard and heals well. He does get excited when nearing "his" truck (chariot) although he'll checkout any similar suv.

He visited Bob and Mary in Iowa while his foster dad was vacationing in Florida. He had zero issues with visiting grand dogs and grand kids.

He met many dogs and got along with all of them except for Bruno a large german shepard. Bruno may have been a bit scary. No fights, but a few growls.

Bob was much better at taking Yogi for long walks than his Foster Dad.

We went to the Meet and Great by Rosedale last weekend where he was very friendly with most of the dogs, especially Finnbar 16-048. There were a few growls in the very tight quarters, he was much more comfortable outside with Finnbar and with lots of treats. He nicely shares his treats with other dogs and waits his turn.

We also visited Jane up in Fridley who took some great pictures of this fabulous looking boy. He enjoyed having Duke (12-257) around to encourage sniffing and peeing.

He loves to carry around balls.

And is happy to lay down:

Bob from Iowa did let his Foster Dad know that Yogi didn't seem real interested in eating. They pretty much just left food out for him. That isn't his Dad's experience as it's a joy to see him leaping backwards and yipping as dad carry's a scoop of food to his bowl. He sits patiently then digs right in. He let's Duke eat his food at a slower pace while he turns on his vacuum stomach.

He loves all visitors, but especially men. He's very persistent in nuzzling your hand over his head to pet him. But also understands that's all. Of course with several men around, he just finds someone else who desperately needs his love.

Exploring Jane's backyard with Duke - both carrying balls.

Everyone in Ragom is impressed by how far this former 'bad-boy' has come. He's ready for his FurEver Home.