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Dickie 16-113TD
(Fostered in Rochester, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 6/26/2016  Physical fence required Age 8+  Optional
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Dickie has arrived in America, and he has quite a story to tell.

He was found on the streets of Dikili, near the Aegean Sea. A RAGOM volunteer was in Turkey and helped rescue him. When she found him, he was laying up against a car. He had many battle scars, a torn ear flap, and a painful hernia. It seems that Dickie was once with a family, but they chose to abandon him. He was left to survive on his own. He has lived that way for the last 18 months. A very kind and caring shop owner in town was concerned about him and contacted a local Good Samaritan to please help. Devon and Emel loaded him up, and it was time for his new and better life to begin. Thank you to all that helped save him.

Dickie had his hernia repaired, has been neutered, and is up to date on all his shots. He is quite tall and weighs 63 lbs. He should gain another 5 lbs. He, of course, is very highly prey-driven, because he had to search for his food. We are working hard to divert his attention to something else when he sees a squirrel or rabbit. He is getting much better about walking with a Gentle Leader. He loves people and will seek them out for attention. He is fine with other dogs, but it is not a requirement to have one in his new family. Because of his previous need to defend his food, we give him space and calmness at mealtime. He has gotten better with this issue, but it will take time for him to understand that someone is always going to be there to feed him, love him, and take care of him. After our walks, I will give all the dogs a treat. I make them all sit, and one by one, they all get rewarded. Dickie knows now that he will be included in getting a treat and doesn't have to try to force his way to get it. Dickie likes to be outside with us. He loves attention and is very affectionate. I tell him often what a good boy he is, and I can almost see him start smiling.


Dickie has been with us for about 2 1/2 weeks. He has made so much great progress, learning that other dogs are not going to pick on him, and has even started playing with our neighbor's 1-year-old Golden pup. Dickie has free roam of the house at night, and is a perfect gentleman when we leave him loose with our resident dogs while we are gone. He is completely housebroken, and was from the first day--never had an accident in the house. He is also quite the love bug. We have had friends visit several times, and he wants all the love and affection they will give him.

Dickie's life has changed so much, and he is so lucky to be living here now. We are still working on his focus of rabbits and squirrels, and he has gotten much better. He is a very smart boy who wants to please. He LOVES to ride in the car and is a great passenger. Dickie has been around children and does great with them.

Dickie also wants to remind everyone about the upcoming fundraising event on Sat, July 16, at Leashes & Leads. He will be there, along with his angel that rescued him from the streets. At 11 o'clock, there will be a presentation on the Street dogs of Turkey. Please come and join us, and meet Mr. Dickie. Here are some new pictures of this handsome boy.


Hi, all Dickie fans. I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am here in my foster home, instead of living on the streets. Now that I know what my day is going to be like, I am much more at ease. First thing every day when I get up, me and my resident pals go out for a potty break. Then we come back inside, and I have a great bowl of food waiting for me. I don't have to worry about what my next meal will be. Then while my foster mom and dad have their morning coffee, I stretch out on the floor and roll over on my back, and roll and make happy growling sounds. My foster mom says it looks like I am making snow angels - minus the snow. Then we all get ready to go for a walk. I walk with a Gentle Leader; I don't really like it, but I kind of pull without it, so I will wear it, 'cause I don't want to stay home and miss out on the walk. Then when we get home, we sit outside, and my people have more coffee. Quite often, during the day, my girlfriend Bayla will stop by to play with me. She lives down the street and is quite the looker. She is 1-year-old Golden pup. We have a great time together. Also, there are 12-week-old Golden pup Remi and 4-month-old Golden pup Gracie that I play with. Wow, my days are pretty jam-packed sometimes. Then we have our dinner and go for another walk in the evening. I can sleep wherever I want at night. I usually start out in the bedroom with everyone else, but move to the cooler floor sometime during the night.

I want to show you a picture of me and my very good friend Devon. She rescued me when she was in Turkey, and I am so happy she found me.

Oh yah, I also have a new friend that is my latest playmate. His name is BJ, and we had a great time at our first meeting.

That's all for now.

Waggy tail, sloppy kisses, and love,



Hi, all; Dickie here. My FM had some obligations to take care of, so I got to go way up north to spend some time with the babysitter. The babysitter doesn't have any fur friends for me to play with, so we spent a lot of time walking and day-tripping. Since I LOVE riding in the car, I got to visit a few places and lakes on my getaway. I hope you like my vacation pictures. The babysitter thinks I'm the best houseguest and a great all-around dog.

Dickie at the Veterans Memorial in Virginia, MN

At the lighthouse in Two Harbors

Wading in Lake Superior. Dickie loves the water!

Dickie checking out a cannon in the city park


Dickie has found a wonderful family to share his life with. They came to meet him on Sunday, and we all knew they were perfect for each other. When they came to pick him up today, it was like he had been waiting for them to come back. He got very excited to see new mom J. He walked right out the door, to the open hatch back on the SUV, and jumped right in. He will have a new wrestling partner, Kai, and will have someone around most of the time to love him up. We could not be happier for him and his new family. They will be attending Goldzilla, too. Congrats to all!